Top and Most Trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile Apps in 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology slowly transforms the world into its arms. The possibilities and applications of this advanced technology are unique and could change the world. The developing mobile apps business is now in a state of intense competition due to companies' shifting to develop mobile applications.  This article explains the AI technology can do to make your mobile applications more popular. It also lists the benefits of AI mobile app development for companies. We also have compiled our list of the ten most useful mobile apps based on AI, which provides smooth performance on Android and iPhone operating systems. If you're planning to invest money into AI app development, this article may help you create an AI duplicate application. Let's get started!

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Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mobile Apps in 2022

AI Education Application: ELSA Speak

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Speak is the most well-known and popular AI-powered educational app offered through ELSA Corporation. This innovative English learning tool aids professionals and students in increasing their vocabulary and pronunciation.

My Review of an English Pronunciation App (ELSA Speak), Source: Youtube, Cloud English

This AI speech tutor built into the system uses speech recognition and ML technology to recognize accents and languages spoken by the user and recommend correct pronunciation under American standards.

Tests can be taken by users and test their English proficiency in English. It's a fantastic AI application to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC examinations. 

AI Applications for Retail The application is for eBay

We've all been aware that eBay is. It is the most widely-used online shopping application that AI. customers power to purchase or sell items, browse shopping deals and discounts, and save enormous amounts. It's available on the Android as well as iOS versions.

AI for Ecommerce and Retail, Source: Youtube, Softengi

The application uses AI technology to recognize the patterns of search and display the most relevant items on the page. This easy shopping experience can save time for users and improve their knowledge of the app.

This well-known online shopping application also utilizes ML capabilities to recognize the product's image whenever a user uploads the image into the search field. In addition to this, ML technology can also help vendors or administrators to compare the costs of competing products and provide the most competitive price to customers to increase sales quickly.

AI Application for Travel Hopper

Hopper is an original travel app that assists users with booking hotels and flights easily, quickly, and safely.

It employs AI to analyze billions of prices and precisely predicts the costs of hotels and flights shortly. It also informs users of deals that are available immediately for travel, in the event of any. Thus, it lets users save 35% off hotels and flights.

How Hopper is using AI to change air travel, Source: Youtube, Samsung Next

When it has gathered the travel dates and destinations from the user in this application, the AI travel software offers flights with attractive prices and suitable hotels. It also analyses historical and current fares and forecasts whether the cost of a flight will rise or fall short. The benefit of AI-powered travel apps is that users can identify discounted days to travel and plan cheap trips.

AI Dating Application Tinder

Tinder is an internet-based dating app that is available for free for Android, iOS, and web platforms. With over 30 billion matches on the table, Tinder ranked as the USA's most popular free dating app. It's the top platform for users to meet individuals, share their preferences, and chat with them. They can also meet.

AI for Dating, Source: Youtube, Siraj Raval 

In 2020, in addition to the existing features such as find and swipe to interact with other users, Tinder was integrated with AI technology that analyzes users' swipes and their in-app behavior to give them an ideal match to characters or date. Furthermore, thanks to the power of AI, Tinder is seeking to identify harmful messages and other types of information and improve security levels.

AI MHealth App Youper

Yours is among the most potent AI-powered mobile health applications that are a psychological health aid. It's a one-stop-shop for treatment and medications. I'm referring to the fact that customers can receive their medicines directly to their doorsteps and receive video consultations with an experienced doctor.

Youper AI Therapy, Source: Youtube, Youper

It allows users to complete an assessment of their mental health and track the levels of depression and anxiety through the dashboard. Users can also access therapy sessions to manage their depression and anxiety levels.

Its built-in AI chatbot is accessible 24 hours a day and aids users in offering exercises for therapy according to the mental health data provided by users. The user-friendly AI healthcare app also provides techniques to help people overcome their psychological problems.


Artificial Intelligence technology will play a significant part in developing mobile apps shortly. The benefits of mobile applications made with AI technology are awe-inspiring. Mobile apps that are intelligent and built with the most cutting-edge AI technology encourage automation of processes in business and offer seamless apps to users.

On the other hand, this technology gives developers of mobile apps lots of opportunities to develop sophisticated and more smart software. Due to the rising demands for AI mobile apps, app development service providers will be in good shape provided they have the right AI resources.

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