7 Tips to Safeguard Your Laptop During Travel

Avoid scuffing, shattering, or spilling your drink on your expensive laptop every time you leave your home by following these simple tricks. A majority of people own laptops primarily because of their convenience. Just put it in your bag and bring it to work, school, or even when you go on business. The portability of laptops can be a disadvantage because it increases the chance of being damaged, lost, or stolen. It's therefore essential to take all the necessary precautions while traveling to ensure your laptop is protected and secure. In this article, we'll go over some of the most effective strategies to reduce the chance of something catastrophic that could happen with your PC.

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1. Use an anti-theft bag

Wherever you go around the globe, the likelihood is that theft will be an issue. No matter if you're in a cafe on the street or going to an airport, you need to be vigilant about your laptop's security.

One of the most effective ways to guard your computer against being stolen is to purchase an anti-theft laptop bag of top quality or a backpack. The typical bag isn't enough in the case of protecting your laptop's computer.

Anti-Theft Backpack w/ Headphone & USB Ports, Source: Youtube, Unbox Junkie 

A laptop backpack or bag is designed to protect you and is often equipped with various security options. 

Anti-theft laptop bags are available at a typically higher cost than your typical bag. However, it's more affordable to purchase a good bag than replace the laptop you lost.

2. Place it within the Laptop Compartment

The laptop compartment is in place to protect your laptop. So make sure you use it! Unlike other bags, laptop bags or backpack comes with one room equipped with padding and cushioning. This extra protection is designed to guard against the damage resulting from sudden bumps and smacks.

When purchasing the bag, be sure to examine the compartment for laptops first. Be sure that there's enough padding at the bottom, top, and sides. Be sure to take measurements of the dimensions before buying it, so you can be sure it's the perfect fit.

3. Buy a laptop case

The laptop you carry around with you could be risky in that it can be subject to a variety of beatings. Laptops are expensive, and you'll require additional protection to ensure that they don't get damaged.

Watch this before you buy a laptop case!!!!!, Source: Youtube, GReviewz

You've already put together your anti-theft bag with a laptop compartment. However, you'll require laptop sleeves for an additional layer of protection. Your laptop's sleeve must come with plenty of padding to prevent scratches and protect the screen from being damaged.

Before leaving for your next destination, make sure you place the laptop's sleeve in the laptop compartment in your bag.

4. Apply a laptop skin

A laptop case will protect your laptop from damage when it's in your bag. A laptop skin can ensure your device is protected while using it.

Typically made from thin rubber or vinyl, A laptop skin is made of rubber or vinyl. It can shield your laptop from threats like water damage, dust, scratches, and humidity.

In addition to safeguarding your laptop from all kinds of minor damage, They are also a cost-effective method to show off your style. You can pick from various custom designs and textures to make your notebook appear more personal.

5. Make sure your backpack is organized

Sort out the things in your backpack to prevent the possibility of causing unnecessary marks or scratches on your laptop. Items like USB cables, chargers, and adapters should always be stored in an individual compartment.

Study Skills Chapter 5 Organize your Backpack, Source: Youtube, MooMooMath and Science

The other thing that you need to be mindful of is beverages and food. Be sure that these are distinct to your computer. Please do not put anything like your water bottle or food items in your backpack; instead, put it on your hands or in a side pouch.

Even if your backpack is tight-fittingly sealed, spills could cause severe damage to your laptop. Consider it a risk, and make sure to keep drinks and food from your computer.

6. Shut down Your Laptop and close it completely

Do not run your laptop even when you're not using it, particularly if you plan to store it in a laptop bag. If you shut it off, the computer can cause it to overheat, resulting in damage to internal components. After you've finished using your laptop:

  • Make sure you save your work.
  • Shut the machine entirely.
  • Secure the computer in your backpack before you leave for your next trip.

A complete shutdown is required if you don't intend to use your laptop for an extended period. In other cases, you could switch to hibernate or sleep mode if you'll need it very soon.

Apart from closing your laptop, it is also essential to ensure that you have completed it properly before you put it away. When working with a hybrid or convertible laptop, the screen should be set in the right place, facing the keyboard. If it's not, the screen may end up being badly damaged.

7. Take Care of Your Backpack

You've got the essential things to ensure that your laptop is secure and safe, But this doesn't mean that you should not take care of your backpack. Be sure to protect your computer as it's expensive!

How to clean a backpack?, Source: Youtube, REI

Please don't throw your bag on the ground or let it fall from a high point. It's not an enjoyable feeling to put your bag on the floor, and the first sound that you can hear is the sound of your laptop striking the floor.

Do not stack large objects on the top of the laptop like tablets, books, or other baggage. If you've set it on your feet, make sure to place it in a way you don't risk kicking or stepping on it.


Being among the top essential gadgets you own, You must do all you can to secure your laptop in all circumstances. This is crucial when you're moving from one location to another.

Beware of the horror of getting your backpack out and finding the laptop's screen has been damaged, or even worse, the screen is covered with a strawberry smoothie.

Laptops are delicate devices that could easily be damaged. Don't forget to follow these helpful techniques whenever you go out of your home using your laptop.

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