6 of the Best Check-Cashing Apps

From having quick access to birthday checks or turning that return check to cash, There are plenty of reasons you may have to paychecks using your mobile. If you do not have a bank account with checking your review on the go, you'll be able to evaluate the top check-cashing apps to choose the right option for you.

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The Best Check-Cash Apps

If you're looking to cash in a check while in the middle of nowhere and doing it from your phone is a quick and simple alternative. This article will provide you with the top apps for cashing checks.

1. The Brink's Money Prepaid mobile App

What it does: The Brink's Money Prepaid Mobile App allows mobile check cashing on the pre-paid Mastercard debit card that comes with several of the advantages as debit cards issued by banks. You can add funds by filling a statement, arranging direct deposits, or transferring money from a different Brink's account or bank account. 

Brinks Prepaid Card Review // NetSpend Card, Source: Youtube, Slava - Money

Price: The check-cashing fees are third-party charges which are subject to fluctuation. The fees for expedited services vary from 2% to percent or a flat $5 cost.

What's the app ideal for is Transferring funds to friends and family using Netspend accounts

The best place to download this application: Google Play or the App Store

2. Ingo Money App

What it does: The Ingo Money App is a popular choice for cashing checks to pay your payroll. If you want to cash your review, you must take the photo in the app, select the time and where you'd like to receive the cash, and then submit the bill for review.

Ingo Money Pay Anyone Anywhere Any Time, Source: Youtube, Ingo Money


  • $5 or 2percent for preprinted payroll or government check (whichever is greater)
  • Five dollars or five percent in other kinds of checks and cash orders (whichever is greater)
  • The preferred pricing plan, available to customers who have made at least six cash advances in the last 90 days, offers reduced rates.
  • There is no charge if you opt to receive your cash within ten days.

What is the app most suitable for transferring funds to a debit card or gift card?

The best place to download this application: Google Play or the App Store

3. Netspend

What it does: The app makes it simple to refill a Netspend debit card without having to stop at an ATM. Alongside check-cashing services, you also have a direct deposit and the option to receive paychecks up to 2 days earlier.

Cost: No mobile check load charge is applicable for regular service. If you want expedited service, you'll have to pay either 5percent of the check value or a flat fee of $5.

Netspend Prepaid Card Review, Source: Youtube, Slava - Money

What's the app ideal for is: Sending money to family members and friends who have Netspend accounts

How to install the application: Google Play or the App Store

4. PayPal

What it does: The PayPal app includes a check-cashing feature that lets you transfer check funds into the PayPal Balance account.

Price: No fee applies when selecting the 10-day delayed option to fund. Payroll and cash government checks with a preprinted signature for a 1% fee or a flat fee of $5. Other reviews are charged an additional five percent or a flat fee of $5.

How to Create PayPal Account in Android, Soure: Youtube, Techno Window

What is the app ideal for is: An alternative to the traditional checking account

The best place to download this application: Google Play or the App Store

5. West Union Netspend Prepaid Mastercard Mobile

What it does: The Western Union Netspend Prepaid Mastercard is a popular card that offers features such as cash-back rewards and direct deposit and cashing checks through the mobile application. It also allows you to transfer money and pay via the Western Union money transfer.

(REVIEW) Western Union Netspend Prepaid Mastercard, Source: Youtube, Slava - Money

Price: $5 card purchase fee. There is no mobile check load charge applicable to standard service. For expedited services, you'll be charged between 2% and 5percent of the value of your check or a flat fee of $5 for cash checks.

What is the app ideal for is: Transferring and receiving cash from distances

How to install the application: Google Play or the App Store

6. Green Dot

What it does: Green Dot makes your pay and benefits checks accessible up to two days earlier. It also pays you cash back at 2% on mobile and online purchases. There's no minimum amount to be paid. The app can provide the possibility of up to $200 worth of overdraft protection.

Cost: Accessing funds in 10 days is free. Accessing within minutes costs either 2 percent or 5% with a $5 minimum. 15 opt-in fees to protect against overdrafts

How to Register Green Dot Card | Sign Up Green Dot App, Source: Youtube, How To Geek

What is the app most suitable for: Combining spending account with a savings account that offers a 2% annual percentage yield

How to install the application: Google Play or the App Store


Many check-cashing services offer speedy service, which processes the check-in in a matter of minutes or even hours.

Alternatively, there are the following options offered if you'd prefer to cash out in the form of cash in

  • Check out a nearby check-cashing shop.
  • Utilize the check cashing service provided at a variety of Walmart retail stores.
  • Some banks, such as Regions Bank, offer to check cashing services to customers who do not have a bank account.

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