The 5 Top Text Editors on Mac

We've collected the top text editors you can use to create programs for your Mac. If you've got a code project that you'd like to create on your Mac, such as an app or website, You'll require a program to generate the code. These are programs referred to as text editors. Text editors allow you to compose and write code using various programming languages. They aren't challenging to use or include many options, such as automatic color formatting and coding. We've put together our top Mac text editor applications below. Read on to discover the right option for you!

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1. Vim

If you're looking for an editor for your Text on your Mac with plenty of power but no noises or bells, then you should consider Vim. It is often called Vim, also known as the "Programmer's Editor," Vim can handle pretty every project and programming language that you can put it to work with.

Vim is a fantastic program for developers; Vim comes with a learning curve if you're not used to programming. Vim uses color codes to make sure your code is more readable; however, it cannot offer suggestions or alert you to errors or typos. Vim doesn't have the most powerful graphic user interface, also known as a GUI for those who are used to them. MacVim is more of a GUI than Vim for other operating systems.

Vim for 100 seconds, Source: Youtube, Fireship

At the very least, it's a top-rated program, and if you've got doubts, you'll likely get answers using an internet search. But it would help if you were willing to make an effort to learn about the program.

We believe that if you are already coding, Vim is a great editor for working on your code with no unnecessary hassles. However, it's worth learning the app if you're willing to put in the effort!

2. Emacs

As we're discussing Vim and its features, it's only natural to discuss its formidable rival in the text editor classic battle, Emacs. Emacs is, just like Vim is a Mac text editor targeted at code-savvy users. It uses color codes to code syntax, but more than that, it's a tool, not a platform for learning.

Like Vim, Emacs has a packaging system that permits users the downloading and installation of extensions on it. These extensions provide syntax checkers and bug hunters; however, you need to download and install them. Only a handful of extensions are in existence.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Emacs, Source: Youtube, System Crafters

Emacs can differentiate itself from Vim by offering additional functions, such as calendar functions, a newsreader, and planning projects.

These additional functions could assist in helping Emacs beat Vim to be your text editor of preference. They may also seem redundant, which makes Vim even more attractive. It's your choice what you'd like the text editor to do beyond just writing and editing code and Text.

3. Atom

For Mac users who are learning the art of programming, we'd suggest using the editor for Text Atom. Atom is a user-friendly GUI and a host of features that can help new coders.

The autocomplete feature will assist you in remembering code syntax that you may have missed, in addition to helping in writing code faster. Atom can also help you quickly search for and edit the text in your code and work in multiple panes. There's also an excellent user guide for Atom that's simple to follow as a beginner coder. We've discovered that most of its documentation is pretty simple to follow.

What Is an Atom and How Do We Know?, Source: Youtube, Stated Clearly

Atom is great for novice developers, but its system is as secure and hack-proof as Vim and Emacs. It's an editor for Text that you can improve as you gain experience. It also permits inside-program GitHub accessibility, editing, and sharing if you're working with other coders. For long-time coders who have a defined workflow, they might not be a fan of the autocomplete feature, however, should you need a fast, powerful and attractive editor that can give users a little help, you'll be delighted with Atom.

4. Sublime Text

Another excellent text editor for beginners using the Mac includes Sublime Text. Similar to Atom, Sublime Text offers autocomplete to help you write code and syntax definitions for those times when you have to search for a word or remember the function that a piece of code is doing. The reports may appear in different formats. You can find a quick definition by opening a pop-up window next to the word or clicking to see a complete description on a side-by-side panel.

These are fantastic features to learn since you can test the code as you go and open up code-related projects within the program to look them over. However, Sublime Text has features available to the more experienced coders using Sublime Text though, with easy view splitting and tab switching, and various selections, which allow rapid changes to variables.

How to run code in sublime text, Source: Youtube, Tech With Heart

Atom is a bit more customization of its appearance; however, Sublime Text remains with Dark and Light themes and can be compatible with various GPUs and eGPUs, in case you're considering purchasing an eGPU to go with your Mac mini.

Sublime Text could be more user-friendly than Atom However; its autocomplete feature and definition can be less useful once you've mastered it. However, if you're looking to navigate through windows easily using your keyboard and love its style, Sublime Text is fantastic.

5. VS Code

The last text editor we would recommend installing on your Mac can be Visual Studio Code, also called VS Code. It comes with in-app debug features and an autocomplete innovative feature; VS Code aims to assist novice coders and improve the speed of more advanced coders.

With Git (you have the option to download Git to the Mac If you're working on a constantly evolving code project) as well as other SCM services that can be reviewed and committed directly inside VS Code, this is an editor designed to streamline your workflow to the maximum extent possible. The built-in features of VS Code do not feel like they belong in this case. We think they're if they're time savers.

Hướng dẫn sử dụng VSCode cho người mới bắt đầu - Bắt đầu với VSCode, Source: Youtube, Tech With Tim 

VS Code does feel a bit less user-friendly than Atom (with which it shares lots of its source codes) as well as Sublime Text. However, the time to learn VS Code could help you and your coding speed in the long run.

We believe that VS Code is the best middle ground for an editor for Text, an instructional tool, and a tool. It is ideal for intermediate programmers seeking to develop their abilities but sometimes requires assistance with a problem. Do you fit in? If yes, then check for yourself in VS Code for sure!


There are numerous fantastic text editors available on your Mac. They all let you run and write codes and create Text. Amazingly, they're all completely free!

The choice of the type of editor you'd like to use will depend on your existing coding abilities and the cost you'll pay for an application that can assist you in coding. If you're looking to challenge yourself and complete things manually, you'll need Vim and Emacs. If you're looking for software to help you, you need Atom, Sublime Text, or VS Code.

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