The Reasons your Next iPad Should be Cellular

Are you in the market for an upgrade to your iPad? Here are the top reasons we believe a mobile iPad is well worth the cost. A cellular iPad can combine the capability of a laptop with the powers of smartphones and all in a portable, ultra-portable device. iPads have evolved in recent years. They're much more than Netflix devices. No matter if you're using your iPad to have fun or to work, selecting the cellular version lets you transform your tablet into an all-purpose and go-anywhere device. For these reasons, your next iPad should come with a cellular version.

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1. There are a plethora of options

When you're looking to purchase a mobile iPad, There's no shortage of options. Each iPad model comes with a mobile version to choose from.

The most recent iPad Pro and the iPad mini are both 5G-enabled that allow you to enjoy the full power of the expanding 5G network. However, the mobile iPad Air is stuck in 4G mode, but the next line refresh may bring 5G connectivity to the Air.

Even though 4G iPads still provide a lot of punch in terms of speed of data, if you desire the fastest speeds, the best iPad to purchase can be among the models with 5G.

Do You Need iPad with Cellular? (iPad Wifi + Cellular 3 Months Later), Source: Youtube, SimplyPops 

Remember that the additional features offered by the cellular iPads don't come available for free. Rather, cellular iPads are priced more. If you're deciding between the WiFi-only and cellular iPad Air or mini, you'll have to pay an additional $130 for the cellular version. If you're upgrading to iPad Pro, it's another $200 added to the base model price. In addition, you'll have to sign up for a cellular contract to make use of this feature.

However, cellular iPads don't need to be costly. If you're budget-conscious older generation, mobile iPads such as iPad mini (5th generation) iPad mini (5th generation) can connect to the 4G network for the exact cost as a Wi-Fi-only model.

2. Hotspot Doesn't Always Make the Best Choice

If WiFi isn't accessible, You can still connect your iPhone to the Internet by clicking the phone's wireless hotspot. The Hotspot feature of the iPhone, also known as tethering, allows you to use your mobile's connection to link another gadget to the Internet. This is a fantastic way to connect your iPad in the event of a crisis. However, it's not always the ideal long-term solution.

While many carriers provide unlimited data plans for smartphones, their goals are always that generous when you're connecting different devices. Nearly all airlines don't offer unlimited hotspot bandwidth. This prevents users from using their phone's mobile data as their primary internet connection.

Enable "Personal Hotspot" in IOS (Ipad/Iphone), Source: Youtube, Phuoc-Loc Truong

If you're looking for data speed, mobile hotspots might not be the best option. While 5G phones are awe-inspiringly fast, you won't likely experience that speed when using tethering. The majority of cellular providers will limit your hotspot's speed. Even if your iPhone has an excellent 5G signal, your hotspot could be slowed down to 4G and even to 3G speed.

If you're looking for a quick and reliable internet connection that you can use anywhere, you'll require a mobile iPad. You don't need to depend on hotspots at any time.

3. Only Cellular iPads come with GPS.

GPS is among the most valuable features available on any smartphone. It's gone is the time when you had to pull out massive maps of paper and ask people for directions.

Do you not have a Tesla equipped with a massive infotainment display? Don't worry; you can buy a car mount and place your iPad on your dashboard. iPads are an excellent instrument for plotting directions or planning your next journey. However, only the iPads with cellular connectivity have a GPS integrated. In the Apple manufacturing process for iPads, the GPS module and the cellular module are both on the same processor if you don't have a cellular iPad or a tablet equipped with GPS.

HOW TO: Get GPS on your Wifi-only iPad! Full & Fast Step-By-Step Process, Source: Youtube, DasCayman

If you're using a Wi-Fi-only iPad, you can still use Apple Maps or Google Maps; however, you'll need to rely on WiFi location as opposed to GPS. Although it's able to pinpoint the location of your device, it's not as precise as GPS.

4. Cellular iPads Are Perfect for Working

The pandemic has altered our lives and work routines forever. Boardroom meetings are now gatherings in the living room as many office workers are now full-time digital wanderers. When using an iPad for an office machine, having an integrated data connection can help your workflow.

Should You Get A Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad? | Everything about Cellular iPads, Source: Youtube, Shayway Tech

Connectivity to cellular networks is an excellent reason to opt for an iPad instead of a traditional laptop. MacBooks are the preferred choice for professional users, but there's not a MacBook equipped with a mobile data connection. Mobile devices like the iPad Pro blend laptop-level performance with a portable data connection.

Being connected to a cell network lets you meet in that favorite coffee spot and not have to worry about their shaky internet connection. It's a great experience.

5. Mobile Data Is Way More Secure Than WiFi

Ever had to connect to that shady wireless network that's not secure in the hotel you're staying in? Doing business with networks you're not confident in is as if you're being a player of Russian roulette on your information. When you sign up for a public WiFi network, there's always a chance that the connection has been compromised. Fraudsters and trackers are known to exploit networks that are not secure and steal personal data such as passwords, passwords, and bank account information.

Is Mobile More Secure than Wi-Fi? Source: Youtube, Ask Leo!

Although you can find VPNs that enable public WiFi to be more secure, using an iPad connected to a mobile network can completely solve the problem. When you select a mobile iPad, you'll always be able to connect to a secure network controlled by a nationwide network provider and not a man in a dark room.


For work or pleasure, a cellular iPad can transform your life. Using the speed and reliability of a mobile connection allows you to use an iPad with new possibilities and gives you security while using it.

If you're searching for the top iPad Apple creates, be sure that you purchase one with a cellular connection.

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