What is it that makes Apple successful?

Apple is among the most profitable companies worldwide; however, how did it become so successful? Here's our take regarding the issue. If you're on a busy avenue in New York City or driving through the countryside of Canada, The Apple logo is easily identifiable. When you look at the Apple logo on an iPhone or Mac immediately, you can tell who created it.

Apple has been able to achieve more than just dominance in technology. Apple has managed to achieve what many people dream of: global brand recognition and an enduring legacy that will outlast anyone else on earth at the moment.

This type of success doesn't happen quickly and is difficult to replicate. What is the secret to Apple sauce? We'll tell you what we believe.

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The Clear Mission


Apple did not get its success on its own. Since its beginnings, the company has made it explicit how it intends to make a difference globally. A report on the website The Balance every day provides the details that:

Apple is committed to human empowerment and providing personal computing to every person to transform our way of thinking about work, learning, and communication.

The company has adhered to that tenet until this day. Its focus was easy as you could see it in 1997 when Steve Jobs said that "innovation is not saying"no for 1,000 different things."

Apple's mission, Source: Youtube, all about Steve Jobs.com

When Steve Jobs was on Medical leave back in the year 2009 in the role of acting CEO Tim Cook (who is now still the CEO of the company) was also adamant about these ideas. As reported in the same article by The Balance every day, Cook stated:

We are committed to rejecting hundreds of projects to concentrate on the handful of projects that are most significant and essential to us. We believe in the close collaboration and cross-pollination of our teams, which allows us to invent that other groups can't.

Even if Apple doesn't do anything else in the future, the fact that you can access the internet from any location--with the device that fits into your palms--means the Mission is accomplished.

Because Apple knows how it intends to change the world, its products, strategies, and everything else is simpler to develop.


The Fine-Tuning of the Innovations of Others


Apple hasn't invented many of the products that it has become known for. For instance, the internet was available on mobile phones long before the introduction of the iPhone. Companies such as LG created touchscreen devices before they did so too.

But a successful product does not always have to come from an original concept. Yes, Apple wasn't the first company to develop smartphones or computers. However, it refined the products to be marketed for sale.

Is Apple Still Innovative?, Source: Youtube, Apple Explained 

What differentiates Apple in comparison to other businesses is that they are not unwilling to embrace new ideas and improve them to improve them. According to Tim Cook, Apple is not afraid to take pictures of other companies and improve them. Cook declared in a 2015 interview with Fast Company:

We weren't the first to use the MP3 player; we were not the first to use tablets, and we weren't the first to introduce the smartphone. However, we are arguably the first smartphone with modern technology, and we'll soon be the first stylish smartwatch, the first important one.

The approach Apple adopts is crucial to improving its products continuously. If the company were unwilling to innovate on its ideas, there wouldn't be iPhones and Macs equipped with the latest technology.


Experience for Customers


Apple's success isn't limited to its products.

Considering how competitive the technology sector is, having a stylish phone or computer isn't sufficient. Other areas where Apple is a leader in our customer experience and user experience.

The products from the company offer many capabilities that you could think of on the one hand. Yet, despite all this, they're easy to use. When you switch on your iPhone or Mac for the first time, among your first impressions will be the simple interface.

In addition to the product's features, Apple also releases regular updates. This means that even old models are still working well. This is why many customers view buying the iPhone, Mac, or any other Apple product as an investment for the long term.

Steve Jobs: You won't believe what he says about Customer Experience! (1 minute), Source: Youtube, Steve Towers

Apple can also encourage customers to join the company from the age of. One example is that it provides students with discounted prices, making Apple products less expensive.

When customers are willing to upgrade, they'll generally have higher purchasing capacity. This means they will be able to purchase another Apple product at a total cost.

Apple is also known for its customer service. If something goes wrong, you're likely to receive the assistance you require through one of Apple's authorized service providers.

This level of personal service allows employees working for Apple to be a part of Apple's Mission. 


Achievement in China


The success of Apple throughout the West is unparalleled. In the US, UK, Canada, and worldwide, Apple's products are well-liked. Fans are also eagerly anticipating every new launch.

What's remarkable is that it's achieved what would be unimaginable: creating a market powerhouse in China.

Amazon is among the notable names that fail, as the Chinese government has deemed several tech companies an imminent threat.

However, Apple hasn't only managed to survive in China, and it's also built, solid loyal customers. Although sales dropped in the last quarter of 2020, Apple still sold $7.9 billion worth of goods in China. 

Why has Apple achieved its success in the world's biggest country regarding the number of people?

Samsung failed. How did Apple do it?, Source: Youtube, TechAltar


In the year 2015, China Market Research Group founder Shaun Rein pointed CNBC at the way Apple had achieved success through the launch of its iPhone 6:

There aren't many TVs in their homes. The young Chinese use smartphones for everything - to play movies, communicate with friends, and even play games in video format. Therefore, having that giant screen was crucial.

Beyond that, the business recognized China as a potential opportunity to benefit from economic growth. The middle class in China is increasing rapidly and has been doing so for a long time. So, many people have higher purchasing power today.

Apple is not just products that work. Its products are also considered status symbols in many countries. 

Apple's success is because of the clarity of its Mission and thinking outside of the box.

Apple's global success is a fascinating case study. Beyond its top position in Western markets, Apple has built an unwavering customer base in nations that are notoriously competitive to foreign firms.

The fundamental foundations of Apple's rise to the top are straightforward. The company's goal is clear, and employees and customers are a part of it. While it is renowned for its ingenuity, The company is not afraid to adopt concepts and improve them.


In the end, Apple stays vital to its brand image. This is why you immediately recognize its products.


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