Top Essential Mac Apps Everybody Needs

You don't have to stop using some macOS apps for one task. These are our top picks for Mac apps. The superior selection of macOS apps is one of the most excellent features of macOS. The platform offers everything, from sophisticated writing apps to advanced design tools. However, utilities are a critical area that isn't well-known among macOS apps. There are many single-purpose, simple apps available in macOS. These apps can handle a limited number of tasks but do a great job. These utilities are a great benefit to anyone who works on a Mac.

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1. Magnet

Magnet is the most accessible workspace manager for macOS. This little app is located in the menu bar. It offers a dropdown menu that allows you to quickly dock any app to either the left or right of your screen. Magnet allows you to organize up to four windows quickly, six windows on an ultra-wide screen.

Magnet App on Mac, Source: Youtube, Casey Fleet

Magnet works best when you drag a window to the edge of your screen and push it there (where you want it to dock). If you make an app to 50 percent of the screen's left edge and then release the cursor, it will stick to that edge like a magnet. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to split windows into quarters or sides quickly.

Split View mode is a simple way to manage windows in macOS. However, it can be confusing and limited. It creates a new desktop for two windows. On the other hand, Magnet is designed to mimic how you use desktops.

2. The Unarchiver

macOS comes with an integrated archive tool. It allows you to compress and extract zip files in just a few clicks. But The Unarchiver, a more flexible archive utility, supports many archive formats, including ZipX, ZipX, and Tar.

The Unarchiver macOS - Download For Free / Installation, Source: Youtube, Latest Software

You can choose which formats the app should open by default using the preferences pane. You can also set a folder to be extracted from the app. The Unarchiver works only in one direction, as the name implies. The app cannot compress files or folders. You'll need to use macOS's built-in tool for this.

The Unarchiver is free (while other apps cost $50), reliable, and a must-have utility that every Mac user should have.

3. Amphetamine

Amphetamine can be used as a menu bar utility to keep your Mac awake. A Mac will usually go to sleep within 15 minutes. Sometimes, however, you may need to stop your Mac from going to sleep. Your external displays and attached drives are also kept awake by Amphetamine.

MacOS App: Amphetamine, Source: Youtube, Reginald Smith

This is possible with many one-click utilities. The Triggers feature is what makes Amphetamine stand out. You can set it to auto-enable for a few minutes or a period.

4. Alfred

Alfred is a Mac keyboard launcher that acts as a supercharged version of Spotlight. This is a must-have program for Mac users, from novices to professionals. Alfred can search for files, open programs, search the web, and much more.

Alfred is faster than Spotlight when working with folders and files on your Mac. You can search for what you need by typing in a few letters.

How to increase your productivity with Alfred on Mac, Source: Youtube, Paul Minors

For beginners, the free Alfred version is sufficient. The Alfred Powerpack is recommended for advanced users. You have access to text expansion and a clipboard manager, and workflows.

There are hundreds of workflows that can be used to do everything, from resizing images to interfacing with Todoist. You can also use Alfred to create your workflows.

5. Rocket

You'll be unable to use the emoji autocomplete function in Slack, Telegram, and other apps if you're not used to it. Imagine if you could type: laughing to insert a laughing emoji.

Rocket, the Emoji app for Mac!, Source: Youtube, Herbie Allen

Rocket makes it easy to do just that. Rocket adds the emoji shortcut function to all of your Mac apps. Other ways to use emoji on Mac.

6. Franz

Franz can help you deal with the overwhelming amount of workplace communication. You probably have multiple websites and apps open when you work remotely. Slack and WhatsApp are common culprits.

All the Messengers in Franz # 30DaysOfVideos, Source: Youtube, Chris Spiegl

Franz brings together all of these web services in one window. You can quickly switch between services by using keyboard shortcuts. Services are displayed as tabs in the left pane. You can create custom icons for each service and customize audio and notification settings.

8. AppCleaner

macOS doesn't have an uninstaller. Drag an app to Trash to delete it. Not all apps can be uninstalled this way. This doesn't include app-related files in the Library folder.

AppCleaner (Uninstall Mac apps completely), Source: Youtube, Simply Explained

AppCleaner can be used to remove any files from an app that you haven't tried, and it is time to say goodbye. It will locate all files related to the app in obscure areas of macOS ( directories you shouldn't touch) and then securely delete them.


These apps are fantastic, but they don't mean you have to stop there. macOS has a rich history in open-source apps since it is built on Unix. This community is active and thriving.

Our list contains open-source Mac apps. You will find many free alternatives to popular image editors and PDF readers.

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