What's the reason? Google Maps Has Stopped Providing Live Information on Traffic in Ukraine

This tech company is trying to increase the security of Ukrainian citizens who cannot quit the country. After consulting local authorities, Google's leading company, Alphabet, has decided to shut down Google Maps' live traffic tool in Ukraine. The decision was made following Russian forces entered Ukraine to take part in what Vladimir Putin has called a "special military operation." Google has decided to limit certain aspects of the Maps application to safeguard the security and safety of Ukrainian civilians.

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Google Maps temporarily disables Certain Options in Ukraine

In February of 2022, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, an open-source intelligence (OSINT) expert, tweeted the first indicators of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

By combining Google Maps and satellite imagery, he observed a swarm of vehicles crossing between Belgorod within Russia to Ukraine before the Russian President officially announced the operation.

Google Maps Disables Ukraine Maps Features That Showed Russia's Invasion Inadvertently | Ukraine, Source: Youtube, NewsRme

Google announced on February 27 that it would be temporarily removing live tracking and "busyness" tools in the application in Ukraine. This would stop anyone from seeing busy areas, such as restaurants and shops, or areas where people gather on foot or in cars.

To create confusion for Russian troops In an attempt to confuse Russian troops, the Ukrainian government requested roads signs removed the day before most elements of Google Maps' tools were taken away. However, those using Google Maps in Ukraine can continue to view live traffic data, download offline maps and utilize the turn-by-turn navigation feature of Google.

Technology: A Barrier or a Solution?

When Ukraine and the rest of the world were anticipating the possibility of an attack from Russia.

What if Technology itself is a barrier? | Saranya Agarwal, Source: Youtube, TEDx Talks 

It was by using radar images and satellite imagery captured through Capella Space and Google Maps that Jeffrey Lewis was able to detect the advance that was being driven by Russia's military. Russian military.


When utilized correctly, technology can offer valuable information that can help protect communities like those of Ukraine. However, there is always a risk of that information being used to cause harm, which is why Google has rescinded certain Maps features for the region.

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