7 Tricks and Tips to Make Your Laptop Feel New

Don't throw away the old laptop just yet. Have a look at these tricks and tips that will refresh your computer again. Laptops are often used for everyday roles in many different aspects of life, whether for entertainment, workshopping, or everything else. However, constantly using our trusted laptops could cause a buildup of unneeded files, dust, and a myriad of other issues that make them look tired and old. There are solutions to get rid of this problem and let's look at the best methods to ensure your laptop feels fresh and new.

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1. This Spring Clean Your Files and Apps

If you're using your laptop often, it's not difficult to collect an assortment of applications and files that you don't want or need yet are taking up space on your computer.

Spring Cleaning your Mac - EN, Source: Youtube, MOSX (formerly Mac OS X Screencasts) 

In addition, having your files and images stored on a random basis without any system could be challenging to navigate. Also, it's worth cleaning out your recycling bins because deleting files typically transfer them to the recycle bin instead of eliminating them permanently.

2. Add More RAM

We've all been frustrated by the slow performance of laptops. As time passes, our laptops may begin to fail to perform efficiently, but that isn't a reason to buy an entirely new laptop. The addition of extra memory to your computer could significantly improve its processing speed, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune, either.

Depending on the amount of RAM you'd like, and what brand you choose, the prices will differ. It could cost anywhere between $100 and $200 for new RAM. 

3. Clean your laptop's exterior

You'll be amazed at how your laptop will appear after a thorough clean. Oil, dust, and other substances can quickly build up on your computer and cause it to look somewhat gross, which is why cleaning it in just five minutes can make an enormous difference.

To clean your screen, it is essential to be aware of the products you're making use of. For glass screens, Windex is a good choice. If not, it's best to use other products. Dish soap is an excellent alternative, along with water for a little. You should not apply any sprays or other substances directly onto your screen. Place a small amount of the mist on a dishcloth or microfiber (not paper towels) before you spray.

Clean your laptop the easy way, Source: Youtube, CNET

This is the same for the other components part of the laptop. Make sure you stay clear of ports or other gaps and ensure you're cleaning only with gentle pressure. The dirt on your keyboard may have made the keys stick. Please read our guide about how you can efficiently and safely remove the keyboard should you wish to tackle this aspect of your laptop.

4. Make Updates to Your Operating System

Operating system updates are in place to serve a purpose. They're intended to enhance the performance of your laptop and enhance your experience as a user. Therefore, it's always worthwhile upgrading your laptop's operating system because it could help fix bugs and include new features to make your computer more enjoyable to use.

If you've not received an update notification for your computer, then an update isn't due. However, you can look into this on the settings on your device.

The method of accomplishing this differs based on the brand and model of your laptop. However, just entering "update" in the search bar in settings should give you the required result you can use to search for updates.

5. Removing Peeling Stickers as well as Residue

It's commonplace that laptops are personalized using stickers; however, they can quickly transform from stunning to looking dreadful as they peel or leave behind a trace after removal. Removing stickers without a mess of any surface is an unpleasant task, particularly when you're trying to remove them from an item that is expensive technology.

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Any Surface, Source: Youtube, Quality Logo Products

So, suppose you're trying to restore your laptop to its clean and polished appearance. In that case, You can get rid of any residue or old stickers with various methods that range from massaging them using solvents to using a hairdryer to heat them. Here's a collection of straightforward ways to make labels on your laptop if you need an in-depth tutorial.

6. Clean the fan

The fan in your laptop is an essential element of its performance because it draws hot air out from the inside and helps keep components cool and secure. However, as time passes, the buildup of dust inside these fans makes them more difficult to function properly. If, for instance, you've noticed your laptop heating up rapidly, you might need to give your lover an excellent clean.

If your laptop is different from the one you have, the method of cleaning and removing the fan might be different. Therefore, it is recommended to research methods for cleaning the fan on the laptop you own to find the most efficient guidelines.

7. Try to replace your hard drive with an SSD

Although many newer laptops come with SSDs, this isn't the case if your laptop has been your laptop for a while. If you're not sure if your laptop is equipped with an SSD, it is possible to find its specs on the internet. If you find that your laptop has an SSD that spins, it is possible to consider changing it to a faster and better-performing SSD.

How to replace a failed hard drive with an SSD, and install Windows 10, Source: Youtube, Dave's Tech Rescue

An SSD can significantly boost the performance of your laptop (by as much as ten times in some instances), and they are also inexpensive. You can get an excellent SSD at around $70. However, the price can increase based on its capacity for storage and read speed and the brand.

If you'd like to detach the hard drive from your laptop and then install your SSD by yourself, We suggest researching the procedure specific to your laptop model. Also, look over YouTube tutorials for a visual guide.


If you are considering buying an entirely new laptop, consider these suggestions for fixing problems with processing and storage and your computer's look using an affordable technique. It might likely last for a while by making some adjustments and some maintenance.

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