Top Apple Books You Must-Know Tips to Improve Reading

iOS 12 brings Apple Books an updated version of iBooks packed with unique features. These Apple Books tips will improve your experience with ebooks.

In 2018's iOS 12 upgrade, Apple changed a number of the native apps that run on the OS. The first app that was to receive a revamp was the iBooks. In addition to a new name, it also got a unique appearance and a variety of brand new functions.

Let's dive deep into the brand new Apple Books.

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1. Make use of the Navigation Menu

To open the menu, tap any screen on your device while reading a book. There will be five icons appearing to the right of the display.

How to Create Responsive Navigation Bar using HTML and CSS, Source: Youtube, CodingNepal 

The icon to the left, an arrow, will close the current book and bring you to your library's homepage. The other icon allows you to access the book's contents, bookmarks, and notes. You can also search for information as well as a bookmark button.

2. Notes

You can make notes of your own to books and then refer to them in the future. This is a great feature for students and people who work with long documents or complex texts.

Take a tap and hold an item in the book to take notes. Then, drag the area you want to add more text as required.

Once you're done to go, let your finger go and move it through the alternatives. Click the Note, and then you can write your thoughts in the space below the text you marked. Once you're done, you can tap done.

You can search for notes by accessing your navigation menu, tapping the Contents icon, and choosing Notes. Notes tab.

Note: Text accompanied by notes is marked in yellow on the reading pane.

3. Highlight the text

Apple Books now offers a range of options to highlight text within your books. This is particularly helpful for people who need to revisit certain sections of their book later.

The method for highlighting text is the same as those used for taking notes. Tap, hold and drag the text you want to highlight; however, you must choose Highlight in the popup options in place of Notification.

How to highlight text on web pages, Source: Youtube, David's Tutorials

You'll see a couple of options that you can customize the highlighted text. You can select to empha0size the words in green, yellow, blue, red, and purple. It is also possible to underscore it. You can also hit the share icon to share highlights with various applications and others. You can also hit the delete button to erase the highlighter.

After you've highlighted the text, one tap on the highlighted text will display your highlighted menu, allowing users to make adjustments.


Bookmarks are a less precise way to refer to specific pages. If you're on any ebook page, you can launch the navigation menu with a single tap and then click the bookmark icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to preserve the entire page. The icon will light up red to signify success.

Your bookmarks can be located similarly to how you look up your notes. Start your navigation menu, tap the Contents icon, and click your bookmarks tab.

5. Text-to-Speech

In contrast to books that are audiobooks. Apple Books offers text-to-speech capabilities. In theory, this means that you can convert any text to one that is an audiobook.

Your eyes need an afternoon break or in situations where expression and emphasis aren't necessary (for legal or academic documents).


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To utilize Apple Book's text-to-speech feature, hold and tap on the word you want to speak, after which drag your cursor across the entire text you wish to hear. Once you're ready, choose "Speak" from the popup menu.

6. Change the visuals to suit your needs.

Apple recognizes that many users find it difficult to focus on screens for long durations. Therefore, it has added several options to ease the strain on your eyes and aid in moving through the pages.

Apple Books has six options you can modify:

Lightness Make use of the slider to adjust the app's brightness to a suitable level.

Type Size Are you looking to have more space on a single page or swipe more often?

Fonts This app comes with nine different fonts. They include Original, Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Palatino, San Francisco, Seravek with Times New Roman.

Background Colour: A white background creates more strain upon your eyes. The app also has sepia, granite, and black.

Auto-Night Theme If you enable this, the iPhone will automatically dim the blue light on the screen to replace the blue light with more warm yellow light during the evenings.

The Scrolling View Instead of scrolling between pages, you can turn on this feature to read your books in an uninterrupted scroll instead. This is like the way we read content on smartphones.

You can alter the options above by accessing the Navigation menu and tapping the icon AA. Icon.


7. Syncing Across Your Devices

You can utilize the new app to share your reading habits across your Apple devices. iCloud is the best choice for this. The synced data includes your progress through the books you're reading or browsing through your library and your bookmarks, notes, and highlights.

Sync Across Devices in Google Chrome, Source: Youtube, Google Chrome 

To enable cross-device sync, navigate Settings > [Name > ICloud and turn the toggles in the middle of iCloud Drive and Books to On.

NOTE: If you only wish to sync books you purchased through Apple Books' store and not your EPUBs or PDFs, you should leave iCloud Drive off.


8. PDF Manager

Have you heard that the newest Apple Books app doubles as an editor and reader of PDF files? It allows you to save PDF documents and emails straight into the app. In your Mail apps or Safari Tap, the Share button, swipe left once, and press Copy to Books.

Notes written by hand can be added to PDFs by selecting an icon with a pen—the same tool to sign PDFs before sending them to us.

This article explains ways to organize PDFs for an iPhone if you want to know more about it.


It's not easy to argue that the brand new Apple Books app isn't the best e-reader app available on any mobile platform today. It's certainly better than any other e-reader available on Android. For more information on the iPhone's most recent software, read on what's new with iOS 12.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.