9 Simple Methods to Make Your Android Phone More Speedy

It's all too common, and the problem only applies to low-cost phones. Even the top Android phones are susceptible to the occasional slowdown after a few years of use. Thankfully, you can use several options to make sure your Phone is running to full speed. We've listed some ways to make the most of the battery in your Phone. Let's look at ways to increase the speed of using your Android Phone.

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Disable (or remove) the bloatware and uninstall any unnecessary apps

The majority of phones, excluding those with Pixels and Android One devices, come with an element of"bloatware. However, you can disable or, in some instances, uninstall most of the applications that are pre-installed on your phone if you're not using these apps.

Remove ALL Bloatware from any Android Smartphone without Root, Source: Youtube, Snazzy Labs 

Go through Settings > Application to find all the installed apps on your smartphone. If you come across an app you don't recognize; you can uninstall or turn it off. You can also utilize the Files app from Google to locate unnecessary apps on your phone and remove them when needed.

Make use of Google Files Google to remove cached data and accessible storage

Files by Google is an application for managing files that's a real jewel. It doesn't just scan your Phone for unneeded files and apps; it also allows you to transfer files.

How to Clear your Android Phone Cache, Source: Youtube, Republic Wireless

It has a minimalist appearance and has two tabs: Files and Storage. In the Storage tab, you can view a summary of how much storage is available on your smartphone and also ways to clear space. It also lets you remove cached apps' information from within Files.

Check to see if you've got the most up-to-date version installed

While you might not notice an immediate improvement in general user experience after installing an update to security, the major updates to platforms and maintenance build come with an array of enhancements that dramatically enhance the efficiency of the smartphone. For example, Samsung's One UI 3.0 update built upon Android 11 is now starting to be released for Samsung's Galaxy S20 series with an impressive array of new enhancements and features for the interface.

How To Check For Updates On Android, Source: Youtube, PhoneBuff

But, not enough firms provide regular updates every month, and, more often than not, your device will receive one security patch every three months. This is due to the way updates are arranged, and without going into detail, the issue of updates is a problem that requires to be addressed. Even when an update is released, some people do not install it.

To check whether there is an update available on your phone, go to Settings > About Phone -> Updates for the system to see if it's available. If an update is to install, do it immediately.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

By turning off radios that are not being used, it can help extend your Phone's battery life.

9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now, Source: Youtube, Payette Forward

However, it's not advisable to switch off location services since most applications require an element of location data to function.

Install lightweight versions of applications

When you're on a device with a limited amount of memory and storage, and inefficient application can lead to many frustrations. Facebook is a perfect illustration since the application can be a bit slow, even on new phones. When you use a phone that isn't expensive, the experience can be pretty annoying.

Facebook offers a lighter version of its application that functions precisely the same way while using only a tiny portion of the resources of the full-fledged application. FacebookLite was created for use on low-end devices in emerging markets. However, it is now accessible worldwide.

10 Best Useful Lightweight Apps For Android!, Source: Youtube, TechStorenut 

If you're an avid Facebook user and you're tired of using a full-featured app that brings your Phone's speed to a standstill, it is recommended that you consider giving Facebook Lite an attempt. Facebook also offers a light version of Messenger known as Messenger Lite...

Twitter also has a light client named Twitter Lite, and Uber also offers a version that is a Lite Version that works with its services. If you use Skype to connect with your family and friends, you can also use Skype, the Lite version. The app was designed specifically for India; however, it may not be available in all countries.

Google also offers light alternatives to YouTube as well as Google Search available. If you're running an entry-level phone, it's worth installing applications designed explicitly to Android Go.

It is recommended to restart your Phone regularly

If your smartphone with a small amount of memory and storage and you are regularly experiencing problems in performance, an excellent alternative is to restart the phone once every week.

Does Factory Reset Makes Your Smartphone Faster? Source: Youtube, The LEAKSTER

By doing this, you can clean the memory cache and see an improvement in the responsiveness of your Phone. 

Try a different launcher

The Android developers have slowed down on customization in recent times, but if you don't like the design of the app drawer within One UI, You can always choose a different launcher. Also, there's the matter of Chinese skins. While Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, and others have shifted to a more contemporary style, There's a lot of customization.

5 Best And UNIQUE Android Launchers You Must TRY - 2021, Source: Youtube, Mr Android FHD 

Applications like Nova Launcher and Action Launcher can be customized for every aspect of the interface for users and customize your Phone to your preferences. Nova Launcher also has a setting that lets you change the animation speed on your Phone. You can test changing this setting if you feel your Phone getting sluggish.

If your Phone's default user interface is getting a bit overloaded, you might want to think about a launcher from a third party. I've tried a variety of Xiaomi and Realme phones throughout the year. Making the switch to a lighter launcher such as Lawnchair has made all the difference for me. 

Accelerate animations

As with everything else on Android, changing the speeds of animated videos; requires digging through the options for developers that aren't visible. 

How To Change Your Android Phone's Animation Speed, Source: Youtube, StikeTech

Reload the settings page. You will see a Developer options menu option near the end of the screen. Choose it, then scroll down until you see the Window Animation Scale option. The default is 1x by default. However, you can set this to 0.5x to accelerate animations. You'll notice a noticeable change when you launch applications or navigate the interface.

Make sure you're optimizing your Phone's battery

If your Phone's battery is draining faster than usual, the reason is usually an unintentional app that is hogging the CPU. The apps in the back can drain the battery, making it best to periodically examine the amount of battery used by your Phone by checking the settings.

How to increase Battery life on Android Phone, Source: Youtube, RaRe iTech

Enter settings > battery to locate the application that's not working, and click the Force stop button to stop this app from the running background. All Android devices are now equipped with an adaptive battery feature that automatically monitors these activities. However, in the case of the older versions of Android, it is recommended to look at your battery settings.

If you're experiencing a constant battery drain and your Phone does not last all day, the most effective option is buying an electric power bank. You can put your money on a quality 10000mAh power bank at a price of less than $30 and will be sufficient to power your Phone at least a couple of times.


If your phone doesn't function well before resetting it, you can start from scratch. Log in again using your Google account and retrieve information from Google's cloud to check if the issue has been solved.

If it hasn't made a difference and you're still not satisfied, your next step is to buy an entirely new phone. Luckily, phones such as Pixel 4a Pixel 4a come with a clean interface, sturdy hardware that is lag-free for a long time and will receive regular updates.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.

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