Top 5 Apps Free to automatize tasks on Android

There's an abundance of tools that can automate your tasks using your smartphone without spending any money. Here's a look at the best. If you are using your Android phone all day, many monotonous tasks can probably bore you. From setting the screen's brightness every night or checking on your child's location, There is a myriad of things that take up our time. Android automation applications promise to have lots of work done as you relax and relax. But, what are the automated apps you can depend on to finish your work?

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1. MacroDroid

With more than 10 million downloaded downloads and a 4.7-star rating on the Play Store, MacroDroid is well-known and highly evaluated. It is widely regarded as the Android automation community has become one of the more effective and flexible automation software. With MacroDroid, the list of tasks you can automate using your smartphone is nearly endless.

The app provides 70 triggers based on the location, status of the device connectivity, and built-in phone sensors. MacroDroid responds to stimuli such as geographic location or battery level, or the screen's brightness. There are also triggers for temperature, light level, and connectivity status of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Crazy Things to do with Macrodroid app, Source: Youtube, ANDROID FEVER

MacroDroid can also be programmed to perform 100 actions. When combined with triggers, it can create anything from customized sound alerts to your email at work to making the app tweet for you on behalf of the company.

While the app has advertisements, they're subtle, and you'll be able to detect they're there barely. It has a gentle learning curve and can enhance its capabilities through plugins. It's among the most flexible and powerful automation tools free for Android.

2. Automate

Automate is a different, highly flexible automation program that provides many possibilities. With more than 350 predefined elements, Automate can handle most of the tasks you could execute using an Android smartphone.

Automate uses a different method compared to other apps for automation, such as Tasker or MacroDroid. To create an automated routine, it is necessary to follow a logic flowchart-based sequence. Visual representation of the automation process as flow charts makes it simpler to comprehend. It's pretty easy to learn for an app because of its complexity level.

AutoMate - Car Dashboard - Version 2.0 Features, Source: Youtube, Kahtaf Alam

If you need a robust automation tool with a low learning process, Automate is the tool. There's a thriving Reddit along with a Google Groups community you can use whenever you're experiencing an issue with the application.

Automate is free of ads, and, similar to MacroDroid, it is possible to extend its capabilities by utilizing plugins.

3. AutomateIt

AutomateIt is a robust automation app designed for Android users. Despite its name being similar to Automate, it's not like Automate in terms of UI and UX design. It does, however, perform numerous things that you'd expect an app for automation to do, as well as many other things.

However, the application is not without its flaws and has some minor issues with stability and compatibility. In the end, it runs flawlessly on specific gadgets or Android OS versions, but it has some frustrating technical glitches in other versions. The app has ads; however, they're not overbearing.

How to Automate Your Android Settings | AutomateIt-Smart Automation (App Review), Source: Youtube, The Howto Master

If you're wondering how it's on this list, it has a lot of punch. If you've had experience using Android automation and want to take on some exciting challenges in automation, You'll find AutomateIt extremely useful. The triggers for activity and weather are awe-inspiring. By using them, you can program the Android smartphone to act if it detects you entering the car, cycling or trekking, or even standstill. The weather triggers can be used to make reminders like, for example, parking your vehicle in the shade when temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius on a sunny day. There are many exciting things you can accomplish.


The best way to describe IFTTT: is huge! It's a feature-rich application with so many functions that it's hard to keep track of. One way you can think of IFTTT can be as an Android automation application with many features you never even knew you required.

IFTTT gives you god-like control over your Android apps. With just a touch, it's possible to use IFTTT to automatically download every photo from Facebook posts you're part of as soon as you're being tagged. It can automatically forward those images to a person via Telegram or send them to a colleague. You can also automate posting them to Twitter. The power of IFTTT lies evident in its impressive collection of powerful applets that have automated routines that are predefined.

IFTTT (If This Then That) Beginner's guide, Source: Youtube, JuanMTech

Utilizing applets, it is possible to automate complex tasks in just a couple of clicks. In addition to aiding you in automating tasks on your Android smartphone, IFTTT can act as an interface between your phone with smart-home devices. It can be used to control IFTTT to manage bright lighting and smart thermostats, doorbells with intelligent sensors, and many more smart home devices.

5. profiles

profiles one of the most popular selling points is their ease of use. Compared to other automation tools such as MacroDroid or IFTTT, profiles are considerably user-friendly. It groups actions into profiles activated whenever a set of rules is satisfied.

For instance, you could define profile A by setting the volume level at 34, the brightness of the display to 43, and Wi-Fi enabled. There is a possibility of creating a third profile called B with the volume level set at 60, the screen's brightness at 78 with Bluetooth off, and screen brightness at 78. Bluetooth off.

If a requirement is satisfied, one of the specified profiles will activate as well as the application will modify the settings of your phone to reflect the definition. Although this method of automating makes using the app straightforward, it has many limitations.

An Espresso Profile Database + Applying Decent Espresso Profiles to Non-Decent Machines (Visualizer), Source: Youtube, Brian Quan

The app isn't the most functional of applications on our list. The free version cannot manage complex automation situations. It also includes advertisements, but they're not invasive.

On the other hand, it has a solid backup plan. It has a restore feature that will restore your phone to its initial condition if you violate the critical setting on your phone. Profiles also include an option to keep an inventory of any changes that it performs to the device. This is very helpful to trace your steps when you encounter a problem.


In addition to automating a wide variety of different Android tasks, apps for automation can also do a lot more. They can carry out functions that you'd typically require an expensive app to perform at no cost. They also can reduce the necessity to fill your phone with lots of applications.

With MacroDroid, for example, you can design your app locks and alarm applications and monitor temperature on your phone. This will eliminate the need to download separate apps to perform specific functions.

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