Top terrible ASO mistakes you should avoid in 2022

Top terrible ASO mistakes you should avoid in 2022

Are you a novice to App Store Optimization and are looking to use the correct ASO strategy to help make your game or App take off on the store? Don't miss this article! Learn about 20 ASO mistakes you shouldn't make when optimizing your app or game.

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1. Inadequate understanding of ASO and not knowing its significance in business

At first, it may appear simple, but it's essential to understand App Store Optimization and its meaning and how it operates. In short, ASO is the process of enhancing a mobile app or game to increase its exposure on apps stores, as well as to create an increase in organic downloads as well as to improve the rate of conversion to lower costs for the acquisition of users.

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing ASO, Benefits of App Store Optimization, Source: Youtube, App Radar 

ASO = conversion + traffic

In the end, ASO has a direct impact on the business. It is possible for two methods that your application can be discovered by customers browsing the store: either within the Search section or in the Browse/Explore section. If Search plays a significant role in learning apps, Browse is constantly increasing by introducing new methods for Apple to find new apps. This is why you must focus on optimizing your keywords and inclusion in the store's Explore section.

2. Without putting the high-quality of the item

This is a crucial aspect, and you may think it is obvious, but it's essential to be aware of it.

Have you heard that stores consider the volume and speed at which they download, retention and engagement of users, and the user reviews on Google Play to rank them? 

The quality and reliability of your product are crucial to ensure users' satisfaction and could increase the number of organic downloads. If users are satisfied, they'll spread the word and talk about your App. This could cause other users to download the application, and so on.

It is also essential to consider other aspects such as pushing notifications and inbound marketing CRM and communication strategies, and App's value. To connect with the customers, increase the rank of the App, and boost the App's visibility within the store.

Additionally, it is crucial to have a top product because if reviewers and customers aren't happy or negative, it can be detrimental to the Conversion Rate.

3. Looking at ASO as an SEO tool for applications

SEO, as well as ASO, are not the same thing. If they're similar, it would be an error to think they function the same.

SEO's goal is enhancing the visibility of a site on Google Search. 

Looking at ASO as an SEO tool for applications

Looking at ASO as an SEO tool for applications, Source: Proreviewsapp

Another distinction between ASO and SEO is how advertising ads influence ASO but not SEO.

ASO and SEO are both linked, and you could work on SEO to help your site index your URL via Google Search, but they are different.

4. Not studying your app market niche

It's a shame not to research your market segment and understand your competitors and how they function, particularly the top-ranked apps within your field. Learn about the metadata field on their listings, how they update it, and what modifications they visually apply to the dictionary area...

5. Waiting for the App be released before starting work on ASO

There's no need to wait until your application is in the market to get it making progress on ASO. Plus, by waiting, you'll lose lots of potential!

The pre-launch ASO is a must as it allows you to create your App and list keywords for launch day ultimately. You can conduct an extensive keyword study and make the content of your listing, studying competitors to determine what they are doing to improve their list.

6. The wrong fields to use for your keywords

Finding the appropriate keyword phrases and placing them into the appropriate fields is essential for ASO. Begin with the initial step of defining your App using words that pop into your head. Find the keywords people will be using to search for your App to drive traffic. It is also possible to use keyword suggestions and auto-complete for more ideas.

App Store Optimization for Apple: iOS Keyword Field, Source: Youtube, App Radar

In the beginning, concentrate on mid-long-tail keywords that are low-competition at first, then gradually move on to keywords with more traffic and competition. Once you've compiled a reliable set of keywords (from fifty to 120 based on the program and the App's language), It is now time to figure out the best place to place the keywords. This will differ between the Apple App Store and for Google Play:

  • App Store: There is little room to put keywords to rank this App Store. Your App's name (30 characters) and subtitle (30 characters), and the Keywords field (100 characters) are the only three metadata fields on the App Store that rank keywords. This gives you a total of 160 characters that can be used to contain your most crucial keyword (but didn't you realize that there was an ASO hack to add more characters?)
  • Google Play: There is more room for you to include keywords in Google Play as the description is also getting a lot of attention. You can add your keywords to your Title (50 characters) and the Short Description (80 characters) and Description (4,000 characters). This is a total of 4,110 characters! It's a lot more similar in SEO than the App Store, as all of the fields on the Play Store allow keywords to be ranked. But, remember that the keywords used in the Title have more importance than those found inside the Description section.

In any event, it is essential to find the perfect balance between using keywords and optimizing your conversion rate - it is not enough to add keywords without considering accessibility.

7. Inattention to the importance of visual assets

ASO isn't just about traffic. It is essential to provide quality images that make people download the application. If you've got a large amount of traffic, but it doesn't translate to users, it doesn't have any logic and will not benefit your company. The conversion rate is crucial and shouldn't be ignored.

To convince people to sign-up for this program:

  • Present your users with stunning visual assets. The icons, screenshots, and videos should convince them that the application and the game are worth downloading.
  • Improve their appearance and content (for the images, the most important features should be highlighted in the first 2 or 3 pictures).
  • Test various options to determine the best approach to use.

Be aware that the higher your conversion process efficiency, the greater the number of installs you'll get and the more significant positive impact your ASO can have.

8. Doing A/B tests is not the best way to see what's working best

As we've mentioned previously, the importance of testing your images ( app icon or screenshots, video) and the textual fields is essential to determine what is most effective in terms of conversion. This is known as A/B testing involves trying two different variations of an element in the list and assessing their effect on the installation number.

What is A/B Testing? | Data Science in Minutes, Source: Youtube, Data Science Dojo

Google Play Console has its platform to conduct this known as Experiments. Apple App Store doesn't, which means you'll have to use an external testing tool to begin A/B testing of apps and games on your Apple App Store apps & games, like split Metrics as well as StoreMaven.

9. Overly focused on the wrong keywords

One of the last tips is essential to choose the correct keywords and put them in the appropriate fields. If you concentrate and work too much on the incorrect keywords, you will not see the results you'd like when you have completed your optimization.

Don't focus on keywords whose difficulty is excessive or too head-tail if your App is just being launched. There's no need to hurry in optimizing your keywords, and you should proceed one step at a time as your App develops.


This list is intended to assist you with your ASO process. You can get some ideas and tips to help your application grow! If you're interested in studying ASO, take a look at these excellent ASO suggestions.

For the final part, keep in mind that the entire process that is ASO is a method with the possibility of improvement. Enjoy yourself!

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.