Why is Apple known as apple

Here's how Apple was named. We're all aware that Apple has its name in common and its fruits. However, where did the word "Apple" originate, and why was it selected? There are numerous amazing stories regarding the origin of the name Apple However, does any of them get near being true?

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Why is Apple known as "Apple"?

There are many speculations about the Apple name's origins which range from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak picking the title in front in front of Atari on the book of phone numbers to being an homage to the Beatles' Apple Records.

However, despite the excitement of a fanciful tale, the reality is more straightforward. Based on Walter Isaacson's biographical account of Steve Jobs, Jobs chose the name because he was fond of apples. In the words of Isaacson, Jobs chose the name because "it was fun, exciting, and didn't sound intimidating...plus it could get the company ahead over Atari when it came to the book for phones."

Why Steve Jobs Named His Company 'Apple', Source: Youtube, Apple Explained 

There may be an amount of truth in some theories about the origins of the Apple name.

As per Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Jobs had just returned from the farm in Oregon, which was described in the words of Jobs in the form of an "apple orchard" and suggested that they call their business "Apple Computer." Wozniak further elaborated in his autobiography, iWoz, that they were both trying to think of more technical names; however, they were unable to think of a proper name which is why they chose Apple.

There you go. This is the story of the way Apple came to be named.

For this, the World's Most Famous Bite...

The Apple logo is a symbol of the apple. The Apple logo is associated with the business it is associated with. There are also a few speculative theories regarding its origins and the story that it was a direct inspiration for Alan Turing, the scientist who passed away in the cyanide-laced fruit.

History of the Apple Logo, Source: Youtube, Apple Explained 

The logo creator, Rob Janoff, explained to Forbes that the bite was designed to give a sense of the size of an apple, not a smaller fruit. Another intriguing aspect of Apple is that the logo was initially created by Sir Isaac Newton before being simplified to the current version.

The Iconic Name that is rooted in history

A few companies have names as immediately recognized as Apple.

UpStart: The Roots of Apple, Source: Youtube, Computer History Museum

At the same time, Apple continues to develop and amaze us with its devices such as its iPod and MacBook.


We're confident that it will continue to influence the technological landscape for years to come.

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