Top Methods to Fix the OneDrive Sign in Problem 0x8004de69 in Windows

Here's how you can eliminate the dreadful zero-day 0x8004de69 OneDrive error and sign back into Windows. In signing into OneDrive, it is possible to encounter different errors. For instance, you could be able to spot an error message indicating OneDrive Sign-in Error Code of 0x8004de69. What do you do next after this unsuccessful sign-in attempt? We'll look at eight possible solutions to that OneDrive Sign-in Error Code of 0x8004de69.

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1. Reinstall OneDrive

OneDrive could be causing you problems because it was not installed correctly. In this instance, reinstalling the application can help you solve the issue.

Then, here are the steps to reinstall the OneDrive application:

How to reinstall OneDrive in Windows 10, Source: Youtube, Britec09 

Use the keys Win + R Win and R to start the Run command dialog box.

Enter appwiz.CPL and press Enter to open the window for Programs and Features.

Find Microsoft OneDrive, click it with a right-click and choose to uninstall.

Once the process is completed, download OneDrive on Microsoft's site. Microsoft website.

2. Remove OneDrive from and re-link it to your PC

This issue could be due to a problem with linking with OneDrive and your personal computer. Therefore, you can fix the problem by delinking and linking OneDrive back on your PC. Here's how:

Start OneDrive by clicking on its icon on the right-bottom area of the taskbar.

Select the Help and Settings icon in the upper-right corner.

Choose the Settings from the menus, then click on the Account tab.

Select the unlink the PC option, and then click the Unlink Account button.

This procedure will remove OneDrive from your computer. After that, it'll open a setup screen. Enter the email address of your Microsoft Account email address, enter your password and click login to continue.

3. Sign in to Your Device with the Correct Microsoft Account

You might be experiencing this issue because you're not logged in to a Microsoft account. In this scenario, you'll need to sign in to your device with the Microsoft account connected to OneDrive.

Here's how you can log into your device with the correct Microsoft account:

Stop Windows 10 asking you to Sign in with a Microsoft account, Source: Youtube, Chris Waite

Enter the word Settings in the search bar in the Start Menu and choose the best match...

Choose the Accounts on the menu options.

Next, choose the email and accounts choice on the left side.

Click Add to a Microsoft Account on the right-hand side. Input your email address, and follow the instructions on-screen to finish the procedure.

4. Set the OneDrive App

The error code for sign-in 0x8004de69 can also appear if the OneDrive application is damaged. To solve the issue, it is possible to reset OneDrive using these steps:

Click Win+I for the Settings window. Then, select the apps option.

Choose Features and Apps from the side panes on the left.

Find Microsoft OneDrive, click it, and choose the Advanced option.

Select and click the Reset button on the window that pops up. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the procedure.

5. Restore the Network Drivers

OneDrive may fail from time to time due to network-related issues. Therefore, it is worth checking the internet connectivity to verify that it's operating correctly. You can then repair the network driver to resolve the sign-in error.

These are steps to updating your network driver:

Hit Win+S to start Start Menu. 

Click on the Device Manager and then choose the best match...

How To Fix Accidentally Deleted Network Adapter Driver in Windows 10[Solved], Source: Youtube, Tricknology 

To expand to the option of Network adapters. To broaden the opportunity, right-clicking on the gadget's networking adapter and choosing the updated driver.

Then, click on Automatically search for the latest driver applications from the window pops up. Follow the steps on-screen to finish the process.

Here's how:

Launch your device Manager in the manner described by the steps above.

To expand your option Network adapters option, click on the right-click of your computer's networking adapter and choose to uninstall the device.

Select The action tab, then select Scan for changes to the hardware. Then restart your device to take effect of the changes.

6. Make use of the System Troubleshooters

It's also possible to resolve this OneDrive sign-in problem with a couple of relevant Windows diagnostic tools.

If you suspect it's a network issue, the Internet Connections troubleshooter could help. This is how to use this tool:

Use the keys Win + I to open System Settings. Win+I to access the System Settings.

Enter Troubleshoot in the Settings search bar and choose the appropriate option.

Select the Additional troubleshooting option located on the right-side pane.

Select the internet connection option, and press Start Troubleshooter

If you think this is a hardware problem, try your Hardware and Devices troubleshooter a trial. This is how to use this tool:

Start the Troubleshoot Settings Window following the steps previously taken.

Choose one of the hardware and Devices Troubleshooters and then press the button to run the Troubleshooter button.

7. You can enable the OneDrive App via the Registry Editor

This error message is most likely to appear when the OneDrive application is disabled. Therefore, you can alter some Registry settings to address the issue.

Now, let's see how to activate OneDrive through The Registry Editor

How to Reinstall OneDrive in Windows 10, Source: Youtube, Britec09 

Use the keys Win + R Win and R to start the Run command dialog box.

Enter Regedit and then press OK to start The Registry Editor.

Enter the following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SOFTWARE Microsoft > OneDrive...

Find your EnableADAL button on the right-side pane—double-click on it.

You can set the Value Data to 1 on the following screen and click "OK." After you've finished, you can close the Registry Editor and restart your device.


If OneDrive isn't working for you, perhaps it's time to look into other cloud storage options.

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