The Black Hat ASO is for Mobile Apps & Games: What is it and how It Functions 2022

App Optimizing Stores is crucial for developing any App Marketing strategy today and is an aspect that all app developers and marketers must keep in mind. We can accomplish a lot to enhance the most critical factors to increase downloads done fairly and reasonably. Be aware that ASO is an ongoing process that involves researching optimization, testing, tracking, then beginning every time. The goal of this post was to solely inform the readers of the current status of blackhat app store optimization.

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1. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing started in Keyword stuffing was first introduced by Search Optimization (SEO) and was later utilized in ASO. The method involves over-loading the listing of apps with keywords in a devious manner with the aim of (unfairly) getting a higher ranking for the set of keywords used in the app.

2. Installs

Every app marketer or developer wants to achieve the highest number of downloads and keep their app in the Top Charts for as long as possible. Because the competition is exceptionally high (there are more than 8 million apps on the market), There are people who choose to:

3 Blackhat Marketing Methods To AVOID | Do Not Do These Black Hat Methods, Source: Youtube, John Crestani

Purchasing fake installations: is paid for by asking users to download their app or game or through bots in the hope of making it to the Top Charts.

Buying fake keyword installs: can improve CTR (CTR) and rankings for keywords by soliciting people to download the app using an exact search by entering a specific keyword.

Incent Keyword Installs for Buying: The same as above but done by real people and the reward for their efforts. 

While these blackhat ASO techniques or actions could aid in gaining exposure, purchasing fake installations will result in less engagement from users. This kind of user is likely to visit your app only once or twice and then delete the app. Be aware that stores prohibit this practice for apps.

3. Reviews and Ratings

User feedback is among the most significant factors affecting Search Rankings (visibility) and Conversion Rate for downloading. Users will look over the Average Rating and reviews before deciding whether the software is worth downloading. But, it's not easy for users to provide feedback, mainly if your feedback system isn't well-designed and you request ratings and reviews at the wrong time.

Black Hat Google My Business Hack To Rank #1, Source: Youtube, William Jones SEO - Make Money In The Philippines

Black Hat ASO practitioners would offer users incentives (money or gifts) in exchange for the (positive) positive feedback. There are also services (you can look this up on Google) that directly market user reviews and ratings. In addition, keywords included in Reviews on Google Play and App Store are also considered in the algorithm. An additional Black Hat App Store Optimization method requests users to post reviews using specific keywords.

4. Playing using the name of the developer (Google Play and only)

The developer's name is an on-metadata element that plays a crucial part in Google's algorithm regarding visibility (Search) and conversion. Because of this, some developers who want to appear a little flirty choose to make their app stand out to users with Black Hat App Store Optimization:

Including stars in the developer's name to make their app appear like a 5-star application and create a positive impression on users:

Incorporating the volume of downloads under the developer's name thus, the game or app seems appealing to those who browse the app listings. 

5. Manipulating trending searches (Apple App Store only)

To be found in the top searches, you must be highly well-known or have plenty of people searching at (and downloading) your app. It's nice to get your acquaintances to download your app, but don't make a big deal of this.

Manipulating trending searches (Apple App Store only)

Manipulating trending searches (Apple App Store only), Source: Proreviewsapp

Suppose you've read any of our guides or articles on our website and newsletter. In that case, you'll be aware that we suggest altering or adapting your app or game to the seasons or for specific celebrations (for instance, Christmas). While there are many benefits, you could achieve by doing this ensure that the modifications or changes are in line with your app as an example of a Black Hat ASO tactic would include the word "Christmas" in your description even if your application has nothing to do with Christmas. have anything to do with Christmas.

Additionally, there are "providers" that offer Trending Search slots... Do not do this!

6. Highest Grossing "hack"

We all know that being at the top of Top Charts can lead to many downloads. Many people want to download the latest and exciting apps they discover when browsing through the apps stores. The most typical Black Hat technique would be increasing the cost of an app that is paid for and asking users to purchase the app, then refunding the fee. This can help your app rise to the top of the Charts of Grossing and increase visibility. After the app or game is available, it is time for developers and marketers to modify their prices to the standard price and gain exposure.

7. Imitating popular apps

When app developers develop and release an app, they wish to see instant results and be popular quickly, which causes them to make wrong choices.

Imitating popular appsImitating popular apps, Source: Proreviewsapp

One such decision is using logos and brand names to lure users into downloading their app instead of the original version.


I hope after reading this article you can get some interesting information and know-how to optimize the application using blackhat ASO.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.