The 6 Most Effective Tools to Assess Laptop Battery Health

Not sure how healthful your laptop's Battery is? Here are the top ways to keep track of your laptop's Battery's longevity and overall health.

Laptop batteries are an essential part of the equipment, but we're not informed of their condition. The Battery on your Windows laptop won't give you sufficient information. On the surface of the computer, there is only a tiny indicator of Battery along with the remaining time and percent. As time passes, you'll see some battery issues creep into. The Battery ceases to hold its charge. The indicator for the charge level shows fluctuations in the readings. A miscalculated discharge is not uncommon. There are, however, solutions and workarounds.

Let's walk you through some third-party applications to monitor the health of laptop batteries on Windows 10.

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What You Need to Know About Be Watchful Laptop Battery Health

Batteries are small; portable chemical devices are limited in their resources. By nature, batteries have complex responses from voltage to temperature, load, and the Battery age. The condition of the Battery can affect the device's performance and the duration of its run.

How to Check Your Laptop's Battery Health in Windows 10?, Source: Youtube, TechMeSpot

Monitor the health of your laptop's Battery to ensure:

  • Then you'll be able to establish a foundation for the workflow for power management for various workloads and conditions.
  • The Battery's capacity alters with time. In turn, the indicator for charging will give the same readings. If this occurs, you'll be able to tell when it's time to calibrate your Battery.
  • The incorrect usage of the Battery could cause a shortening of its life. When you begin monitoring the Battery's health, you can make adjustments to improve the lifespan of your Battery.
  • It could also help prevent other problems, such as the laptop's charging not working when you plug it into.

1. Powercfg Battery Report

Powercfg is a powerful program that is a hidden program on Windows. It can be used to produce a comprehensive account of your Battery's history. It provides information on the Battery's performance and can help you track the decline in battery capacity that develops as time passes.

To create a report on your Battery To generate a report on your Battery, use Windows keys + X and select the Command Prompt. Then, type the powercfg command /battery report. This command will save the battery report in HTML format.


Battery report in Windows 10 | Laptop battery information in Windows 10, Source: Youtube, Sagar S

Browse to the file on your browser and look for these parameters

  • The distinction between the capacity of Design and Full Charge Capacity is the difference between them. As batteries get older, their capacity for a full charge will be lower than the capacity of the design.
  • The Battery's capacity has been depleted in the past few days across the different states of power. Also, take a look at the graph showing the usage of batteries.
  • Check your laptop's battery life from the moment you bought the computer, and observe the changes in the Full Charge Capacity concerning Design Capacity.
  • Examine the Battery's capacity and time. Then, the time that your computer was powered by batteries or connected to your power source.

When you conduct this type of laptop battery test, you can spot any issues affecting the Battery's life. If the results show dramatic changes, you might want to replace your Battery.

2. BatteryInfoView

BatteryInfoView can be described as a helpful program that provides comprehensive information regarding your laptop's Battery. It comes with two displays. Select the View button and then Show the Battery Information to display details such as Built Capacity Full Charged Capacity Battery Health, the number of charging and discharge cycles, and many more.

Select the View option and then Show the Log of Battery displays a complete log of the power state and percentage of capacity rates, capacity value voltage, and the event's type. A new line of record is added every time you shut down or restart your computer.

Cool Tool: BatteryInfoView, Source: Youtube, TheHacker0007

In this manner, you can determine the speed at which the Battery will be discharged. You can save the battery data into a TXT and a CSV file for further reference.


  • Access all battery information all one location.
  • The log can be viewed to see changes in the Battery's capacity.
  • Check Always at the top to place the app's window above other windows to track the Battery.


  • It cannot filter the battery logs for a specific date range.
  • It does not provide any graph that can forecast the level of wear on the Battery over time.

3. PassMark BatteryMon

BatteryMon allows you to monitor your laptop's battery level through the results of its analysis in real-time. The vertical Y-axis shows the charge percentage (0-100 percent) and the sampling time in the horizontal X-axis. You can modify the interval of sampling by going to editing > configuration.

