Top Apple Music Features for Your iPhone

Apple Music offers a wide range of superb features. These are the top Apple Music features you should use on your iPhone.

Apple Music is the best music streaming app for iPhone. Apple Music has an extensive music library and can be used with Siri and other connected devices such as HomePod. Apple Music is more than just curated playlists. It also has an integrated ecosystem. Apple Music offers several features that make streaming music more straightforward and efficient. You might not have used them all yet, for different reasons. Please look at our list of Apple Music features that you can use on your iPhone.

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1. Automatic Downloads

It is easy to download an Apple Music song or album. Please tap on the Add button to add it to your Library. Next, you can tap on the Add button to change it into a Download button.

This process can be made quicker by enabling Automatic Downloads. Automatic Downloads will instantly download any items you add to your library to your iOS device. This is particularly useful for those just starting to build up their Apple Music collection.

How To Create an Automatic Download Link, Source: Youtube, Paperform

This feature can be enabled by opening the Settings application and going to the section. Next, tap the toggle next Automatic downloads. You will need to enable the iCloud music library to use this feature. Don't worry about whether your favorite albums are available in your area.

2. Subscribe to Apple Curated Playlists

Although it is not as powerful as Spotify's discovery engine (see the comparison of Spotify and Apple Music), Apple Music has curated playlists that are well worth a look. Here's how you can get started with Apple Music playlists. Apple Music playlists are great because of their editorial curation. You'll find an "Essentials" playlist when you search for a particular genre or artist. This Playlist is the best place for discovering new artists. This Playlist will include all the artist's most popular and well-known tracks. The "Deep Cuts" playlist will allow you to know the artist more.

Apple has also created playlists that can be used to discover specific genres. You can find playlists for particular eras, such as a playlist dedicated to 90s indie music. Start exploring Browse > Playlists.

3. Conserve and edit Apple Curated Playlists

As we mentioned above, Apple's playlists are a great place to start. It doesn't matter if it's the most popular songs of a particular artist or a specific genre. The problem is that Apple's playlists are dynamic. You are not adding all the pieces to a playlist, but you bookmark it in your Library.

Master Apple's Music App and Clean up Your Music Library, Source: Youtube, The MacWhisperer

If a playlist is changed and the editors remove a song, it will also disappear from your Library. This can be pretty frustrating.

You'll need to add songs to your Apple playlist to preserve Apple-curated playlists. To open an Apple playlist, click on the menu and select Add to Playlist. You can add or create a playlist.

4. Find the Shuffle and Repeat Buttons

Apple has been moving a lot of furniture since its iOS 10 redesigns. Shuffle and Repeat are now hidden from public view.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen will no longer be there when you go to the Now Playing screen. You'll have to swipe up (and Apple doesn't make it obvious).

5. Song lyrics are available here

You don't even need to use a third-party app to view song lyrics. Swipe up from the Now Playing screen to see the Lyrics section.

How To Add Lyrics to Songs on Apple Music, Source: Youtube, Randumichel

Could you tap on the Show to expand it? Only problem? It only has text. Musixmatch is an excellent service to find synced lyrics for the song.

6. Stream music using your mobile data

It won't work the first time you attempt to stream Apple Music music without a Wi-Fi connection. You will see a popup asking for a Wi-Fi connection if you are lucky.

You can stream music via your cellular data plan by going to Settings > > Mobile Data. You can also choose High-Quality Streaming if you wish.

7. Personalize the Library Screen

The Library screen is where you will find most of your Apple Music interactions. You'll be able to choose from Playlists and Artists and Albums, Songs, Downloaded Music, and Albums. One of these shortcuts might be better if you want to save space.

How To Organize And Manage Your Music Library!, source: Youtube, Akshay Dawar

You can disable or rearrange shortcuts by tapping on the Edit icon. You can also enable shortcuts such as Music Videos and Genres.

8. Apple Music Shortcuts

Apple's Shortcuts app allows for user-defined automation. You can create a list by simply tapping the shortcut button in the widget or speaking the phrase out loud to Siri.

You can utilize Shortcuts to automate daily tasks. This includes interacting with the Music App. Shortcuts offer a wide range of Music-related shortcuts and actions. Below, we'll be discussing two of the most popular shortcuts.

Play Playlists with Shortcuts Widget

Most likely, you play the same album or Playlist over and over. To start playing the music, you can use Siri. However, the Shortcuts widget on the Lock screen is a faster way to go.

Step 1 -  Open Shortcut and navigate to Gallery Section.

Step 2 - Search for the shortcut to Play Playlist and tap on Quickcut.

Step 3 - Tap on Select to select the Playlist.

Step 4 - Now, go to the Library and tap the menu button to create the shortcut. Click on the Settings link. You can change the name or the icon. The shortcut should appear in your widget by default.

You can add the Shortcuts widget to your Lock screen by simply swiping right. The Playlist will start playing immediately when you tap on the shortcut.


Although the system is not perfect, it will enable you to use Apple Music with your iTunes collection.

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