The 7 Top Weather Applications for iPhone

These are the top weather apps on the iPhone to monitor temperatures, the real-time feel of wind speed, and many more. Becoming up to date with the weather can keep you well-prepared for the day, and it can also serve as a great way to start conversations for casual conversations with strangers. Monitoring the latest weather information on your smartphone can be more accessible than before.

Although your iPhone has an inbuilt Weather app, it sometimes does not provide enough information. If you're looking for something a bit greater, numerous options are available in the App Store. These are the top iOS weather apps that we've seen.

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1. The Weather Channel

You'll be hard-pressed to surpass The Weather Channel in terms of weather.

The Weather Channel app for iPhone provides a straightforward interface that can provide an abundance of information. It will provide daily, hourly, and a 15-day forecast, humidity, wind speed, and UV index info. The app also alerts users of any road conditions in the region. It also provides news articles and videos on national and local storms or research findings related to nature and weather.

The Weather Channel is now on YouTube TV, Source: Youtube, The Weather Channel 

Consider The Weather Channel app as your primary source for all your weather requirements, including related information. It's completely free to download, with occasionally appearing advertisements. You can get rid of these ads by making a fee of $4.

2. Weather Radar

If you're looking for more precise weather forecasts and a radar map, MyRadar should be downloaded.

MyRadar is extremely fast and user-friendly for all. It lets you access an extensive HD map that shows live radars of the weather in your immediate vicinity. Alongside the maps of temperature, you also get a daily and five-day forecast, charts of precipitation and humidity graphs, and dew point and visibility information.

The information included in MyRadar is pure NOAA Weather radars that come directly from the National Weather Service (NWS). So, you can be sure that the data displayed within MyRadar is as reliable as it can get.

The immediate download of MyRadar is free, but it does contain occasional ads. It is packed with everything you require. However, you can get rid of ads by making a $3 purchase. Other premium features, like Hurricane Tracking, are available via buying in-app.

3. Dark Sky

If you're looking for minute-by-minute predictions on the weather, Dark Sky is your best option.

Dark Sky has been around for a while and is now a popular choice among the many meteorologists. It gives up-to-date weather information for your exact location and provides you with weather forecasts for the next hour. 

You can look over the hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours and an all-day forecast to be aware of the coming week. The maps of the world of Dark Sky can show you temperatures and precipitation with stunning colored legends.

Dark Sky Weather App Review, Source: Youtube, Tech Particle

If you'd like, turn on the Weather Notifications to receive the latest hour-long precipitation forecast, daily reports, warnings for severe weather, and sunscreen or umbrella reminders. There's also the option to make a customized alert for any conditions you'd like to know about to ensure that you're never surprised.

Dark Sky is a paid app. However, it's unnecessary to worry about subscriptions or features that an in-app payment can lockdown.

4. CARROT Weather

If you're looking for an exciting weather app with humor, snark, and humor, then look into CARROT Weather.

CARROT offers a beautiful interface that displays all the relevant information. You'll see the temperature at which you are and how it feels, the chance of precipitation, the direction of wind and speed, and an hourly and seven-day forecast.

The characteristic that separates CARROT from other apps is that you'll be greeted by an intelligent machine AI (named CARROT) every time you start the application. She's a witty and charming character who will provide you with some random jokes on the first launch and humorous commentary on the latest happenings or news from the tech world.

CARROT Weather is proof that apps for weather don't have to be boring to look dull. While the app costs $5, the other feature it offers the "The Premium Club." It is a subscription plan that includes features such as notifications, customizing, other sources for weather data, and the ability to receive background Apple Watch updates. The Premium Club is priced at $4 per year or $0.49 per month.

We've got you covered if you're a fan of the CARROT Weather app. Other interesting weather applications as well.

5. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather brings the weather to life using a fantastic interface focused on real photos from wherever you are.

Through Yahoo Weather, you get precise hourly, daily, and 10-day forecasts that ensure you are prepared for what the weather may bring. The weather data is displayed as an overlay of a Flickr photo of your location, which shows the current weather conditions.

Yahoo Weather App for Android, Source: Youtube, Yahoo

In case it's raining now, the picture will show rain. This will help you see the outside view, making it feel more individual.

True weather enthusiasts can modify Yahoo Weather to display the amount of information they like. It's possible to say the live maps of radar, weather information Sun and Wind, and much more.

6. Weather is Warm

Weather Up can be described as the updated version of Weather Atlas. It's an excellent option for people who wish to customize their data on weather.

Weather Up Weather Up, you can save several locations and assign them a unique name and icon, making it easier to find your favorite places. The hourly and 10-day forecasts will keep you informed throughout the week. Weather Up is also focused on stunning interactive maps of the weather that are simple to read and can show you exactly how the weather will look at any point.

If you choose to sign up for a Weather Up Pro subscription, you'll receive even more beneficial features, such as The Event Forecast. By using this feature, you'll obtain the forecast for all coming events on your calendar to be prepared before the time. This alone makes the Pro subscription worth the cost, especially if you plan to attend many outdoor occasions. Pro costs $2 per month or $10 per year.

7. Weather Line

If you're looking for an easy-to-use and straightforward weather application that's equally instructive, Weather Line is the way to go.

Weather Line is a weather application designed for glances during the day. It allows you to scroll through several saved locations, with each area showing an image of a line graph that shows the daily, hourly, and even the monthly forecast. Additionally, you'll get information like humidity, precipitation, dew point, wind speed, ultraviolet index, etc. If it's raining, there's an image that will show how much rain is expected over the next hour.

Weather Line App for iOS, Source: Youtube, Abram K-J

A characteristic that helps Weather Line stand out from the rest is that it tracks monthly averages. This helps to make planning travel easier. The data used within Weather Line comes from NOAA and This means that it's pretty precise and accurate.

Weather Line is another premium app, but it's got no subscriptions or in-app purchases.


If none of these worked to your satisfaction, then we've provided additional available weather applications that provide forecasts and tips and excellent weather apps that are enjoyable to check every day. 

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