7+ positive and negative impacts on video games, according to research

Media and even some experts frequently blame violent video games as the reason confident children develop violent tendencies or exhibit violent anti-social behaviors. However, many psychologists and scientists have discovered that video games be beneficial in many ways - the most important one is making children intelligent. Games can help kids develop high-level thinking skills, which they'll need shortly.

"Video games alter your brain's architecture," according to University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green. Video games precisely alter the brain's physical structure, like learning to read, playing the piano, or using a map for navigation. Similar to exercise that builds muscles, the intense combination of concentration and the rewarding spikes in neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, boosts neural connections that create the brain.

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Do Video Games Good for You? The positive effects of video games

When your child participates in video games, they give his brain a laborious exercise. In many games played on video, the abilities needed to win require high-level thinking and abstract thinking. These aren't even taught in school.

10 Scientific Studies That PROVE Gaming Is Beneficial, Source: Youtube, gameranx

The primary advantage of playing games is the development of mental skills, which include:

Problem-solving, and reasoning: When a child is playing games such as The Incredible Machine, Angry Birds, or Cut The Rope, he develops his brain to think of inventive strategies to solve puzzles and other issues in brief intervals

Hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and spatial abilities:  In shooting games, characters are shooting and running simultaneously. This demands the player in real life to be aware of the exact position the player is in, the direction the character is headed, his speed, the order in which the gun is pointed, if the gunfire is hitting a target, etc. All these variables must be considered, and the player must follow the brain's interpretation of and reaction to the movement of his fingers and hands. This requires a significant degree of eye-hand coordination and spatial-visual ability to succeed. Research suggests that people may learn iconic spatial, spatial, and visual skills to pay attention through video games. There have been studies of adults that show playing video games has been associated with better surgical skills. Another reason cited by experts on why fighter pilots of the present are more skilled is that today's pilots are being introduced to video games.

Resource management, planning, and logistics: The player will learn to manage resources that are not as abundant and make the best utilization of resources precisely as they do in real life. The ability to manage resources is refined in games of strategy, such as SimCity, Age of Empires, and Railroad Tycoon. 

Multitasking, simultaneously tracking multiple variables, and balancing various goals: A surprise such as an adversary could emerge in games of strategy like building the city. This requires the player to be flexible and swiftly shift strategies.

The cognitive researcher Daphne Bavalier talks about how video games can assist us in concentrating, learning, and, amazingly, multitask.

Quick thinking, quick analyses, and making quick decisions: According to the study, the use of video games is to teach surgeons and soldiers. The most important thing is that the actions taken by video game players are just as exact. According to Bavelier, "Action game players are more precise in their decisions in a shorter amount. If you're surgeons or on the edge of a battleground, it could make all the difference."

Accuracy: Action games, according to the results of a study conducted by the University of Rochester. the University of Rochester, allows the brain of the player to make faster decisions without losing precision. It is crucial to make decisions quickly and not compromise accuracy in our modern times.


 Daphne Bavelier: Game Actions on Your Brain, Source: Youtube, TED

Recognition of patterns: Games are based on internal logic. The player works it out by being able to recognize patterns.

The ability to recognize situations: Situational awareness Defense News reported that the Army includes games on the video to help soldiers improve their awareness of their surroundings in battle. The majority of fun in the genre requires players to be aware of sudden environmental shifts during the game and adjust in response.

The development of reading and math abilities: A young player reads to learn instructions follows game narratives and gathers details from the game's text. Furthermore, using math abilities is essential to winning numerous games that require quantitative analysis, such as managing resources.

Perseverance: At more advanced levels in a game, the player is usually unsuccessful the first time; however, he continues trying until he is successful and moves onto higher levels.

