Why you need to delete Zombie Apps That You No Longer Use

"Zombie applications" are stored on your device, even though you have never used them. Here are the ways they can expose you to security and privacy issues.

Have you ever checked that your installed apps are still receiving updates on your computer and phone? You're probably not a regular user of this type of audit. This is a severe risk. These "zombie applications" could compromise your security without you realizing it. These are the problems with zombie apps and how you can deal with them.

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What is Zombie Apps?

In this context, "zombie applications" refers to software and apps discontinued by their developers but are still available on people's computers. This can also refer to apps that you haven't used in a while and forgot about.

Zombies Run App Review - An app to run to or from?, Source: Youtube, Rocket Runner

However, this is different usage than what we mean here. We have also reviewed mobile games with zombies if you are looking for mobile games with zombies.

The Dangers of Zombie Apps

What are the dangers of allowing zombie apps to remain on your device? Let's take a look at some examples to illustrate the issues.

Unpatched Security Problems

You are exposing yourself to security risks if you have an app that the developer doesn't support anymore.

QuickTime for Windows is a program that Apple has stopped supporting since 2016. QuickTime was deemed vulnerable by security researchers. The US government also warned that Windows users needed to remove QuickTime.

Windows 10 unpatched security flaw gets third party micro patch - should you do it, Source: Youtube, Windows, computers and Technology

QuickTime would still work even if Apple discontinued support. However, if you didn't know it was obsolete, it would be a known vulnerability to your computer if it remained on your system for many months or even years.

QuickTime can be uninstalled to keep you safe. Other video players are more capable than QuickTime. This is a common occurrence with apps; QuickTime is one example.

Hijacked Apps

If an update to an app makes it malicious, keeping apps you don't use can also be a problem. Malwarebytes reported a similar example in 2021.

This case involved millions of Android users who had a barcode scanner installed on their phones. The app behaved well for an extended period. It was then updated with malware during the app's sale by the developer. Infected users opened their default browser and were redirected to spam pages by the malware-infected owners—this form of malvertising.

This prevents others from downloading the tainted apps in the future. You won't be able to find out which app is infected unless Google Play Protect does so.

You don't receive a notification when an app is removed from the appropriate app store. If you are lucky, an app developer may email you. However, this is very rare. Auditing your apps is the only way to fix this problem.

Exceeding Data Collection

Every app and service on the web wants as much data as possible. This is a sad fact. Many mobile apps require permission to access sensitive information such as your location and contacts.

You're giving away more personal information if you leave apps you don't use on your phone. You wouldn't want apps you haven't used for six months to track your location and report back to their servers.

Data Collection & Analysis, Source: Youtube, UNICEF Innocenti

You might be okay with sharing this information with apps you frequently use in exchange for valuable services. However, it is irresponsible to give it to zombie apps. These apps should be removed, and you can take back control of what information you share with which services.

Clear out clutter and free up space

Our focus has been on privacy and security to remove zombie apps from your device. There are other benefits, such as increasing storage space and cleaning up interfaces.

It is easy to forget about apps you haven't used in a year, photo editing apps you only used once, or multiple versions of the same software release. You will have more space for the modern apps you want by getting rid of unsupported or unwanted apps.

It also offers productivity benefits. It can make it difficult to find what you want by scrolling through so many apps on your phone. It also makes it challenging to find the right match in search results.

Apps can be hard to let go of because you may worry about whether you will need them again. An app you haven't used in months will probably not be required again in most cases. You can always reinstall apps later if you feel you need them again.

How to clean up Zombie Apps

You now know the dangers of zombie apps being around. Now you can look at the software installed on your mobile devices and computers. Ask yourself these questions about each app:

Save your APP from the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, Source: Youtube, Ed on EdTech

  • Does the developer still support this app?
  • Can I trust this app
  • Are you a recent user of this product?

It would be best if you were the ability to answer "yes" to all three questions about the apps you have. Even deleting the worst apps will make you safer.

All modern platforms make it easy to uninstall apps and programs. For more information, see the following guides:

Do not forget about unutilized accounts.

You can also consider the more complicated and separate process of deleting accounts from services you don't use. This does not apply to simple apps like the barcode scanner. However, deleting the Facebook app doesn't make any difference if you have a Facebook account.

Scroll through your password manager to see a list of all accounts. You can also search your email for terms such as "new account" and "account verification" to find a list of performances. It's difficult to remember all of them.

How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience (Entrepreneur Tips), Source: Youtube, Marley Jaxx

Many factors can affect the process of closing an online account. You can get help by using a service such as JustDelete.me. This will link to account closing pages for most services and show you how difficult it is to delete them. Desert. is another useful one. It generates a list and allows you to delete accounts you don't need.

It can be a hassle to close accounts that you do not use. Each bill you close reduces the number of data companies have about you and protects your information from any future breaches. Please see how you can close your social media accounts to get started.


We know the dangers that zombie apps can pose to your device. Make sure to take the time to review the software on your device and remove any that aren't necessary. This will help you avoid allowing something harmful to outstay its welcome.

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