The Best Microsoft Store Applications for Windows 10

Microsoft Store apps for Windows 10 are a big step forward. This is our selection of the top Windows 10 apps, both paid and free.

There are more universal apps available in the Microsoft Store than ever before. They are now more user-friendly and have a better design. Microsoft also has the problem of imposters and fake apps under control.

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Food and Drink

Although cooking is not for everyone, a computer is an excellent tool if you are interested in cooking. These apps and touchscreen devices such as Windows tablets can be a great help in the kitchen.

Recipe+ Nutrition Profiler ($8)

This tool displays nutrition information for recipes you have created or those already. It can be used offline and has a database that includes over 12,000 different food types. It's an excellent way to determine which foods are healthy and where there is room for improvement.

Food and Drink Ordering App - Android, Source: Youtube, Yuki Waka

Recipe keeper

Recipe Keeper can be used as a shopping list manager, meal planner, and recipe organizer. You can organize and add your recipes and import them from other sites.

Image Editors

Windows 10 offers many great tools that can be used to edit photos and create digital art from scratch.


Fotor is an all-in-one photo editor. If you don't love Adobe Photoshop, Fotor is a suitable replacement.

It offers essential editing tools and visual effects, quick enhancement, a RAW file converter, and even a collage maker. It has also been updated to include better support for EXIF data.

Top 5 Best FREE PHOTO EDITING Software, Source: Youtube, TechGumbo

Adobe Photoshop Express

While Photoshop is not for everyone, there are many times when you will need it.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great choice. Adobe Photoshop Express is a portable photo editor. Essential functions include crop, rotate, flip, rotate and tilt, and one-touch adjustments for brightness and exposure. Slider controls also allow for vibrancy, contrast, clarity, clarity, and clarity.

You can also download additional plugins if you have an Adobe ID

Music Players

This collection of MP3 players, audio streaming apps, and audio streaming apps will help you rock out with Windows 10 computers.


Is there anything better than free internet radio? The popular mobile radio streaming app can be accessed as a Windows application. The app allows you to listen to nearly any channel around the globe, so it's much easier than searching for the right stream in your browser.

This app gives you access to the incredible free VEVO service. Here, videos, live concerts, and new artists are all waiting. Some live events may require you to pay.

When you want to have continuous background music, the app offers a play mode.

Top 5 Best Free OFFLINE Music Player Apps For Android 2022, Source: Youtube, AndroInfo


Musixmatch, a top music recognition app, is the first and most important. You can let the app listen to a song on the radio or TV, and it will search its vast database for matches.


Windows 10 was designed to be productive and entertaining, just like any other computer platform. These are the top apps to use while working.

Copy Area

It is elementary to copy and paste. It can be frustrating to bounce back and forth between different apps if you need to move lots of content.

Copy Space is a better alternative. This universal clipboard can hold multiple items at once. It can sync with your devices and organize your copies into different categories.

Ultimate Guide to 2021 Productivity Apps, Source: Youtube, Keep Productive

Drawboard PDF ($8)

The PDF lacks editing options, which is one of its biggest problems. Drawboard PDF does not allow you to edit the text, but you can still draw over PDF files and annotate them. This is done to minimize the time you need to print a sheet to make notes.

Other valuable tools include merging or reordering documents, measuring lengths, angles, overlay grids, and templates.

Xodo HTML Reader and Editor

The Xodo PDF Editor and Reader is a powerful, full-featured PDF application. The Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is a powerful, fully-featured PDF app that allows you to write on documents and annotations in real-time with other users and make notes on blank documents for later printing. 

Bing Translator

Google Translate is not the only one. There are many excellent translation apps available. Microsoft's product is one of the best.

Microsoft's translation tool works offline and is as accurate as Google Translate. It can also be found in your taskbar, making it easy to access.

Money Lover---Money Manager 

Many family budgeting desktop apps are all trying to grab your attention. You could also make your budget spreadsheet in Excel if you feel adventurous.

Money Lover Budgeting App Tutorial (better than money manager?), Source: Youtube, The Roadside Investor

You could also consider Money Lover---Money Management.

It allows you to track your money over long periods. It also includes a financial calendar that will send you notifications and alerts. Many useful graphs and charts can be used and currency conversions.


If you are reading on a tablet, desktop, laptop, or hybrid computer, reading apps can be vital for understanding information.


Overdrive is a worldwide network of over 34,000 libraries that you can use to borrow eBooks and audiobooks, and videos.

Everything you borrow will sync across all of your devices. The library is also open 24 hours a day. 

You must be a member of your local library to access the app.

Book Bazaar Reader

Apps like Book Bazaar Reader make it unnecessary to pay for eBooks. It pulls together a variety of publications, including Guttenberg, Flibusta, and FeedBooks. The results are then presented to you in a single interface.

It supports EPUB, MOBI, FB2, and PDF and TXT formats. There are also cool extra features such as annotation and highlighting.

The best reading apps on iPhone and Android, Source: Youtube, Lifehacker 


These days, who has the time to read books? Most people don't have the time to read books these days. We commute to work, update Facebook statuses, and feed our dogs.

Audiobooks have been gaining popularity in recent years because of this. You can update Facebook and give the dog a ride while also giving your brain quality literature.

You'd expect all the features from the Audible app. You don't have to download the book to stream it.

News Live Tiles

It's a great idea to use the Microsoft News app. It is continually being updated; if it hasn't been used for a while, give it another chance.

The live tile is not so helpful. It cannot display all of the information you need. The app can't show all of those headlines within such a small space.

Download News Live Tiles. This is a glorified RSS reader which allows you to create RSS feeds for any website you wish. Live titles display the headlines from these sites. You can have as many tiles as you like.

Social Networking and Communication

Chat online with others. Do you use Twitter and Facebook? Maybe you use Reddit to socialize? These are some of the best options.


They've been much more helpful since Microsoft made some changes to universal apps, allowing them to be used from the taskbar. However, not all universal apps work as well as some apps. Facebook Messenger is an exception.

A dedicated taskbar icon is excellent for people who use Skype to chat with their friends. The Messenger app is not like the universal Skype app, which has been shockingly stripped of its features. It retains all the functionality you are used to from the website counterpart.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms 1997 - 2020, Source: Youtube, Captain Gizmo


Bacon is the most highly rated Reddit App in the Store. You'd expect everything from a Reddit App, including comment flairs and support for multiple accounts.


TweetDeck is a popular tool for Twitter users. It is the best web app for managing multiple Twitter accounts at once.

Tweeten's functionality is nearly identical to the original, but it was specifically designed for Windows 10. It supports notifications, lists, direct messages, and the Activity Feed. You can even save and search for GIFs.


Do you have a favorite app you would like to share with your readers? Is there a favorite app that we haven't included? Are you still not convinced by all the options? We'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions in the comments section.

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