Use your Android Phone as an Internet Webcam

You can use your Android phone to set up an IP webcam that allows you to stream video over the internet. This is how it works. Do you want to make your Android smartphone more useful? An IP camera is required to live stream video from events online. You don't have the money to buy one. Many apps can convert your Android phone to an IP webcam. In minutes, you can share your video online with family and friends.

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Use Android to create an IP Webcam.

An Android smartphone of any age has at least one Camera. The Android operating system allows developers to create apps that can do almost any task. This makes Android a great platform to use as an IP camera.

Android IP webcam setup, Source: Youtube, Kurt Meyer

You only need to enable WiFi and then find the appropriate app. Next, position your Android device accordingly. You will see a steady IP webcam image streamed across all the internet. The footage can be viewed in any browser.

Webcam vs. IP webcam: What's The Difference?

You can set up your phone as an IP and a standard webcam. What is the difference?

A webcam is simply a camera that connects via USB to your computer or another device. It records video and photos locally or in a video chat program such as Skype. The webcam can only be accessed via secure systems. You can also use your Android device to access your PC webcam.

An IP camera is an internet-connected device that streams video over the internet. This could be, for example, a traffic camera or another static camera that is publicly accessible. You can also access it remotely as a security camera. A webcam can serve multiple purposes, while an IP camera is designed for remote viewing. Continue reading to find out how to convert your Android phone to an IP camera.

How to use Android as an IP Webcam with an App

There are many IP camera apps available for Android. We've chosen IP Phone Camera from Deskshare as the best option for this project. This app can turn your phone into an IP camera if it has an internet connection.

Although the IP Phone Camera app supports in-app purchases for basic functionality, these are not required.

Key Features of IP Cameras

How to Use an IP Phone Camera It offers three options.

IP Camera Smart Features (Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, And More!), Source: Youtube, Nelly's Security

  • WiFi: Directly broadcasted to any browser-equipped device within the same network
  • Mobile hotspot If your Android smartphone supports wireless tethering, which it most likely does, broadcast your Adhoc mobile hotspot.
  • Mobile Data: This feature allows you to view the webcam from any location in the world.

The browser can be used to control the Camera. You can:

  • Adjust the brightness
  • Turn on flashlight
  • Zoom in/out
  • Auto-focus
  • Rotate
  • Switch between the front and rear cameras

These tools can be used remotely to configure your Android IP camera, so you get the best possible picture.

Set up the IP Phone Camera App

Many options are available, but it is worth trying WiFi first to learn how the app works.

Once you have installed the IP Phone Camera, choose WiFi from the main screen or the Settings Menu, then hit Start Broadcasting. Zoom in and out on the subject using the Plus or Minus buttons.

You will also see some other options on the Settings screen. You can also set the app to Broadcast on app launch automatically. The Require Password option is also available, but only for Premium subscribers. While there are many options, it's worth getting WiFi to see how the app works.

How to IP Phone Camera For IOS & Android, Source: Youtube, You DaVid Kh

After installing the IP Phone Camera, select WiFi in the Settings Menu or the main screen, and then hit Start Broadcasting. Zoom in and out using the Minus and buttons.

Other options will be available on the Settings screen. You can also set the app to broadcast when you launch it automatically. You can also choose to Require Password, but this option is only available for Premium subscribers.

To upgrade, click the menu button and then Upgrade. You can start with a seven-day free trial. After that, you can pay $2.49 per month or $21.49 annually.

You can access your IP webcam from any browser.

The URL displayed on the broadcast screen will allow you to view the Android IP webcam within your wireless network. This format is an IP address with a port number such as HTML168.1.103.6677.

You can also choose a secondary option using Deskshare Security Monitor Pro Windows desktop software. Although this premium app offers additional functionality, most users won't require the $89.95 software.

How to view Random IP camera remotely via a web browser, Source: Youtube, Yellow Purple

Meanwhile, for the mobile internet streaming option, the URL to visit is

Copy the URL and paste it into any browser you use on your computer or other network-connected devices. The app will provide the credentials to access the feed if streaming via mobile internet.

Remote Control of the IP Webcam

The browser console of the app includes a panel with touch-friendly controls. You can adjust the zoom, brightness, rotate the Camera and turn on the light.

Flip Camera can switch between your Android device's back and front cameras. Security Monitor Pro users will also have the option to record video. However, this feature is not available to all users.

Remotely access and control your IP Cameras from anywhere, Source: Youtube, DeskShareInc

Positioning Your IP Camera

Once everything is done, it's time for the phone to be placed. There are many options:

  • The primary desktop stand This is used to identify your smartphone on a flat surface
  • Smartphone tripod: Takes steady pictures
  • A tripod for smartphones with flexible legs. Designed to allow you to place your phone wherever you want.
  • Windshield phone holder: Commonly found in cars, it's ideal for attaching your smartphone to glass or metal surfaces.

Our guide to the most fluid head tripods will help you narrow down your choices. We also have DIY tripod mounts for those with a limited budget.

You Can Use Your Android IP Camera Is Ready

The software is installed, and the IP camera is ready for use. Once the phone has been placed, it will stream video over the internet. You might use it to monitor your home or as a baby watcher. You might want to share the events you see outside your home with the rest of the world.


You must note the lag in this app. However, it is much less than viewing IP camera footage over mobile internet.

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