The Top Five ASO Tips Everybody Should Be Able to

App optimizing your store is crucial to get a better rank for your mobile application on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Achieving a higher rank on the rankings of apps is vital in boosting your app's users and can increase your downloads and the revenues generated by your app. This post will go over five easy ASO strategies that will help you have your app more prominently displayed in the results of searches in the app store.

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Make use of keywords in your app title.

Utilizing your primary keywords in the title of your app will boost your ranking significantly since numerous studies have demonstrated that apps that do not have keyword phrases in the title fail to rank highly.

Should You Have Keywords in Your App Name?, Source: Youtube, App Masters

The App Store search is like the web search. The search algorithms rank app titles with keywords higher than titles that do not have any keywords. According to research done by Tune, the apps that had keyword phrases in their title ranked 10.3 percent more in search results for apps than those with no keywords in their app's title.

Make Your App Local!

A majority of mobile devices are utilized in non-English-speaking countries. These countries also make the most significant portion of the revenues from mobile applications. Therefore, it's a great idea to make your app localized to content to satisfy the target audience's needs.

A study that was conducted some time ago has found that non-English-speaking countries within Europe and East Asia account for almost 50% of the Top 10 slots for downloads and earnings in the iOS App Store.

The percentage of non-English-speaking countries is higher than that of Google Play Store, where countries from Europe and East Asia account for 80 percent of the Top 5 slots for downloads and Revenue. These figures can give you an idea regarding the significance of app localization.

The above image showcases screenshots from the well-known game Clash of Clans published by Supercell.

The business has translated the screenshot of the app and the text that goes with it into the Chinese language to draw Chinese users.

It is possible to use low-cost localization and translation services to translate your app's name, app descriptions, screenshots, and videos of preview videos for your app into the preferred language of your audience since this allows you to expand to newer geographical areas.

You may also lookup the ultimate guide for app localization for additional details and suggestions for localizing your app for various markets.

Make use of keywords in the right Places.

Keywords are a significant factor in ranking in the app store's search results which is why you must utilize both your primary and second keywords wisely to achieve a higher ranking for your mobile application.

Most people are unaware of the reality that store algorithms also use keywords from reviews of apps to determine the position of your app's rankings.

To be eligible for Google Play Store, keywords are also required throughout the description of the app in addition to the title of the app.

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO [2022], Source: Youtube, Exposure Ninja

It is essential to be aware not to overdo it as many novice developers make the error of overusing keywords that can result in lower rankings, as this is known as keyword overuse.

A single keyword cannot use more than five times on an app store's product page.

The aim is not to manipulate the system but rather to find an equilibrium between the description favored by the algorithm and a concise written description that can attract the user's attention.

If you're using the Apple App Store, the keyword area is where you'll place your secondary keywords, but you must not duplicate any of them too.

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Have a Video Preview

Apple has eliminated the play button from playing video previews in their app with iOS 11. This means that most preview videos will play automatically in search results and on product page views.

This will result in preview videos playing even greater importance in ASO apps. Apps that don't have preview videos will be at a disadvantage compared to those with the preview video.

Know your Customer and Competition

You need to research your customers and competition and develop specific marketing materials to target your audience.

You should be able to answer these questions before beginning your ASO process:

Who are your customers? What is their location, and in what language do they use?

How would they describe the application?

Know your Customer and Competition, Source: Youtube, SK Rahamathulla

What is your competitive edge over similar apps?

Monitor keywords that your competitors are using?

Try to imagine yourself in your customer's shoes and work to provide the best service possible.

You can also find out more about your users through interaction with them and reading reviews about your app written by them. Users often share their concerns in the review section of the app.


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