The Complete Listing of Mac Menu Bar Apps

These small, intelligent tools don't hinder us as dock apps do. They let us know that the Mac menu bar applications sit in a corner and move in action when you need them!Menu bar apps reside in the upper-right corner of your Mac's display. They provide a wealth of advantages on your PC. We like that these small useful, intelligent apps aren't a hindrance as dock applications do. 

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Resolutionator ($3)

The developers of the well-known window management application Moom have several other useful apps. Resolutionator is among them. It allows you to switch resolutions on screens in a breeze. It lists all your screens with nested menus that show the available solutions for each. Do not forget to try the application before purchasing!

Geimer ($3.99)

You have to grab something while you're on the way to work or contact someone before leaving to go to the airport. With Gestimer, it is possible to quickly create reminders for these small-scale daily tasks using the menu bar. Drag and drop the application's icons from the menu bar onto Mac's screen to begin creating reminders. Click the icon to display your entire reminder in the form of a list.

TimeSaver ios app, Source: Youtube, Pete

Xenu [No Longer Available]

If you're more reliant on mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts, you'll enjoy the convenience of using an app launcher located within the bar menu. The menu app lets you access all your folders, apps and music, films, and text fragments. It's been quite some time since the app received an update. However, it seems to function without issues even when running High Sierra.


A few of the most effective Mac applications come already installed. Grab and Preview belong to this category; however, when you use them together to capture notes, edit, and take images can result in an exhausting workflow. You can try Monosnap instead. It's a great app that I would have found sooner.

When you take an image using its keyboard shortcuts or menu bars, Monosnap lets you open your file in the same spot. 

Screenie ($9.99)

Screenie makes your photos extremely easy to access by putting them into your menu. Through the app's icon, you can access the details of your photos, drag them into different applications, and browse through the images. It is all about customization in this application. Its creators describe it as "the image manager Apple has forgotten about."


Hocus The Focus

Multi-tasking can drain your mental power. Switch to a single-tasking system that is automated using Hocus Focus. The app can be set to block inactive windows following a predetermined period or whenever you switch to a new application. Hocus Focus allows you to create custom timers for every open app.

HazeOver ($8.99)

If you'd prefer to see applications that aren't active disappear to the background instead of vanishing entirely from the screen, Try HazeOver. It shines the spotlight on the app that is active in addition to acting as a dimming switch for apps that are not active.

10 apps to focus on for better productivity, Source: Youtube, Keep Productive


Are you looking to stop apps after a specific time and not hide them? Quitter will take care of this for you. It's among the lesser-known programs that can boost efficiency. It is also possible to hide applications using Quitter when you'd like to.

focus ($19.99)

Utilize the timer that comes with Focus to plan sessions free of distractions. These are great for gaining access to your work routine and clearing yourself of tasks causing backlogs. If you're worried that your malicious twin will find ways to take advantage of the system, this application has a few techniques to stop her from doing so.


Tomato One (aka Pomodoro One)

You don't require a particular application to operate according to the Pomodoro method. Any kitchen timer will work. However, the menu bar application can simplify it, and the stunning Tomato One is one of our top options. It's been some time since the app's developers changed its features; however, it's still working fine even on the latest macOS versions.

It is possible to trigger a Pomodoro or short break or a long break by tapping the app's menu bar icon. If you'd like to alter the intervals mentioned above or deactivate Autostart Autostart feature, head to the app's settings page by clicking The "Show" option on the menu.

Be Focused and Be Focused Pro ($4.99)

Be Focused blends an easy checklist feature along with the Pomodoro timer. Like Tomato One, you get weekly and daily maps that show your progress, and you can alter the intervals between breaks and Pomodoro.

The app is limited to 10 tasks to complete. However, it's recommended to focus on a few items to ensure that your list of tasks appears easy to manage instead of overly overwhelming. Be Focused adds a widget to the Notification Center and is also available as an iOS application.

Workspaces ($7.99)

With Workspaces, it is possible to summon all the tools you require to tackle a particular task with the snap of the fingers... or... by the press of an icon.

The app lets you combine the resources associated with the project (files, email, websites, documents, apps, etc.) in one place. You can view and access the contents of every workspace or "workspace" by clicking the menu bar icon.

5 great productivity apps no one talks about, Source: Youtube, Mariana's Corner 

FiveNotes ($4.99)

If you're looking for the basic Markdown functionality for scratchpads, opt for FiveNotes. It can support headers with bold and italicized texts and lists, quotes, and lists. If you've configured your Mac to utilize an alternative to the darker version of menu bars found in General > System Preferences Notepad, it also displays a dark theme. The application automatically saves notes, which is the last thing you have to fret about.

Like the name suggests that you only get five notepads, which isn't too good for a scratchpad.


Like Pomodoro programs, TimeOut allows you to create time-based intervals for work and leisure. You can, for example, play a soothing tune or browse any specific website or even put your Mac to sleep as break time approaches.

Select the suitable theme from TimeOut's library of articles and scripts created by users to modify the application to suit your needs.

Toolboxes for System

iStat Menus ($11.79)

There are various cheap (even cost-free) ways to keep track of your Mac's most important indicators. However, IStat Menus can be the software to use to have a quick and easy method of knowing all you can about the activity of your Mac.

The app provides you with no-detail-left-out information about your memory, CPU disks, batteries sensors, etc. Do you want weather reports and forecasts? They have details about slow internet speeds, excessive use of CPUs, traffic on networks, and much more.

Hazel ($32)

Create rules that automate a variety of activities on your Mac using Hazel. You can launch and stop Hazel or open the application window and execute individual laws using your menu bar.

macOS has an integrated program to automate (Automator); however, it has a slight learning curve. Hazel is easier to get used to and is more intuitive to use.

Every Portable Toolbox Solution Buyer's Guide (Packout, ToughSystem, Versastack, Systainer & More), Source: Youtube, The Den of Tools 

Battery Health

Battery Health tells you everything you should know about the MacBook's battery. It also tells you the time that it's expected to last on the present charge, the number of charge cycles it's completed, and the state of its health. Its "info" area of the application provides a few guidelines to show you how to help your Mac's battery last longer.

If you're looking for a few other options, look into the Battery Monitor and Coconut Battery.

BetterSnapTool ($2.99)

There are a lot of outstanding window management Mac applications to pick from. However, BetterSnapTool is one of the most potent alternatives. In addition to the ability to resize and scale windows, it is possible to program-specific snapping sizes for each app and creates custom snap zones. The app is also compatible with multi-monitors.

Check out the review on BetterSnapTool If you're looking for an alternative to the program, Moom ($10) is an excellent option.


With so many unique applications to pick from, It's difficult not to fill the menu bar of your Mac with these apps. The resistance seems futile. It's a significant improvement over Broomstick, an app for free that did the same thing; however, it was not easy to use.

When you click on Vanilla's menu bar icon will slide all hidden icons to and out of view. Vanilla won't function if you've turned on an automatic hiding option and showed the menu option in General Preferences in the System Preferences menu.


If you've come across any other beneficial Mac menu bar programs yourself, please share them with us via the comment section!

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