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Windows 10 has many default apps that you might not know or underestimate their utility. We've compiled a dozen apps that will transform your work life, and we'll show how. These fantastic but often overlooked Windows 10 apps can change how you work.

Windows 10 has many useful default apps that can be overlooked because they aren't there or because you have another program to do the same task. Below is a list of 12 default apps that will make your PC more efficient. You can access all of them by opening the Start menu and then (pre-Anniversary update) clicking All Apps at the bottom left. You can also search for them using Cortana or the search bar.

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1. Get Started

Most people can figure out Windows 10 on their own. It's helpful to know that this self-explanatory app is only a few clicks away if you get stuck or need an immediate solution.

Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Right Away!, source: Youtube, TechGumbo 

It has sections at the left and helpful tabs at the top, just like most Windows 10 apps. These tabs cover all new Windows 10 features such as the Start Menu, Microsoft Edge, and Entertainment.

Don't panic if you have recently upgraded to Windows 10. You have many options to learn. Also, Check these default Windows 10 settings right after you upgrade.

2. Alarms & Clock

The app is simple and only has four functions - Alarm, World Clock Timer, Timer, and Stopwatch - which you will barely use as your smartphone or wristwatch offers better alternatives.

World Clock is a great tool that I use often. You can add pins to any world map to see the current time. This is great for people who have friends, family, and colleagues scattered worldwide.

3. News

It can be overwhelming because the News app throws all kinds of random content at you. It is divided into several sections: the US, Top Stories and World, Technology, Entertainment, Sport, and Sport.

The Best News Apps for Android and iOS, source: Youtube, Apps Analysis

Click the interests icon (star-shaped with three lines) at the top left to personalize the app. Untick any topics that you aren't interested in. Next, click each category and choose the issues you wish to read.

The app will adapt to your news needs as you use it. 

4. Calendar & Mail

If you log into the Mail app with your Microsoft account, the Calendar app imports all of your essential information, including birthdays.

The default calendar includes all US holidays. Scroll down and click More Calendars. Next, tick the calendar that corresponds to your country. Click to add an event to your schedule. Type your event details. To add information for recurring events or invite others, click the Details link.

5. Maps

Google Maps is our go-to mapping and navigation service. However, the best thing about Windows 10's Maps app is the traffic alerts and cameras that can be turned on along your route. 

5 Best Free GPS Apps For Android of 2022, Source: Youtube, Tricks and HACKS

Click Map Views to enable this. Set the Traffic slider on the right to On and tick Incidents & Cameras. These features are limited to major European cities and the United States, but they are constantly updated.

When the Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives on your computer in July, the app will receive new functions. Sign up for and become part of the Windows 10 Insider Program to get these new features.

6. Sports

This app allows you to add teams and sports you wish to follow, while the former provides general sports news.

The app defaults to having sections on the left that are dedicated to 12 sports: English Premier League, FA Cup Cricket, Formula 1 Tennis, Formula 1 Tennis, and so forth.

To personalize the app, click interests to the left. The pen icon is at the top. Close any tiles that don't belong to the sports you don't want. Click the + icon at the bottom to add more marks. You can also add your favorite teams to keep track of their progress.

7. Groove Music

You missed Windows Media Player and likely installed VLC Media Player without considering Groove Music. However, the app offers many brilliant, albeit obscure, features. It can also catalog music downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Music. Click The musical note icon to the left. Next, click Show Us Where to Look for Music and point it to your PC.

What is Groove Music and How to use it, Source: Youtube, Britec09 

This app is even more useful for Windows Phone users because you can create your cloud within OneDrive to store all your music. This can be played using the Groove app on your phone.

You can unleash its true power when you buy a Groove Music Pass. The $10 monthly cost is included in the free 30-day trial. It allows you to instantly stream and listen to the latest tracks, much like Spotify. You can also use the app on Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. Download the app and log into your account.


Which of these apps do you prefer? Have you found it to be a change in your work style or a replacement for an old program? Please let us know by commenting below.

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