The Top Android Dictation Software for Simple Speech-to-Text

Here are the top speech-to-text applications for Android that allow you to dictate easily and enhance note-taking using your voice. You can dictate notes while in transit or even share your notes in a conversation with colleagues and friends or even record a message to distant relatives in the Google Play Store has a voice-to-text program that can satisfy your requirements.

Are you interested in learning more? Here are the best speech-to-text and dictation applications for Android.

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1. Speech notes

The most impressive aspect of Speechnotes is the punctuation keys. Many people have trouble writing punctuation marks (for instance, in most cases, you need to write "Hi Mum , comma, Please pick up your kids").

The punctuation keyboard includes the screen buttons for the most widely used marks, allowing users to type quickly and naturally. The keyboard also provides emojis as well as symbols.

An app to convert speech into text | Speechnotes | Fully explained, Source: Youtube, Animatastic

Other features that are useful Other valuable features include Bluetooth support and a widget for the home screen for instant dictation and offline note-taking. It also provides continuous recording. Contrary to many other apps for dictation, this means you can take lengthy pauses between sentences while you jot down your thoughts, and the program will be watching.

Easily, SpeechNotes has also added support for automatic Google Drive backups of your notes.

2. Voice Notes

Speech notes are designed for long messages, like essay or lectures. Voice Notes is the reverse of this and concentrates on taking notes on the fly.

The app has two primary methods of recording notes. You can utilize the speech-to-text feature to display a transcript of your messages on the screen or store the recorded audio to hear it again.

iOS 14 Voice Memo App Review | Amazing for podcasts!, Source: Youtube, Apps Every Day

In addition, Voice Notes has a reminder feature. You can define a date for the nudge and the type of alert you'd like to be alerted to. You can even create recurring reminders.

Additionally, the application provides powerful tools for organizing your notes. It includes customizable categories and colored tags and the capability to import and export notes.

3. SpeechTexter

SpeechTexter is a text-to-speech Android app that operates offline and online. It uses Google's database. If you'd prefer to use offline mode, you'll have to download the appropriate languages packs.

It is possible to do this by clicking the Settings menu, System and Languages, and The virtual keyboard. After that, select Google Voice Typing and then choose offline speech recognition. Select the languages to download, click on the All tab, then select the language you wish to download.

speechtexter, Source: Youtube, Babak Ghafourian Seddigh

In addition to the basic speech-to-text and dictation, it is also possible to use SpeechTexter to make email messages for SMS, tweets, and tweets. It also comes with an individual dictionary. Adding personal details like telephone numbers and addresses is simple.

4. Google Assistant

Google Assistant deserves mention in this section. Like Voice Text, it's not an app for productivity that is as simple as the three other apps listed; instead, it is an entirely different type of app.

This digital assistant comes with numerous features that you'll appreciate, such as reminders based on your location, the capability to manage those devices that are part of your intelligent home, and even a podcast player. We're most interested in the chat-to-text feature.

You can utilize Google Assistant to make verbal reminders, make lists using your voice and even organize your diary. Google Assistant lets you make use of speech-to-text technology to create calendar events.

Quick Launch Google Assistant for Developers, Source: Youtube, Fireship 

To bring the app's features based around voice to the next level, connect it to IFTTT. There are many fantastic IFTTT-related recipe ideas with Google Assistant to start with.

If you're not a big fan of the features of Google Assistant, you could test Microsoft's Cortana instead. Cortana has been accessible on Android since 2017 and can also note notes in a conversation.

5. Text to Speech

The aptly named Speech to Text app is easy to use and lightweight.

Since Speech to Text supports continuous speech recognition, it's an excellent solution for notes that are long or essays, reports, as well as other lengthy documents. There's no limit to the size of files that you can build.

Text to Speech Converter - FREE & No Limits, Source: Youtube, Kevin Stratvert 

The app lets you customize keyboards, auto-spacing and auto-saving, and the ability to modify the text on the screen while you're still dictating an additional portion of the transcription.

6. OneNote

It's not likely that you'll think of Microsoft's note-taking program as a tool for dictation, but it's perfect for those who wish to record notes independently and don't want to be in the text-to-speech aspect.

OneNote has a microphone widget that can be added to your screen at home. To access the dictation widget, press long-press any blank space on your screen at home and navigate to the widgets section, then OneNote OneNote Audio Note.

Microsoft OneNote Beginner's Guide, Source: Youtube, Collaboration Coach

Evernote indeed has similar capabilities. But, as of mid-2016, some of the best features of Evernote require the purchase of a subscription. OneNote is available for free to everyone.

You can be even more productive With Android.

If you're new to taking notes verbally, you might be a bit frightened for some time. Once you've gotten used to the new routine, it will be difficult to remember how you had the time to do it without.


Apps that provide speech-to-text capabilities on Android give an easier and faster way to manage your day-to-day activities. For more information, look up other methods for typing on Android for those who do not like the traditional keyboards.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.