What is the best way to back up data on a computer?

Are you worried about losing your personal information? Data backups are vital. What's the best way back up to your data?

As we all know, backups are an integral part of computing. You can lose your data even when you least expect it, as the October 2018 Windows Update disaster has shown. There are many options for storing backups. There are many options for backup storage. A dedicated online service is also available. What are the pros and disadvantages of each option? Let's take an in-depth look.

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Backup Data with NAS Drives

If you want to have complete control over your data and keep it safe, you should think about saving your backups to a NAS drive. Once the device is set up, it will look like any other drive on your system.

NAS Drives are not perfect, but they have fewer drawbacks than external drives. One failed drive could cause complete data loss depending on the RAID configuration.

How to Backup Data to Network Attached Storage NAS, Source: Youtube, Britec09

Also, NAS drives come with a price. Even mid-range products can run you several hundred dollars.

NAS drives can be a great way to store all of your backups in one place, even if you have multiple computers.

You can have complete control over your data and keep your data safe by saving your backups to a NAS storage drive. Please read our guide to the best NAS drives before you purchase one.

Backup Data with External Drives

Although we don't know for sure, we believe that the most common backing up data is an external hard drive.

External hard drives can be easily found, are inexpensive, and require little to no learning. Most people have an external hard drive in their homes.

How To Back Up Windows 10 Files to External Hard Drive 2022, Source: Youtube, Cloud Nexus

Note Even the 4TB model can be purchased at a reasonable price.

External hard drives are not as convenient as NAS drives. Most models can only be connected to one computer at once, as they are wired.

They are not expandable like NAS drives or online services.

Online Services for Data Backup

Online backup services can be used in two ways. Either a dedicated backup company or a cloud drive can be used to back up your data.

Safest Way To Backup Your Important Data, Source: Youtube, Craig Neidel

Both approaches have one advantage and one disadvantage.

  • Offsite All backups are stored offsite. You won't lose data if you are affected by a fire, flood, robbery, or hard drive crash.
  • Internet Connection: Without an internet connection, backups may fail. It takes more time to upload your data to the internet than save it on a NAS drive or external hard drive.

Cloud Drives

We all know the four major cloud storage companies: Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud.

You can use any of these services to backup your files and folders. They will encrypt and sync your files with locally-saved copies.

All four offer a free Tier. You'll need to migrate to another service or upgrade to a paid plan.

You cannot also take complete system pictures with the desktop apps for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If your computer experiences a hard drive crash, you will not be able instantly to restore it to pre-crash condition.

Dedicated Backup Services

They all require a monthly subscription, so they may not be for you if you want a free option.

The services' apps run in the background and create backups in real-time.

Introducing AWS Backup | How To setup AWS Backup Vaults | Protect Resources | OnDemand Backup, Source: Youtube, Valaxy Technologies

Backblaze, Acronis, and OpenDrive are some of the top companies. The average monthly cost per computer is $5

These types of companies are known for their inability to last. CrashPlan was once a market leader. Customers who were loyal to the company had to search for an alternative.

Backup Data with Disc Backups

Although it may seem old-fashioned, backing up your data to discs is still an excellent way to create backups.

CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs do not risk water damage or drive failure and can be easily stored offsite.

As is capacity and how much time it would take to burn severe data, this is a problem. Laptops with disc drives are becoming less common.

They are great for music and photo collections that you have precious. A CD reader will be available for you if you have VHS or audio cassette players.


If you don't have the budget to buy many copies, it is worth considering having both onsite (an external drive) and offsite backups (a cloud storage provider).

Learn more about backup data on Windows 10 and how you can back up your iPhone.

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