10 Twitter Tips Essential for those who are new to Twitter

A lot of new users discover Twitter daunting. Here are some essential Twitter tips for new users to help you get started properly. If you avoid trolls and bots, Twitter is a great spot to hang out. Many new users are hesitant to join Twitter, challenging to navigate. We're here to offer the following Twitter tips for new users. Even those who are experienced Twitter users might gain something from these tips.

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1. Be selective about who you Follow

If you're beginning to learn about Twitter, it's tempting to click your follow button whenever you encounter someone who retweets one of your posts or even likes some of your images.

Avoid this trap. It's only significant in the company you keep. If you fill your feed with users, you don't care about, your experience will be hampered.

Whose Nose are you Following? Being selective with the people you follow, Source: Youtube, Vicki Lemons

Consider what publications, websites, and people are most well-known in the subjects in which you're most interested. When you follow many more users, Twitter will suggest other users according to their profiles. To get more ideas, take a look at the Twitter people you follow.

2. Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are an incredibly under-appreciated feature on the platform. They're easy to set up or manage, yet nearly everyone who uses them is unaware of them.

Since your Twitter feed is the only output of the various people that you are following, the feed may be difficult to comprehend. It's multiple pieces of content from hundreds of subjects.

If you've correctly set your Twitter lists, you can divide the content into various subjects that you can then dip in and out according to your needs. There is no requirement to follow someone to add them to your list.

To start with Lists, Click on your avatar in the upper right corner. Click Lists.

3. You can sort your feed chronologically

The main selling point of Twitter is that it provides users with live information, opinions, news, and analysis of almost everything taking place around the globe.

However, between 2016 and 2018, Twitter abandoned showing tweets in chronological order. The reason? Advertising revenues.

How to Sort Twitter Feed Chronologically, Source: Youtube, Max Dalton 

Fortunately, the policy is no longer in effect. Twitter will continue to default to display the top tweets, not the most recent ones. If you'd like to see all the tweets posted by your followers, this is how to change to a chronological Twitter timeline.

4. Don't expect to build an enormous following

Do not create an account with the expectation that you will be a million followers in some weeks. To build a large Twitter following, you must create quality content frequently and be active in the communities you like.

If you check out the accounts with even one or two thousand followers, you'll see they've tweeted many times. Please don't be concerned about it. For most people, Twitter should be enjoyed as a place to consume and not for production.

5. Block, Block, Block

Twitter is well-known for its ongoing issues with cyberbullying and harassment. It doesn't matter what kind of tweets you make. You will likely be subject to harassment at one point or another.

How to Block people on twitter fast, Source: Youtube, Arixpolis

The most famous mantra among long-time Twitter followers can be found in "block earlier, and block frequently." 

If you come across someone who even gives you the tiniest hint that you are being rebuked, Block them immediately. Your experience on Twitter -- and your sanity --will be a lot better off for it.

6. Manage Personalization and Data Use

If you sign up for the first time or download a new application, you first need to go to your settings and check that your privacy and data options are in line with your needs.

Twitter isn't any different. By default, it is set to Sharing your information with the business partners of Twitter setting is turned on as is tracking where you can find Twitter content across the internet. At a minimum, you must disable each of these settings through the Settings menu, then Content preferences > Personalization and Data.

It is also essential to consider whether you'd prefer to have customized ads, personalized ads based on your identity, or your past location history. The toggles are available on that menu.

7. Make use of Bookmarks

Many Twitter users press the Like button whenever they wish to save a tweet for them to be able to refer back in the future. In terms of function, it works, and you can review your Likes list anytime.

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks, Source: Youtube, Techno Window 

However, they aren't without a disadvantage because they are visible to everyone. Other users view the things you like. However, they can also look back at the history of the Likes you have made on your profile.

Thus, a good Twitter advice for new users is to use Bookmarks instead. They are private. The person who wrote the tweet you want to keep will not be aware that you've bookmarked it.

8. Don't Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags gained prominence as a means of finding relevant content. They're still effective, but they're not suitable anymore for the task in many ways. Twitter performs a far better job managing content in a way than it did in the past in the past, and the most popular hashtags generate thousands of new tweets every minute. It's impossible to go through all of them to find the post you posted.

Most importantly, you should use one particular hashtag. Your tweets will appear neater, and you'll see tremendous success reaching your audience.

9. Utilize Advanced Notification Filters

When you sign up for the Twitter accounts for the first time, each alert setting is enabled. You'll be receiving random notifications because the person you follow has shared videos or tweeted the latest tweet. It's hard to separate important information from junk.

How to Filter Notifications | Twitter, Source: Youtube, Twitter

Instead, we suggest activating your quality filter setting (to eliminate low-quality content from the notifications) and then tweaking settings in the Advanced Settings until you've got the system you're comfortable with.

10. Disable Data Sync on your mobile

Using the Twitter application for Android or iOS will ensure that your Twitter timeline is up-to-date even if the app isn't open.

It's completely unnecessary and only used for nothing aside from consuming the data allowance. If you turn off the setting, you'll only need to swipe to update your feed each time you first launch the application.

To alter the settings, make sure you navigate environments, and privacy > data usage > Data sync and remove the checkbox.


These are the essential Twitter suggestions for novices. There are, however, many tips that even new users can benefit from. If you're an experienced user of Twitter, we'd love to share your tips on Twitter in the comments section below.

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