Top excellent Chromecast Tips You Must Be Aware of

Here are some great tips and tricks to make the most out of your Google's Chromecast is a straightforward and straightforward way to turn your TV into a valuable option for a reasonable cost. However, it also comes with many secret tricks and tips that most people aren't aware of and don't use to their fullest.

If you're beginning to learn about Chromecast or have used it for some time and haven't yet mastered its simplicity, these are the fantastic tricks you must be aware of.

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1. You can use your computer While casting

The ability to transfer a video from your computer to a large screen is fantastic, but what if you are also looking to do something other than watching? Don't worry.

How To Cast Computer to TV Chromecast - How To Cast Your PC To Chromecast - Screen Mirror Windows 10, SOurce: Youtube, How To Tech

Just press Alt+Tab on your PC and Command+Tab for your Mac while streaming on your Chromecast device then you'll be transferred right back onto your PC. All actions will stay on the large screen, and you'll be able to work on your computer in the usual way without interruption to the stream.

2. Google Assistant to Cast Your Media. Google Assistant Cast Your Media

Google Assistant Google Assistant is a powerful tool used for everything from creating a grocery checklist to controlling your smart home appliances. You can also stream your preferred media directly to your television by using Chromecast.

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Simply say, "Hey Google, play Squid Game on Netflix on the TV in the living room," and you're good to go. Be sure to have linked your relevant accounts with Google Home. Google Home app for iOS or Android...

3. Make Guest Mode available to share easily

If you've got a Chromecast within a shared space like a kitchen or living space, it is possible to let your friends and family members use their devices.

How To Create A Guest Account On Windows 10 Pc-2022, Source: Youtube, Theta Box

There's a choice for Guest Mode option in Google Home. The Google Home app lets any user on your Wi-Fi network broadcast content to your TV, even without connecting. Enable Guest mode within the app, and then your Chromecast will begin publishing a Wi-Fi signal.

4. mirror to the Screen on an Android Phone Using Chromecast

Mirroring your Screen from your Android phone to your Chromecast is an excellent way to share images, videos, photos, or any other content on your phone with your friends and your family.

Tap the Chromecast you wish to mirror your phone's Screen to and tap the Cast button. The application will mirror your phone's screen to your TV in real-time.

This is an excellent method to show someone images or videos from your smartphone without carrying the device around.

5. Google Photos can be viewed on the TV

If you have lots of videos and photos within Google Photos, you can easily stream the images and videos to your TV using Chromecast.

Create Google Photos Live Albums & Add to Chromecast or Smart Display, Source: Youtube, TECHTOK DOC

Open it using the Google Photos app on iOS, Android, or your computer. After that, tap the Chromecast icon on the upper-right right-hand corner and select Chromecast.

Relax and relax as your memories become vivid on a larger screen.

6. Use Chromecast on Vacation

Vacationing can be stressful; however, it isn't necessary to be if you've got a Chromecast and you're using it.

Wherever you go and how lengthy your travel is expected to last, you can bring everything with you so long you've got access to an Internet connection.

Because Chromecast is so lightweight, it is easy to install it at your home or rental and then relax and relax to all your favorite content at home.

Plug your Chromecast directly into your TV at the hotel, and utilize your Google Home app to cast your preferred shows and movies. It's as easy as that!

7. YouTube Slides on Your TV Google Slides onto Your TV

It's beneficial to present your slides on a big screen. Google Slides allows you to make this happen quickly.

Open the presentation using Google Slides either online or via its iOS and Android application. After that, press the cast button found below the toolbar of the display. After you've chosen your Chromecast from the options, your slides will show up on your TV screen.

How to display Google Slides on any TV or display, Source: Youtube, trudigitalsignage

This is an excellent method to ensure that everyone can see the slides without needing to gather around a small mobile or computer screen.


If you're willing to do some exploration, you'll find many ways to help your Chromecast perform for you. Don't be afraid of trying to think up your ideas, and have fun using this streaming tool!

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