What should the life expectancy of a new computer be?

How long does a computer last before it has to be replaced? Computers can be expensive, as with many other tech products. Before you make significant investments, it is essential to understand the implications of your purchase entirely. Before buying a computer, it is crucial to know how long it will last. This is a difficult question to answer. Is it true that all PCs have the same lifespan? Or do other factors affect this? How long does a computer last?

It is impossible to predict the life expectancy of a computer. It depends on the make, model, and CPU of the computer. Many factors can impact the life of your computer. It is essential to understand what happens to a computer when it reaches its end of life expectancy. This could happen to computers that you already own.

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What factors affect the life span of a PC?

Factors affecting computer performance - Higher Computing Science, Source: Youtube, St Als Computing

Consider these factors if you notice that your computer has started to show signs of wear.

1. Use

A computer used only for checking the news, shopping online, or watching a few TV episodes a day will last longer than one used daily.

2. Dust

Dust could also make your computer unusable.

How to keep your PC dust free, Source: Youtube, PB Tech

Your computer should be cleaned every six to twelve months. The process for cleaning your computer will differ depending on the model. An online tutorial can be found for your model.

3. Components

Over time, many components can go wrong. If they aren't repaired or replaced, this could cause your computer's death. The most sensitive parts are RAM, cooling fans, and the motherboard.

A less-efficient part of your computer will likely replace a component that consumes more energy than you have. This can reduce your computer's lifespan.

4. Temperature

Computers can suffer from heat or cold. But, it is also possible to keep your laptop cool. Heat can travel quickly through circuitry and distort and expand components.

Safe PC Temperatures as Fast As Possible, Source: Youtube, Techquickie 

Computers should operate at 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. These limits are essential to avoid any damage.

5. Power Surges

Other factors can also affect your computer's life expectancy. Computers are expensive, so it is essential to maintain them in top condition.

Many factors can affect the life expectancy of your computer. You need to know how to keep your computer running smoothly to last as long as possible. You can make a massive difference by performing a little maintenance.


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