8 genius hacks for Technology for Smart People

Technological advancement has made our lives more efficient, and understanding how to use it to our advantage is an excellent way to increase productivity. Suppose you can appreciate the advantages of speedy and straightforward methods that significantly cut down on time spent on the work at hand. In that case, people will likely consider you clever. This is not a surprise. Using technology the right way will make your life more efficient than in the case.

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1. Create Wi-Fi codes for guests

All you must do is input the address of your Wi-Fi network and the password.

How to set up a guest wifi network at home, Source: Youtube, AsoftClick

Once a QR code, you can print it out and give it to anyone else to scan, should they want access to your wireless network?

2. Check the spelling and grammar of essays by using Google Translate

Finding errors in your work can be difficult if you've made many writing assignments errors. It's great that you've got your eyes instead.

3. Stop purchasing eBooks. You can borrow instead

They're always accessible on your gadget.

If keeping a library of eBooks on your phone isn't the top priority you're looking at, you might consider borrowing eBooks instead of buying the books. OverDrive is a platform that OverDrive will help you find the nearest library so that you can check out the books you would like to read.

They also provide special programs like Sora for students to aid them and Libby for everyone. If you're trying to get the book you require for your project or occasional reading; you'll be capable of downloading these apps onto your mobile devices to start.

How to borrow Kindle ebooks and audio books for FREE!!! (US only), Source: Youtube, Andy Park

In addition, since it's an online-based service, your books will be returned on time. However, you can extend your time frame if you're fully completed.

4. Make Time for Talking instead of Writing

If you're struggling with time or find it's challenging to write due to an injury, use the option to type using voice. It's available in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

To activate the feature within Word, you have to select the option to dictate in the menu known as the"Home. Menu, or use the Windows keys + H to launch the toolbar for dictation.

After that, choose the microphone, and begin to dictate your text. For punctuation marks, you have to speak the text loudly.

The same applies to Google Docs. Select the Tools menu and choose an option to input the vocal option. Once you've made the option, click the microphone, and you're done.

5. Repurpose Your Old Mobile Device Into New Tools

It's worth considering throwing away the old phone or selling it at an affordable price since you're not using this phone. There are indeed a few options you can explore with the device. For instance:

Transform your old mobile into the TV remote using an application known as"the universal" television Remote Control application.

Repurpose Your Old Phone As A PC Resource Monitor!, Source: Youtube, YourPersonalGeek

Set it as the timer, and be sure that you keep your primary phone away from you throughout the time of the day. It'll allow you to rise at a particular time and not check your phone at the beginning of the morning.

You can make it an outdoor security camera with the help of the app Alfred Security Camera the Home. However, make sure you put the device in a spot where it can be continuously connected.

Make it Dashcam. Then, buy an accessory mount and connect your phone to your dashboard, mount it, then connect it to an electrical source, and you're good to roll.

6. Find a song by humming

The anxiety is now gone, and it's for the best. Midomi can be described as a method that permits users to hum tunes and find the name for the theme. After you're done, press that button to stop playing the music, and then start looking. It'll display all matches it finds instantly.

7. Try these six keyboard shortcuts to reduce time

Do you wish to speed up your work? Take a look at these keystrokes to apply to your personal computer.

Windows + D lets the user block or reveal your desktop simultaneously, regardless of how many windows or tabs you can open on your PC.

Spacebar allows users to navigate to the web pages.

Spacebar and Shift let users scroll up the screen.

7 Keyboard Shortcuts that will Save You Time!, Source: Youtube, Simpletivity

The Win critical functions as an Arrow that can move left or right if you have multiple windows open; this shortcut allows you to open two windows, one after one.

Alt and Tab allow users to toggle between multiple windows in a flash.

Windows and Lock If you're at work on something that's secret and someone else enters and demands details, you may utilize the keystroke. It will make your computer secure in just two minutes.

8. Find the Time of the Book's Reading before you begin Your New Read

If you're a lover of reading, you'll be delighted by the method. Its platform, "How Long to Read allows you to know the length of time it will take to read a book from the beginning until the end.

In the beginning, type in the book's name, and it will provide the complete list of books with similar titles. Choose the one you'd like to read through. You can then go through the chapter it gives you. Make sure that you have a timer set when you're done reading.

When you're done, the program will assess the speed you read and tell you the time it takes to finish the book you've selected.


The variety of hacks you can implement to make using technology is limitless. To begin, you can test these hacks that we've covered this morning.

Certain aspects will undoubtedly enhance your work speed, and others will make life easier for you to use. Take your time learning these tips and tricks, and you'll have the ability to reduce your workload in just a couple to a few seconds.

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