3 Ways for Minting an NFT Your iPhone

Are you looking to create an NFT to trade on the market? Make use of some of these iPhone applications. NFT minting is an essential procedure if you intend to market an NFT. It is good that you don't require an expensive computer or complex setup for minting an NFT. It's easy to complete the task using your iPhone. There are a variety of amazing apps to make this process simple. Many allow you to create your NFTs within the application if you've not previously created one. Suppose you're hoping to make an NFT. 

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1. NFT Go

NFT Go is a one-stop application that lets you purchase, sell and even mint NFTs through the convenience of your iPhone and iPad. NFT Go even contains an integrated wallet, which means you can handle all of your assets in one place.

For those who want to create an NFT, you're safe in good hands.

NFT Go lets you create an NFT using two blockchains: Polygon and Ethereum. Ethereum is among the most well-known blockchains used for NFTs However, the fees are more expensive than Polygon. In any case, you can sell it on the most well-known NFT platforms in case you're looking to sell it.

An iPhone app to create NFTs for free, Source: Youtube, APPLEHYPE

To create an NFT for use on NFT Go, users will have to purchase gems to allow you to create NFTs in the application. You can buy gems from NFT Go's App Store, and you don't require an existing cryptocurrency wallet to begin.

NFT Go isn't the NFT creator; therefore, you'll have to use another application to make an NFT If you don't have one.

2. NinjaFT

NinjaFT makes it easy to mint NFTs. With NinjaFT, you can make NFTs through Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain is the most cost-effective option to mint an NFT using your iPhone. In reality, it could be among the most cost-effective minting options available on the internet that does not require a listing to an individual market.

How To Mint An NFT On Your Phone Step By Step, Source: Youtube, Sir Luis

Contrary to NFT Go, NinjaFT has an integrated NFT creator. If there's no original piece of artwork that is ready, it's possible to create one using NinjaFT. You can also purchase NFTs through the marketplace and add them to your collection.

NinjaFT includes a cryptocurrency wallet, which means that the entirety of your NFTs is saved inside the app or transferred to a different account. If you're concerned about losing your wallet's address, NinjaFT has a great backup feature compatible with other devices.

3. Pixel

Pixel is an application that allows you to discover and mint NFTs on your iPhone. Similar to NFT Go, Pixl also coins NFTs on Polygon and Ethereum blockchain. It is possible to do this with any image in your gallery or connect to your Instagram account.

Instagram integration allows it to be simple for artists using digital tools who publish on Instagram to convert their photos into NFTs.

Best Pixel Art Apps For Android 2020, Source: Youtube, Nap EX

Pixel makes it possible to create the NFT profile to display your NFTs and become a member of NFT communities. Miners who mint an NFT using Pixl can claim the free Matic coin.

All NFTs made using Pixl are available for sale via market on the community level or OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace.


If you're looking to make an NFT, it isn't a matter of how you mint it as long as it's created on the blockchain. As a result, you can create your NFT with any device.

If you're worried about resales value, the price will be the same as if you had to mint it on a PC. The people who purchase your NFT aren't aware that you made it using a mobile device unless you are selling it on an online marketplace exclusively for mobile devices.

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