The top Massive Technology Trends Set for 2022

What is 2022 going to mean for technology? What will technology provide to the humanity of 2022? Technology changes rapidly innovations and improvements to old technology are expected to change the world and make life easier and easy to access. However, digital and physical technology requires time to think and design, develop, and refine. This is why we hear about new technology years before it's available on the market. If you're interested in learning more about the latest technology set to change or disappear over the next year, you're at the right spot. Here are eight tech trends for 2022.

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1. Augmented Reality in online Shopping

Shopping online in and of itself was an innovative concept ten years ago. Being able to order everything from food items to gadgets and clothes delivered to your doorstep by pressing an icon was not possible before. 

How To Use Augmented Reality in E-Commerce, Source: Youtube, AR Academy

With the help of augmented real-time (AR), manufacturers can now make real-looking 3D models of their products that allow potential buyers to experience the product like they would hold it in their hands before buying it. 

2. Tech's sustainability

Modern technology has proven to be an integral element of our lives and has sparked a curiosity to make them more economically and environmentally sustainable.

2022 will witness more shifts toward repairing and reusing existing devices instead of replacing them. Additionally, the newer models will use more durable materials to prolong their lifespan and minimize the environmental impact.

Furthermore, with a longer physical life span, a longer digital one is expected to follow because future smartphones could keep receiving updates to security and system for a more extended period.

3. Software that is low-code and no-code

Automating and developing an app for everything is increasingly essential to everyone, from large companies to small-scale businesses and even amateur and professional individuals. But a vast knowledge of many programming languages has been a hurdle.

What is "no code" / "low code" development? | TechLead, Source: Youtube, TechLead Show

As the name implies, low-code and no-code are software-development methods that use visual elements to construct software, like dropping and dragging. While it isn't a guarantee that the use of code-based software to disappear shortly, low-code and no-code alternatives could drastically reduce the time it takes to build an application or software.

It also makes technology available to everyone with an idea, allowing people to create applications, not only whole groups of programmers.

4. 5G is Getting Mainstream

With 4K video content available on YouTube and other streaming platforms that are faster and more reliable, the internet is required to stream content without the constant interruption of buffering. Also, 8K is right around the corner.

5G is considerably more efficient than 4G, offering 20Gbps at its highest and an average speed of 100Mbps.

The global number of 5G connections has tripled to reach 670 million by 2021. The technology will also be available to more people in the next twelve months. In reality, it is possible to expect complete five-G connectivity across all of the US and several more countries joining in the coming years.

5. AI All Over the World

There's a limit on the level of intelligence a computer could be without the aid of AI. However, as more and increasing numbers of people demand devices and websites to satisfy their needs, AI is stepping in.

Will AI take over the world? I Inside Story, Source: Youtube, Al Jazeera English 

We're beginning to see signs of this trend right now, but we're expecting a massive increase in AI-powered apps, gadgets, websites, tools, and other devices in 2022. It'll be challenging to differentiate chatbots from human support agents. Additionally, the future recommendations for content in social networks and streaming sites will likely come from an AI instead of traditional data analysis.

6. Passwordless authentication

Passwords will soon be obsolete. There's no doubt that there's a limit on the length and complexity a password is before it becomes unwieldy to use.

We're likely to see the gradual transition to passwordless authentication via tokens, mobile devices, and even biometrics in many places.

7. Virtual Fashion

As AR technology develops and social media usage grows, more people will put money into their content, especially on Instagram and other platforms for social networking. Therefore, instead of investing thousands in the most fashionable apparel item, businesses are beginning to sell high-end clothing that is only seen through photos.

Trying On Virtual Clothes -BBC Click, Source: Youtube, BBC Click

Virtual fashion is a way to make high-end accessories more affordable. It could also decrease the use of fashion-forward clothes purchased for just one Instagram post and have an impact net-positive on the environmental impact.

8. Virtual Reality for Everyone

With the advancement of technology, advanced AI, and a faster internet connection with 5G connectivity, Virtual Reality (VR) will be more accessible and more accurate than ever before. Expect to witness VR used in other areas that aren't part of the entertainment. For instance, researchers, students, or health professionals could utilize VR to understand the complexities of abstract topics. In the same way, remote workers can use VR to take part in virtual meetings and participate in the culture of work. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, high-performance computers, and cutting-edge technology in animation and photography will assist in creating more realistic 3D photos and video content.


A lot of the technological breakthroughs expected to be on the market by 2022 are in the beginning stage. In the coming months, when more research is conducted on these technologies, we'll likely be able to see more refined versions of them.

In addition, the technology set to launch in 2022 could serve as a foundation for the next generation of cutting-edge technology that's likely to be followed. Keep an open mind for the many possibilities that future technology will offer.

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