Your ASO Strategy in 2022

In an app market that's becoming an inaccessible jungle of competition, your app should be more focused than ever before on enhancing its position in the app store and finding ways to establish a relationship with its users before they've even downloaded your app. To make this clearer, We've put together the five most essential ASO strategies that you can employ for your digital machete that cuts through the undergrowth and reach the crown of success optimizing the app store (ASO) is essential to the success of apps (that is obvious!). Your ASO strategy is a way to generate organic user acquisition. It has numerous possibilities in its broad application and boosts your app's visibility in the market. However, the thing that isn't always clear is which ASO strategies you should prioritize to promote the growth of your app.

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ASO Keyword Optimisation

If you're hoping to boost the quality of your ASO up a notch, your first point of contact should be keyword optimization.

For example, AppTweak found that the popular health and fitness app Peloton modified its description to add "at the home gym" to reflect the impact of the pandemic worldwide to make it appear more pertinent to the users.

What did you get?

The number of organic downloads for Peloton from the app store's search results increased by three times in just a couple of weeks. Additionally, the number of reviews grew while category rankings rocketed up as Peloton moved up to the top spot for Health and Fitness on the App Store. This resulted in the volume of keywords in search results for the Peloton brand increasing by almost 20 percent.

Keyword Research Tools for App Store Optimization, Source: Youtube, App Masters

Minor tweaks like these that result in massive app growth, creating a practical framework that can identify and analyze keywords' relevance to your mobile app could change the game!

Utilize these five steps to locate and apply keywords to the ASO strategy:

Find out which keywords are the most relevant to your business. For this, research what keywords are utilized in your field and vertically. It is also possible to review media and reviews to determine which keywords are relevant to your app.

Choose keywords that match the strengths and USPs of your app to make sure your app has a distinct design that appeals to the users. Make sure that you calibrate your keywords to the current state of your app in the marketplace. For example, you could employ more niche long-tail terms that are easier to rank for, which will help develop a new app.

The priority of keywords by your target audience's needs and preferences. This ensures that you're effective in catering to your ideal segment of customers.

Analyze the effectiveness of keywords by analyzing the data you've already gathered and then effortlessly incorporate the most efficient keywords into your app's profile.

1. Improve Your ASO Strategy with Innovative Assets

We're all aware of it that consumers can be erratic. The creative assets you offer are your means of persuading them to leave their inconsistent ways and believe the certainty it's the one they've been searching for. The various creative elements on your app's profile, including its icons, videos, and screenshots, play a crucial factor in determining the conversion rate from the moment of first impression to download, making you use creative assets essential to your app's expansion.

App Icons

Although they are often ignored, icons for apps can significantly influence a mobile company's performance. A study showed that improving icons can boost conversion rates by 12 to 18 percent. To design an influential mobile icon for your app, it is essential to consider aspects like recognizability, how the icon functions as a synthesis of the product's UX and USP, and how it stands apart from other icons for apps in your particular market.

ASO Trick - Making seasonal changes to your assets, Source: Youtube, Ariel from Appfigures

App Store screenshots, videos, and Screenshots

Videos and screenshots are the lenses consumers use to get initial impressions about your application. This is why it's essential to make use of them effectively. According to research, installation rates can increase by 20% to 30 percent when videos are correctly created. But, they're a particularly sharp double-edged sword in that if they are handled poorly, the number of installs could decrease by 15 to 15%...

Important to compelling videos and screenshots is an appealing and clear presentation of your app's unique selling point and user experience, an authentic glimpse into the app's inner workings, and a cohesive pitch that shows customers how your app can enhance their lives.

2. Implementing your ASO Strategy to reach your target audience

Another critical aspect of Optimizing your App Store is finding out how to reach your intended customers effectively and effectively. Many questions are raised in this regard that must be analyzed to ensure that you are achieving app growth

  • What store do you have your mobile application on?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Who is your perfect customer?

There are many opportunities to target your audience to make your app more accessible to its intended audience. However, the most significant ones are as follows:

Use Apple Search Ads (ASA) in conjunction with ASO to attract users and boost the return on investment.

Localize your app for each market with a different language and assets. If you can tailor your store's listing to the other locations your app is available in, you can expect to notice a significant improvement in conversion rate to install...

How To Reach Your Target Audience | 3 Simple Steps (Target Marketing Strategy), Source: Youtube, SERP University | Learn Digital Marketing & SEO


Going one step further with localization, cultural your app store listings to make your content more relevant to the culture and the market you are in.

Utilize features that will appeal to highly interested people, such as those in the App Store's "Closer Look Video," allowing users better to understand your mobile app's capabilities and design.

3. Engaging Your Customers Develop Empathetic Copy

One method to boost app shop visibility is to craft your app description content with a more user-centric, compassionate approach. Don't be afraid to incorporate personality and style in your description.

One great example is how Duolingo's unique copy makes users feel like they're communicating with a natural person instead of the computer program, which can help create a sense of empathy between brand and customer.

Duolingo's Mascot Duo represents this character and serves as a symbol of the app, also proving it is of excellent quality ("Duo has traded in his usual food of mice to get rid of bugs for this week"). Additionally, the character doesn't obscure the app's functions, thanks to the concise and precise description of the provided app. The brief explanation of Duolingo proves to the users that Duolingo can be useful for users, and the tight copy displays a welcoming behavior and an ergonomic user interface.

These critical points are subtly embedded into the text with a pop of humor that convinces the user to purchase the app and trust the app's value.

4. How to Improve Your App Store Rating

Not least, having a strategy in place to improve the app store's reviews and ratings is a critical element of an effective ASO strategy. The rating of your app is directly linked to user satisfaction, and it has a direct influence on both your presence in the app store and the trust customers have in your app. Indeed 79% of customers look up an app's rating before deciding whether or not to purchase it. How can you improve your rating?

Prompt App Store Rating In App (Swift 5, Xcode 12, StoreKit) - iOS Development 2022, Source: Youtube, iOS Academy

Response to user complaints Responding directly to customer concerns about the app boosts engagement improves user retention and is linked to a 1-star increase in ratings.

Improve customer reviews by increasing engagement within the app for a more enjoyable user experience (use pop-ups, gamification, rewards, etc.). Use KPIs like LTV or CAC to measure engagement and performance.

Take action immediately if ratings fall to stop an eternal cycle. With Google Play, newer reviews are weighted more heavily on the app's rating than reviews from the past. 

Review requests after an app user's achievement in the app The users tend to give positive reviews when happy moments just happened.

Combining these techniques is crucial to master ASO and can significantly increase engagement with users and the ranking of apps for your mobile business.


Considering the vast options to improve your app's visibility in an app store, well-informed experiences are essential to success in this highly challenging app marketing market.

The strategic and holistic approach to making decisions that are specific to your app's needs will help you navigate the app market's "impenetrable forest." Whatever aspect of App Store Optimization could be beneficial to your app, it's essential to think about synergies among different strategies and keep an eye on the best methods to employ to increase the popularity of your app and ensure success in marketing your app.

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