The 6 Most Effective Photoshop Alternatives to Mac

There's a reason that the Photoshop name is now synonymous with editing images. For years, it has been the leader and is now the most popular software used in creative industries. However, it's expensive and requires a continuous subscription to use it. For many, it's too powerful and packed with features they'll never need. There are a lot of excellent Photoshop alternatives to choose from, and all are less expensive than Adobe's top-rated cash-making product. Some of them are free. Here are the seven best options you can try today.

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1. Pixelmator Pro

A cheap Photoshop alternative will be less effective than Adobe's software. However, Pixelmator Pro includes every feature you'd need. It's also packaged in a manner that's easy to use and easier to use than Photoshop.

In addition to layers and fully-configurable filters, you can also use tools such as repair, rapid clone selection, brushes. The Pixelmator Warp tool, in turn, is a good option for the Liquify tool in Photoshop. Additionally, with the Pen tool, it is possible to create paths quickly and convert them into selections or outlines similar to what you can do in Photoshop.

Pixelmator Pro's machine learning magic!, Source: Youtube, A Better Computer

Pixelmator has a wide range of helpful machine learning tools, such as ML Super Resolution. This feature is simple to boost dimensions of photos while maintaining sharpness and clarity.

In addition, with Vector tools and the ability to work with Photoshop PSD files, It's an alternative to Photoshop without the costly cost of a subscription.

2. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a professional Pixel editor who can do everything Photoshop does for an affordable, one-time cost. 

However, it's an impressively efficient program, offering every professional tool photographers or graphic artists would need. Adjustment layers, non-destructive editing, cloning, perspective, liquidity -- all of it is available in Affinity Photo.

If you're moving over from Photoshop, you'll be delighted to discover that many keystrokes that you use in Photoshop can be used in Affinity Photo, too.

Affinity Photo - Tutorial for Beginners in 12 MINUTES! [ COMPLETE ], Source: Youtube, Skills Factory 

Affinity Photo has a large fan base, and there are many tutorials available online to help you make the most value from it. Also, it's often reduced. However, you'll have to purchase separately for Windows and iPad for those along with macOS.


Open source in nature, it began on UNIX-based platforms such as Linux but was later transferred onto Windows and macOS. Additionally, it has been forked several times, with variations like Seashore and Glimpse trying to improve the original formula.

As a result of its predecessor, Photoshop, GIMP can be an intimidating beast to learn. Different things are working as well as the shortcuts aren't identical, and it's just not as user-friendly as Adobe's software.

Photoshop vs GIMP: A Complete Comparison, Source: Youtube, Davies Media Design 

However, underneath its superficial appearance, GIMP is a powerful image editor that comes with features you'd expect from expensive professional software. Its ability to be completely free is quite remarkable.

There are many aspects Photoshop can do that GIMP cannot do, such as using CMYK and RAW images. Numerous plugins can provide this kind of capability. Therefore, if you're looking for an advanced but gratis Photoshop option to use on your Mac, GIMP is likely your ideal choice.

4. Krita

Adobe Photoshop is more than simply a photo editor. It's a complete art and design program capable of mimicking real paints, brushes, pencils, and much more. This is precisely the kind of thing Krita is known for.

Krita is an open-source, free alternative to Photoshop. It has been in existence in different versions since. The initial version was a basic image editor similar to Photoshop and GIMP. It began to concentrate on digital painting in 2009.

HOW TO PAINT IN KRITA (Digital Art Tutorial 2020), Source: Youtube, Jenna Drawing 

Nowadays, Krita is packed with brushes and effects that realistically replicate all kinds of oil-based paints and colored pens. Krita is primarily used to create rasterized images, but it also includes text and vector tools to aid in making comic books.

While Krita is designed to be used to create digital artwork, it can be utilized to manipulate images similar to Photoshop but with smaller options.

5. Acorn

Comparatively to Photoshop, Acorn's interface is fresh and clean. However, that doesn't mean that it's not loaded with options. Acorn offers a variety of custom effects filters along with brush and tool tools.

It also supports non-destructive editing layer masks, as well as CMYK. Additionally, it can open RAW images and Photoshop's PSD files too.

SCOM1043 - Acorn 7 First Look - Preview, Source: Youtube, ScreenCastsOnline - Mac & iOS Video Tutorials

A particularly intriguing feature One of the most exciting features is Instant Alpha, which works similar to its Quick Selection tool in Photoshop. Similar to this tool, you can drag your mouse over the parts of the image to select the area. Instead of just choosing them, Instant Alpha deletes them simultaneously, which means you can erase entire backgrounds or objects within a matter of minutes.

Acorn isn't as intuitive as Pixelmator and is not as powerful as Affinity Photo or Photoshop. However, it does have everything people need for an image editor and is priced at the price of a single, low-cost purchase.

6. Fotor

It is available for download for free on the App Store Fotor is a fundamental editor for photos with a range of one-click effects. It allows you to apply filters, cropping, textures frames, and much more. If you are only using Photoshop to make simple editing, Fotor can be a great alternative.

Fotor Photo Editor, Source: Youtube, Tube Techie

Some effects are available only by signing the Fotor Pro or Fotor Pro+ subscription. You can test them without cost, but Fotor will add watermarks to your images. Along with additional effects, when you sign up for a subscription, you will have access to an enormous library of stock photos, cloud-saving, and other premium resources such as Fonts and templates.

Given how effective specific alternatives are, it's hard to suggest purchasing the Fotor subscription.

Does Any Photoshop Alternative Replace It?

Photoshop is the most popular of editors of images. Despite its ongoing, high cost, it's the top option for professionals. With Adobe's support, the software will likely remain in the top spot for some time, as new opportunities are introduced and the performance upgraded.

However, if you're not a professional graphic designer or you're able to cut some features to save money, there are many alternatives. There's likely to be some steep learning curve for those used to Photoshop, but the savings can be worthwhile.


It's the same for any cheap or free Mac software. The top, expensive applications are usually the most effective; however, when you don't need the most advanced features, plenty of great alternatives are available.

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