5 Essential Skill Sets to Think About When hiring Google App Development

We live in a mobile-centric society in which smartphones have become more than an information tool and provide a variety of functions that help us live our lives more easily. With the increase of smartphone users throughout the globe, the acceptance of mobile application development is growing. In turn, the development of specific mobile apps has become a must in every field in the world. This is the result of a sudden, rapid increase in the need for developers of mobile apps. If you plan to engage app developers to develop your venture, you must be aware of the necessary skills. Today native apps are designed for two platforms: Android and iOS. Since Android OS holds the most significant market share with over 72% of the market share worldwide, It is advantageous for companies to develop custom Android applications. This blog will briefly talk about the essential abilities to be aware of before hiring Android app developers. 

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Five Top Google App Developer Skills to Take into Account

1. Expertise in UI Material Design and Databases:

Most users like stunningly beautiful mobile apps rather than those with poor graphics. It is much more than those mentioned above. An excellent user interface is all about having an easy-to-use interface, great design, and better colors and textures.

Hiring designers each time to make changes to the application can be extremely costly. There are thankfully excellent tutorials and libraries available on Android to trust; however, the designer you choose to work with must be well-informed about these tutorials and libraries.

Google Material Design to Learn UI UX Design FAST, Source: Youtube, Pierluigi Giglio

Additionally, with this Material Design concept introduced by Google in the past few years, Android developers can develop applications that appear more attractive advanced, refined, and speedier.

Through API (Application Programming Interface), external services can communicate with servers and utilize them to exchange data. Therefore, each Android developer should be aware of the various APIs that are used in the latest functions of apps. Additionally, databases are an essential part of Android development as running apps require utilizing a SQL database. Thus every Android developer must possess deep experience and knowledge of databases and database management software.

2. Experience in installing the app for the Google Play Store:

The process of deploying an app to the Play Store is a daunting undertaking as there are a lot of requirements to be met before taking the first step. While the rules for publishing applications on the Google Play Store are not like those on the Apple App Store, developers should be aware of the requirements. Thus, before deciding to hire app developers, it's essential to determine if they've done this deployment before or not. If they have an option, it makes things speedy and straightforward for you.

How To Install And Download Google Play store App For Android - it's easy!, Source: Youtube, Helping Mind

Additionally, when you release an app, you have to sign a document containing the hash code and confirm that you are the app's creator. This is a necessary file since you can't make the updates in your app without having this file. An experienced app developer knows how important this file is and will make sure that it is saved in a safe location. He will make things simple and easy in terms of backups and security.

3. App testing skills:

Before launching your app, testing is carried out to find the most critical issues, such as fraud, security flaws, and more. Testing is vital for app developers in removing glitches, bugs, crashes, and technical glitches before launching the app on Google Play. So all Android app developers must possess the right testing abilities and be familiar with testing techniques and tools to ensure successful QA procedures when testing in a confined environment.

4. Programming skills:

An Android app developer should possess a deep understanding of design and programming to develop a user-friendly app. A solid programming background helps break down the latest technologies step-by-step for developing an app to be a part of the next. Since mobile phones come with smaller screens and less powerful processors, Android application developers must code with flexibility for various user interface scenarios.

How to Practice and Improve Your Programming Skills, Source: Youtube, The Learn Programming Channel

Java, along with Kotlin, is two of the primary Android language for development that Android programmers can utilize for developing apps. They must be aware of the two programming languages, which include syntax frameworks, generics, frameworks, and functional programming. It is essential to ask your developers if they're familiar with Kotlin and create an app with features with the most recent version of Android 11.

Developers use XML to create layouts for Android that are linked in Java files, in which the business process logic can be written. Furthermore, you can ask app developers to develop your existing business application compatible with Android 11.

5. App marketing skills:

The ability to promote apps is crucial, as are technical skills. Whatever excellent your Android application is if you're unable to execute the right and effective marketing in place skills, you'll be unable to connect with your target user and obtain the initial downloads. So, Android developers must have excellent publishing skills.

Mobile App Marketing with Zero Budget (Growth Hacking), Source: Youtube, inBrain

If you want to release an Android app accessible to employees or customers, it must be made available after the development and design process. To be eligible for Google Play submission, developers should be aware of the guidelines for programming and the procedures for submission and design. They must also have to have a successful experience in the field.

Put, if you engage an Android developer, it is essential to inquire about their ability to optimize your app for Google Play before and after the publication.


Android apps have the potential to appeal to large audiences across the world. It is essential to employ Android app developers who have the skills required as described in this article. You can seek a reputable Android app development firm that has completed many apps across various industries. After choosing the ideal app developers for your project, You can reap the advantages of a successful mobile platform to benefit your business.

Semaphore Software is a renowned mobile app development firm. We assist companies in hiring Android developers to develop enterprise-level Android 11 or convert their existing Android app to the most recent version of Android OS. We support our customers to expand their business by integrating technological advancements into custom business applications.

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