What is why Android drops so many of its users over to iPhone?

Recent research has found a decline in the brand's loyalty to Android. However, Apple is still a favorite. Let's find out why.

Despite enduring an eternal battle to stay ahead, Android continues to keep pace with Apple in the world of smartphones. Much of the achievement is due to Samsung. However, there are signs this battle could be over. And as is the case for Android, Samsung has declined in market share significantly.

A majority of Samsung users also indicated that they'd prefer to switch to an iPhone. What is the reason Android drops so many customers to the most significant competitor? This article will examine the primary motives.

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The Report

The study took place by SellCell and released the results in February 2021. This report collected data from more than 55,000 Apple and Android smartphone users across the US.

SellCell's study focused on the most well-known manufacturers, including Samsung and soon-to-go-off LG. Motorola also Google consumers were covered in the study, and so were iPhone customers.

SellCell was interested in all of the four following areas:

  • The phone manufacturer people are switching to would prefer
  • How were the most loyal customers of the five most popular smartphone brands? How reliable were their customers were
  • The most and least popular flagship phones
  • How customers can be convinced to switch their phone or stick with the brand they currently use

What does the research say about the state of Apple and Android?

One of the most significant surprises was that Apple's already high brand loyalty rose to a higher level. In the SellCell survey of 2019, the metric was 90.5 percent. In the present, however, it's increased to 91.9 percent.

Android vs Apple | Why I left the Apple ecosystem (and why I didn't), Source: Youtube, The Master Brothers

Samsung, On the other side, didn't have the same report. According to the most recent information, brand loyalty was at 74 percent, which is an 11.7 percent drop from the level of 2019.

Why do switch and Ecosystem Statistics differ?

Incredibly, most Samsung customers said that there was no reason to change. Sixty-four percent of them agreed to this conclusion, stating that they love their Samsung brand and have had no issues.

Only 61 % of those using an iPhone also agreed with the above.

The Apple ecosystem was more well-liked, however. Just five percent of Samsung customers said that the ecosystem would be able to keep them in the game in comparison to the 24 percent who are iPhone users.


The Top Smartphones Were From Apple Also

Participants in the survey are also asked to rate their top smartphone models starting in 2020.

Apple has topped the two places in the poll, with iPhone 12 receiving 17 percent of votes, the iPhone 12 getting 17 percent of votes, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max receiving an additional 12.7 percent.

Here’s which iPhone you should buy in 2022, Source: Youtube, CNET 

Samsung has taken one of the five top positions. The Galaxy S21 received 11.4 percent votes, while the S21+ received 9 percent. Apple's iPhone 12 Pro came fourth with 10.6 percent and was sandwiched between two Samsung devices.

Why are So Many Android Users Moving over to iPhones?

Even with positive signals, especially for Samsung, however, the results of this survey are sure to sound alarm bells for Android. The survey shows among Samsung defectors, the majority (53 percent) intend to switch to an iPhone when they upgrade.

Why are so many users clamoring to go with Apple instead?

Security and Privacy

This is particularly relevant when many Android users looking to switch their phones for security reasons. In the survey of those who stated that they wanted to change from Samsung to a different model, 31.5 percent believed that other brands would provide more security.

Android vs. iOS security, Source: Youtube, NordVPN

In comparison with the Apple brand, only 3.1 percent of Apple users have said they plan to change brands due to security worries.

The security flaw in May 2020 put all users who had phones manufactured after 2014. at risk may be the reason for this number being so high.

Initial Access to Apps

As the top smartphone maker, most apps are launched their apps on the App Store first. One of the most well-known examples is Clubhouse which attracted millions of users before creating the Android version.

The experience of owning an Apple product can be as if you're like a member of an exclusive club. 

Consumers would like to be at the forefront of events. Therefore, changing their preferences, for this reason, shouldn't come as a surprise.

Users Experience

Okay, only 3.6 percent of Samsung respondents stated that they believed a rival brand offered more features. If we look at the majority of Android users, the user experience will undoubtedly play a part in switching to Apple.

Switching from Android to iPhone after 10 Years - THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!, Source: Youtube, Trending Reviews

iPhones are gorgeous, work well, and can provide top support for customers if anything isn't working. Additionally, there are minor but notable differences, such as how better emojis appear compared to Android devices.

Apple is also focused on making sure that the basics are right. While it has many distinctive functions, iPhones are easy to utilize regardless of previous technology experience.

Overall Quality of the Product

iPhones are notoriously expensive at the price they are listed at. However, to comprehend the value of any item, you have to look deeper.

The value you get from the money you spend when purchasing the iPhone is awe-inspiring. Users who participated in the survey by SellCell agree: 25.2% said that other brands offer more value for money than Samsung.

iPhone vs Android: REAL Reasons to Switch or Stay, Source: Youtube, DailyTekk

Although Android devices can be slow and become slower with the period, Apple models tend to run very well throughout their life. Even if you purchase an earlier version of the iPhone, you'll continue to receive the most recent iOS software updates.


Apple offers exceptional value for money, regardless of its high cost. The user experience, as well as security and updates, are also top-of-the-line. It's up to Android to keep up.

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