What can you do to improve ASO's essential App Store Optimization rules?

ASO, also known as App Store Optimization (application optimization for apps), aims to improve the visibility of an application in search engines for stores and increase the number of conversions on the subject of application installation. Creating a well-designed app that can meet the needs of the users is the central aspect that affects its marketability. But, a more critical factor is to make sure that the users can access it.

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Why is it worthwhile to do work in ASO?

A deliberate approach to promoting apps - especially about Optimizing the App Store is essential because of the intense competition on the mobile apps market. The current data (for the year 2018) suggests that there are close to four million (four million) apps available for Android devices, as well as over two million (two million) available for iOS devices. Additionally, these numbers are increasing geometrically.

Why is it worthwhile to do work in ASO?Why is it worthwhile to do work in ASO? Source: MobileAction

As per TechCrunch, over 80 percent of iOS apps are "zombie applications." The apps that are zombies aren't so popular that they are in the top 300 for their field. You can only find them by entering the appropriate keyword, e.g., its name, into the app store's search engine.

The owners of Android applications don't need to worry about this issue - Google Play works slightly different from the App Store; however, the more concurrence (twice as many available apps) substantially hinders the end user.

The most crucial guidelines in App store optimization

1. The correct name to choose

The name is among the most significant factors that affect the popularity of your app on your app's store.

When creating a name, firstly, you must be aware of the rules and limitations of Google Play and the App Store (e.g., e.g., there is a character limitation (50 to be used for Android applications, and 30 to iOS apps). Also, you must ensure coherence: If you plan to make your application available on different platforms, it's best to create a uniform name for all platforms. 

How To Select App Name | ASO Growth | Organic Install | How to Name Your App | ASO Tips | Play Store, Source: Youtube, Shakeel ASO

Be aware that the user browsing the store's app will see the icon and name, a fragment of the description, and two images displaying the two application screens. The elements must be chosen to inform users of the application's functionality instantly. Names should be easy to remember, simple to remember and recognize, and not contain any particular characters (! @#$%^&*, etc. ).

2. Searching for relevant keywords

The correct selection of keywords and their positioning in the app's description in the App Store will determine the app's popularity. For using the App Store, you are given a chance to manually input the most crucial keywords to define the app and make it easier for the user to locate it.

Selecting & Using Keywords, Source: Youtube, Krueger Library - Winona State University

For Google Play, the issue is a little more complex as the marketplace will automatically "pull" some of the more critical words from its description app. However, this doesn't mean that we should use them too much. Google readily recognizes synonyms, and overuse of keywords (so-called" keyword stuffing " often degrades the description, rendering it more challenging to find. Therefore, it is recommended to write a solid and substantiated description of the main aspects and advantages of your app.

Making the right choice of keywords is a task that can be supported by tools explicitly designed to aid in SEO and keyword analysis. 

3. The app description is prepared to be placed in the app store

When writing a description, there are some crucial things to remember:

  • The advantages of the application as early as the very first sentence in the introduction: Customers who visit the app store will initially view only the first part of the description. It is essential to notify the users at this moment that they've found what they were searching for.
  • Concentrate on the content, not promotion: Customers who browse the app store seek accurate information regarding the app's operation, and descriptions of functionality will be more accurate than the promises of marketing.
  • Make sure that the text is clear the text: It is best to write shorter, compact paragraphs. Break the text up by separating it into items and then clearly conveying the significance.

4. The creation of an appealing icon that stands out from the rest

The choice of the icon is just like selecting the name. But, branding for apps is a broad concept that might also involve the entire process of the visual representation that your app provides.

How to Create an Iconic Logo, Source: Youtube, Valuetainment 

An alternative is to choose the company's logo (or its component (e.g., e.g., the signet and its variation) as the icon for the application. This method is ideal with well-known brands. For online retailers, it's nearly mandatory, and the x(room is a great example.

For press applications, images that loosely refer to logos are extremely popular. 

5. Include graphics in the description to complement the report

Screenshots and pictures are an excellent supplement for describing the program's capabilities. The main rules to follow when selecting them are:

  • Make sure that they are current: This is crucial when it comes to frequently updated apps. Graphics materials sold on the app store must have the latest version available.
  • The benefits can be communicated by using the language of the client: It is important to remember the advantages that aren't directly linked to the principal purpose of the software: e.g., the capability to track price fluctuations. This can be done by taking a picture.
  • Make sure that photos appear in the proper sequence in the app store: You can add more pictures on each Google Play and the App Store than what you will get on this page. At first, the user only gets the first two or three images on the page for applications. Therefore, you must select the photos in a way that entices him to take a look at the other.
  • Make sure that the graphics are consistent. However, create a variety of presentations: The images should show the full range of the application's capabilities, but be mindful of consistency in composition. While individual images are distinct from one another, in apps, the photos will be presented side-by-side. This is why users see them as a group. It is essential to ensure consistency throughout the presentation - even if it is not in terms of composition, then at the very least conceptually.

Use of Graphics in Technical Reports & Oral Presentations, Source: Youtube, Mouhamed Abdulla, PhD

A substitute for static graphics is videos that can present the main features. Please don't exceed the limits of their length or quantity. The entertainment applications are not the only exception in this regard. The more you have, the more, the more effective. Game trailers, even for mobile games, are gaining immense recognition.

6. Regularly update your information

Responding to comments from users and informing them of the corrected bugs that have been fixed in the most recent version has a positive impact on their ratings and, in the end, the app's status in stores.

7. Request users to rate their experience

Many apps will ask users to rate them on their app stores. This is not without reason rating by users has a direct influence on the visibility of an app's listing in the results of searches and the app store rankings. However, many app developers are guilty of threatening users with unwelcome requests for ratings in the form of irritating pop-ups. However, such requests should be discrete and should not hinder the operation of the application. It is preferential to request an evaluation "casually" in the beginning, e.g., right after the customer purchases the item or makes comments about an online purchase.

How to Ask for Reviews or Testimonials, Source: Youtube, Andrew Davis

What is essential here - naturally is the actual rating. Notably, the most recent rating is crucial; surveys conducted by the Incipia agency in 2017 revealed that they had as much as 7x the influence on the choice to download than the average score since the app's release. If the most recent user reviews do not match your expectations, find the issue and correct the problem.

Comments and ratings from users are also a valuable source of information regarding the future direction of your product's development. Keep in mind this: the App Store is just one of the sites where users of the internet can post comments on your app. It is essential to look at internet monitoring and the most powerful social media platforms from the viewpoint of your intended audience; don't forget to look into reviews and sites that collect them.

8. Where is the offer page?

An effective practice for applications aimed at an international audience is the place of the offer page, i.e., creating separate versions of the application in different languages to accommodate users from various countries. Translation to Spanish and Chinese and the three most popular European languages: French, German, and Russian, could significantly increase downloads for non-English speakers.

When you are preparing your translation, you should follow the rules that are promoted in the work of Google: i.e. 


The market for mobile apps is increasing. The appearance and potential of stores are constantly changing: Apple streamlines its App Store approximately once or every two years; the latest announcement of its relaunch was announced at the WWDC event. Additionally, although less pronounced, the changes to Google Play aren't uncommon (relating to, for instance, algorithms).

In turn, the activities within App Store Optimization are also evolving. Thus, the primary aspect of a proper ASO is to keep current with the latest developments and respond with the help of careful updates to the page offering and the application itself. In the end, it's the most vital piece on the whole.

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