What is Mesh Wi-Fi? Is it faster than your wireless network?

It might be time for a mesh Wi-Fi system upgrade if your Wi-Fi router is not covering your home. Regular routers and mesh Wi-Fi differ in that standard routers act as a hub, while Mesh Wi-Fi systems provide multiple "nodes" of Wi-Fi throughout the home, depending on their location. Mesh Wi-Fi networks are often more expensive than standard routers. However, they tend to be more powerful and reliable than routers. It may be true in some instances, but it all depends upon how your household is set up.

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What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Wireless routers are limited in transmitting wireless signals within a specific range. If you live in a larger house, your Wi-Fi signal may decrease as you move closer to the router. If your router is located downstairs, you will get a weaker Wi-Fi signal upstairs.

To solve this problem, it is common to buy Wi-Fi range extenders. As the name suggests, these extend the Wi-Fi range slightly beyond the router's capabilities. The router's maximum bandwidth will not be available to you. This is where mesh Wi-Fi steps in. It is also more expensive than Wi-Fi extenders or standard routers.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?, Source: Youtube, Techquickie 

A mesh Wi-Fi system like the /TP-Link DecoX20 will have a central router hub that connects with your modem to provide internet access (just like a regular router). To provide full Wi-Fi coverage, you can buy additional satellites or nodes that can be placed around the home. You won't need to connect to these nodes individually as they all make up part of the same wireless network.

You can remove dead spots from your home simply by adding a node. A range extender will not affect your Wi-Fi signal strength and signal strength.

The Pros and Cons

Wi-Fi 6 is supported by many new wireless routers. It can be challenging to decide whether to invest in a more robust router or expand your home's network with a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Standard routers are more affordable and easier to set up. They're ideal for those who want something that works right out of the box. A wired Ethernet solution may be more beneficial depending on your home's internet, particularly for streamers and gamers. A powerline adapter can be used to expand your wired Ethernet connections throughout your home. However, these have their limitations.

Mesh Internet - Pros & Cons Technology Breakdown, Source: Youtube, LeslievilleGeeks

A regular router may not be able to keep up with the demands of a busy household. While working remotely, the last thing you want is for your children to use all of your network bandwidth to stream Netflix.

On the other hand, Mesh Wi-Fi is more expensive and takes longer to set up, but it will provide better coverage, advanced controls, and a more reliable connection. Mesh Wi-Fi cannot operate at the speed your ISP charges. Although it won't speed up your internet connection, the more excellent Wi-Fi coverage in your home will ensure a stable and robust connection no matter where you live.

When is Mesh Wi-Fi best used?

Mesh Wi-Fi is an excellent upgrade if you want to secure your internet futureproofing. A mesh Wi-Fi router is a perfect option for homes with three or more members, houses with multiple levels, or buildings with thick walls.

The Best Mesh WiFi Systems For Every Scenario, Source: Youtube, TheUnlockr 

It may not be enough to have all you need if you live in a small house or have a family that doesn't use Wi-Fi. It all depends on how wide your router covers and whether there are any dead zones.


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