The black line shows the current level of charge. The blue line displays the trend based on exaggerated samples of data. The red line will analyze its lifespan. For a shorter duration, the red line may differ more than usual.

When you begin to monitor this logfile ( Info > View Log), and the log file is opened, the information will show the approximate discharge or charge rate within a certain period.


  • It monitors the Battery's health using an in-real-time graph. You'll be able to see information about the charging and discharging rate, the remaining time of the Battery, the total time, and much more.
  • Measure and compare the Battery's capacity today against information from the past.


  • The app is a bit complicated for those new to the app.
  • The user interface is outdated and difficult to navigate. It takes a few tries to get a grasp of how to use the graph and log file information.

4. Save Battery

A simple application to check laptop battery health. It is designed to work with tablets as well as Surface laptops. The Main Screen will show you a unique, animated status of charging and discharge. It displays battery information such as Design Capacity, Full Charge Capacity, the last time you connected and out, and the estimated remaining time to charge or discharge.

If You Want to Save Battery, Don't Close Apps, Source: Youtube, BRIGHT SIDE

It is possible to switch from the light to dark theme and enable tile icons to show the percentage of Battery on the start screen. Based on the current tiles size and the current battery level, this app may provide different information regarding the state of the Battery.


  • Set up notifications for full-charge low Battery, full-charge, and the charge/discharge level at a specific amount.
  • Select the History button to view the charging/battery history in a graph. You can save the list to be used as a reference.


  • It is impossible to alter the time interval of sampling. The reference points for data are minor, making it difficult to discern the Battery's trends.
  • The app will only store 30 days of battery information.

5. Smarter Battery

A set of diagnostic tools is designed to check laptop batteries' health, conduct calibration, and export battery-related information to be used as a reference. The application displays the Battery's capacity history throughout charge and discharge cycles, wear levels, and the number of discharge cycles.

The Information page provides information on the Full Battery Capacity vs. Design Capacity, charging time cycle number, wear levels, and the state of power in AC or battery mode.

The graph page shows the change in battery capacity over time. The Y-axis shows the capacity percentage, and the X-axis displays the information drawn over the period. The red line should stay in line with the orange to ensure a healthy battery.

The Calibrate page details the laptop's Battery's wear level and usage time cycle, discharge cycles and cycles since calibration, and much more. You can save the battery information for each page at any moment.


  • At any given time, you can monitor as many as four batteries at a time, including batteries.
  • Zooming in and out allows you to change the duration and then use the arrow keys to go forward or backward in time.
  • Make the discharge mechanism work to accelerate the calibration process.
  • Green mode is a function to conserve battery power in need.


  • The options are scattered throughout the page.
  • It isn't always apparent at times, and it can also conflict with the power management built-in settings.

6. Pure Battery Analytics

An elegantly designed app for monitoring and checking battery health based upon Univeral Windows Platform (UWP). This Screen, called the Quick Look screen, displays the battery health status, the most current battery state, and launch settings frequently used, affecting battery life and Full Charge Design Capacity.

The Analytics screen will show the batteries over time. There are four graph views: bar chart, column view, line graph, and bubble views. To see the battery percentage in real-time and notifications, download the add-on on Github. Github site.

Battery Data Acquisition and Analysis Using MATLAB, Source: Youtube, MATLAB 

The app allows you to create notifications for when the Battery is charged or discharged at a certain amount. 


  • Create heatmaps to display the trends of the average battery maintenance per hour for the selected time.
  • The graph below compares the battery reading—percent change in a battery (charge-discharge) and your Battery's capacity distribution.
  • Beautiful and precise graphs of sleep, power, and more can be set up using the powerful.


  • A lot of metrics are displayed on one page. This makes analyzing battery data somewhat tricky.
  • It is not possible to export the battery data to use.


Monitoring the Battery's health on your device isn't an easy task. There are many factors and variables to think about. 

While you're at it, you need to expand your knowledge of the technical aspects that comprise the Battery. To learn more, read this article about how to maintain the Battery of your laptop that is not removable.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.