Are Video Games Bad for You? The adverse Effects of Video Games

In addition, in the year 2018, a study that included 17000 children from those from the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Japan and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered that those who played violent games like "Grand Theft Auto," Call of Duty" and "Manhunt" were more likely to engage in behaviors such as being sent to the principal's office due to striking or fighting with a non-family member. Based on Jay Hull, the study's principal author, "If your children are engaging in these games, then either the games are causing a shift in impact on what is right and wrong, or they are influenced by a false sense of right and wrong, and that's the reason these games attract them. In either case, you must be aware of the issue." Hull's early study suggests that players could also be engaging in more risky behaviors, like reckless driving, binge drinking, smoking, and unsafe sexual sex.

Other studies that show the possibility that video gaming can affect aggressive behaviors and thoughts are carried out by Anderson & Dill, 2000 and Gentile, Lynch & Walsh (2004)...

Are Video Games BAD For You? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS, Source: Youtube, Colossal Cranium 

The addiction of children to gaming on video. It was reported by the World Health Organization in June 2018 classified gaming addiction to be a mental health issue. The Minnesota-based National Institute for Media and the Family shows that video games may be addicting for children and that children's dependence on video games can increase their children's anxiety and depression levels. Addicts also show social anxiety. As a result, children addicted to video games notice their school performance decline. Research in neuroimaging suggests that excessive video games can trigger brain changes associated with addiction.

Additionally, MRI scans reveal that addictive video games could cause the same effects on children's brains as alcohol and drugs. Several studies conducted by California State University found that the impulsive part in the brain, referred to as the amygdala-striatal brain, was less sensitive and more pronounced in players who play a lot. As per Prof. Ofir Turel, Heavy game players between the ages of 13 and 15, with a self-control system that is not yet fully developed, may have a higher vulnerability to other types of addiction and may be more likely to engage in dangerous and reckless actions later on in the course of.

A study of the Universite de Montreal has suggested that playing games with activities such as Call of Duty may cause harm to the brain. The majority of participants in the study utilize a part of the brain known as the caudate nucleus. The players navigate the game's terrain with the in-system navigation tool or on-screen GPS, using the navigational "habit" rather than active learning. It is believed that this leads to an increased amount of gray matter that is in the caudate nucleus of their brain, while it reduces in the hippocampus. The reduction in gray matter in the hippocampus has been linked with a higher risk of brain-related illnesses, including schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, and Alzheimer's disease. But, players who play games that require players to move using spatial strategies, such as 3D Super Mario games, have more grey matter in their hippocampus.

Positive and negative impact of video gamesPositive and negative impact of video games, Source: Proreviewsapp

A study from 2019 found that screen-based activities, video games, and watching TV are the most detrimentally connected to academic results.

Some studies have suggested gaming can boost the child's ability to concentrate; however, others, such as an article released in Psychology of Popular Media Culture and discovered that video games could harm and improve children's attention problems by increasing their ability to concentrate for short periods but affecting long-term focus.

Dr. Philip A Chan and Professor Terry Rabinowitz, writing in the Annals of General Psychiatry and concluded that "Adolescents who engage in more than an hour of video games on consoles or Internet video games might exhibit more or more severe symptoms related to ADHD or inattention than those who don't." This adverse effect can cause issues at school.

Gaming on the internet can also cause harm to some children's health, such as headaches, eye strain, and seizures triggered by video games. Also, it is believed to increase the risk of obesity in teenagers. Being in front of a television for hours hinders the player's ability to exercise. Sure, gamers have been observed to eat more food when playing video games.

Based on Catherine Steiner-Adair, a psychologist affiliated with Harvard University and author of the bestseller "The Great Disconnect: Preserving Childhood as well as Family Relationship within the Digital Age," if kids are permitted to enjoy "Candy Crush" while driving to school, their journey is likely to be peaceful however it's not what kids want. "They require time to think about their daydreams or deal with their anxieties to process their thoughts and talk about them with their parents who can offer comfort."


If kids play video games in a controlled manner, it is highly beneficial to the growth of their IQ. However, playing too much affects their psychophysiology. Parents must control their game time and their children's activities scientifically.

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