Top samsung Galaxy Watch Tips & Tricks to Master Your Smartwatch

Have a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active? Get the best out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or Classic with these fantastic tips and tricks. Samsung has been a leader in the smartwatch industry. Samsung's Galaxy smartwatches are compatible with Android and iPhone and offer a reliable and high-quality product line. There's a possibility that you aren't using your Galaxy smartwatch to its full potential if you have one of these devices. These wearables offer many lesser-known capabilities. These are the top tips and tricks for getting the most from your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

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1. Personalize Watch Faces

Samsung Galaxy Store offers a wide range of watch faces that you can choose from. You might want a particular element to be a different color or a replacement for the complication widget.

You can modify the watch faces depending on which developer you are using. You can adjust the majority of preloaded Samsung watch faces. You can change the dial's design and font colors. We've seen excellent Samsung Gear watch faces before.

Galaxy Watch 4 - How to get Custom Watch Faces [ROLEX BREITLING & MORE], Source: Youtube, CJ Unplugged

If available, the Customize option will be at the top of the Watch Faces tab in the Galaxy Wearable app. To take full advantage of all the tips, make sure to have this installed.

2. Reorder Widgets and Quick Settings.

It can be challenging to navigate on a small touchscreen smartwatch. You can speed up your everyday interactions by reordering widgets, quick settings, and apps.

These elements can be arranged on the companion app to make it easy to find the services you use most. Open the Galaxy Wearable app to edit the order of the app drawer. Navigate to Menu > Reorder.

You can choose to have your top apps automatically pushed towards the top or manually change the order by holding down a specific app and dragging it.

Open the Widgets panel within the Galaxy Wearable app to do the same thing for widgets. You can also customize the order of quick settings by going to Advanced > Edit Quick Setting.

3. Screenshots

Did you know you can capture screenshots of your smartwatches? This is especially useful for troubleshooting, where you may need to share an error message with support.

Once you have completed this gesture, you will see an animation of the screenshot being taken.

How To Take A Galaxy Watch Screenshot, Source: Youtube, Samsung Developers

The screenshots will not transfer directly to your phone. Instead, the screenshots are stored in your watch's local storage until they can be manually moved over.

Go to the Gallery application on your watch. Click the screenshot to open the three dots menu. Select Send To Phone to receive a notification on the phone when the transfer is completed.

4. You can add offline music and images

A Galaxy Watch has one of the less-known features: the ability to listen offline to music.

Your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch also has local storage. This allows you to add music and images directly to your watch. You can use this feature to go on a run with your phone off and listen to music via wireless headphones right from your Smartwatch.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app to add content to your watch. Click Add Content, then hit Add tracks or Copy. To keep your watch's data in sync with your smartphone's, you can also switch to Auto Sync.

5. Avoid accidental taps and swipes while swimming

Samsung's new smartwatches can track your swimming and call or text your contacts. You won't likely want to combine the two features, as you can see.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Water Lock Mode |Enable It For Swimming & When in The Shower!!, Source: Youtube, Android Doctor

You can turn on the Water Lock mode to prevent you from accidentally calling someone or doing undesirable actions while swimming. This locks your watch and contains accidental touches while in the water.

You can activate the Water Lock mode by tapping on the droplet icon under the quick settings.

6. Set Up SOS for Emergencies

In case of emergency, your Samsung smartwatch can send SOS requests. However, this feature is not enabled by default. You can configure it by sending SOS Requests in your Galaxy Wearable app. When you press the home button three consecutive times, you will switch to the first option. To add people you wish to contact, you must press the home button once more.

This combination will send your watch to the emergency contacts you have selected and your coordinates. To prevent it from sending SOS requests in error, you can set a countdown.

7. You can try the Goodnight, Theater, and Watch-Only modes

Samsung smartwatches include several proper methods, such as the ability to watch movies and sleep. Besides the Do Not Disturb Mode, you can also try Good NightTheater, and Watch Only.

Theater Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Silent Preferences & Dark Display, Source: Youtube, HardReset.Info 

  • The Theater mode won't cause your watch to light up, vibrate or ring when there is a new alert.
  • The Good Night mode works similarly, except that it silences all alarms.
  • The Watch-only mode can be used when the battery of your Smartwatch has reached a critically low level. This mode turns off all sensors on your Smartwatch and displays only the time. Samsung claims that the Watch-Only method will extend the life of your Smartwatch by two to three additional days.

You will find options to enable the Goodnight and Theater modes in a quick setting. To allow the Watch-only profile tap the Battery icon from the quick settings. Scroll down and activate Watcher-only mode.

8. Sideload apps on your Smartwatch

Samsung also allows you to sideload apps and watch faces on your Galaxy smartwatch. You will need to enable the option in your settings before doing this.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app, and see the Install unknown applications setting. 


These tips and tricks will help you use your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch more effectively. These devices can perform basic tasks well, but there is so much more. Our comparison can give you a better idea of the pros and cons of purchasing a Galaxy Watch.

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