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As the world prepares for Apple's debut product unveiling in 2022, here's a look at what we believe you can expect to be able to see. Apple has released invitations to its first launch event in 2022 which will take place in virtual reality on March 8, 10:00 AM (PST). Rumors suggest that the event, dubbed "Peak Performance," could focus on the latest Apple silicon products as well as 3rd-generation iPhone SE. Below, we've covered the things we're hoping Apple to unveil during the event, as well as how you can view the live stream online.

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M2 processor as well as the New MacBook Air Apple

We're anticipating Apple to unveil its much-anticipated M2 Apple silicon chips. These will become the next version of Apple silicon chips. They were initially released in 2020 to replace Intel processors that Apple's computers use. The M2 processors are expected to offer better performance and may even have the same processors.

Recent leaks suggest that Apple will launch the new Mac minis, iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models throughout 2022--all powered by the latest M2 processors. We're still waiting to find out if Apple will release different models of its M2 chip like they did in the case of M1 Pro as well as M1 Max or if it'll remain with the same version.

MacBook Air 2022 Release Date and Price – BIG Launch Date LEAK!, Source: Youtube, Matt Talks Tech 

It is unlikely that all the Mac versions will be revealed in one go, but reports have suggested Apple unveiling a fresh MacBook Air during the event. It could have a new model and the Air getting rid of most of its soft shoulders to make way for a more squared-off design. Consider it an upgraded version of the iPad Pro if you plan to. It could also come in new colors or even a white keyboard.

iPhone SE 3

Analysts have also suggested an upgraded model of the iPhone SE, namely the iPhone SE 3, being unveiled at the event.

Its iPhone SE currently comes in 64GB and 128GB storage options due to its affordable device. There is a possibility that the iPhone SE 3 might come with a storage capacity of 256GB which will allow greater storage capacity for content. We're also hoping to see upgrades to the new A15 Bionic chip and 5G connectivity, which could make the phone a desirable choice compared to the more expensive iPhone 13 series.

NEW iPhone SE 3 Unboxing! [2022], Source: Youtube, Nikias Molina 

The majority of iPhone SE users opt for this model due to its iconic Home button. It will be interesting to know if Apple decides to change the design to be all touchscreen and how customers react to the change.

I hope that the device will come at an affordable price compared to the current model of $399, which will make it more affordable for consumers.

iPad Air 5

Another potential device that could be announced at this year's Apple Peak Performance event is a brand-new iPad Air 5. The brand new iPad Air is overdue. A few of those features we'd like to see on the iPad Air 5 include upgrading LCD screens to more luminous and possibly thinner OLED.

I Bought the "Cheapest" M1 iPad Air 5! Why Pay More?!, Source: Youtube, The Everyday Dad 

The next iPad Air should feature an upgraded processor while keeping all other aspects and design intact. We're not anticipating Face ID in this generation due to Apple being a big fan of Touch ID on its iPad Air and iPad mini-series.


Although these are the most important announcements that could be made, any Apple celebration is truly complete without a few more minor reports. There's a chance that we'll see the return in the form of AirPods Pro 2, a new Apple TV, and more. Rumors suggest that we could also get an AR/VR headset for the first time which could be what the event's title, "Peak Performance," refers to.

As with all Apple products, it's just speculation, and we'll need to wait until March 8 to see the details of what Apple decides to make available.

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