ASO Guide: 10 Strategies of Experts to Learn App Store Optimization 2022

The complete ASO guide we provide will help you master the art of optimizing your app store, guide you through the meaning of ASO, and give you strategies for marketing your app to help the search engine optimization of your app store and the advantages of ASO. In our most recent guide, we walk you through the most critical steps you can master the art of App Store Optimization. We also discuss the advantages of ASO and how to increase the visibility of your app to make sure that users discover your app. The more attention you pay to the most critical ASO methods, the better chances you'll be able to increase the number of downloads. App Annie's most recent ASO Guide gives you the 15 strategies that experts have developed to master optimization! You can buy ASO services from to quickly optimize your application.

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ASO Top Practice Strategies App Strategy for Store Optimization free

ASO guide 1: What is the process behind ASO Function?

As a mobile-based marketer, it is your responsibility to break through the clutter and be visible to the appropriate audiences. Increased exposure for your mobile marketing helps boost the number of apps downloaded, improve stores' rankings, and ultimately increase revenues for your business.

ASO is the continuous process of testing and evaluating changes to marketing assets to increase visibility and generate more downloads. Search optimization for apps is crucial to discover organically.

What is ASO? How to get started? Source: Youtube, Checkaso

The first thought that pops up when they think of ASO is establishing an SEO strategy for many app owners. While this is an essential element, optimizing your app to increase organic discovery goes beyond the keyword.

ASO is more reliable and strategic than people think, and it involves testing, research, and plenty of creative thinking. In this blog, we'll provide you with the best practices; to improve the accessibility of your app and ensure that top users download it.

ASO guide 2: What is the reason that ASO is crucial to a Robust Marketing Strategy?

Half a billion people come to the app stores every week, as per Apple. The majority of downloads come via organic searches through the iOS App Store - you can increase the chances to be found and downloaded with the help of app store optimization (ASO). You can buy iOS app reviews to increase the trust for your app from The service is a safe and fast impact on iOS games and apps

ASO guideApp Store Optimization guide, Source: Proreviewsapp

Market data from mobile devices is crucial for generating an effective marketing strategy that applies to organic and paid advertising in the current environment.

How can we overcome the challenge of App Shop Visibility in the Mobile World?

The problem is App Store Optimization is How do you break out the noise to reach the right people?

It's among the most competitive markets around the globe. It's also crowded with more than two million iOS App Store apps and 4 million Google Play Store apps. Due to the vast amount of apps available and the ever-increasing costs of advertising; finding and keeping customers is more complex than ever before.

How to increase visibility and conversion for your app in the App Store and Google Play, Source: Youtube, App Promotion Summit

Although there are some issues, the potential App Store Optimization offers an understanding of how ASO functions. The benefits of ASO, and the value of ASO are worth the cost.

App Store Optimization is more effective and strategic than most people think and involves research, testing, and plenty of creative thinking. This ASO Guide We'll arm users with ASO best practices to improve the discoverability of apps and boost downloads for high-quality users. Alongside App Annie's knowledge and experience, we'll provide actionable guidance and suggestions; that you can use to improve the success of your personal ASO efforts.

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ASO guide 3: What are App Store Optimization Guidelines?

This includes the use of keywords. With the millions of apps on the app stores, selecting keywords that can improve the performance of your business isn't a simple task. Your strategy for keywords shouldn't be a static thing nor be static. It must constantly be changing and evolving that consider the changes in culture and competitors and the effect on the ranking of your app as well as downloads, engagement, and revenue. We looked at how the volume of keywords searched drastically due to macro-related events.

App Store Optimisation Explained For App Owners, Source: Youtube, Quick Tips

Making sure your app is aligned with the terms people are looking for online is crucial in generating downloads for your app from a reputable market. With machine learning, App Annie can suggest new keywords when you type in a handful of keywords to guide our algorithm in the correct direction.

Another thing to think about is the app store's assets:

  • What's the current state of your conversion optimization?
  • Are you using your screenshots, descriptions of app store updates, and keywords for your benefit?
  • Have you tried testing your creative assets? StoreMaven is an application store for innovative testing. 

ASO best practices suggest that the inventory of your app store is among your most valuable assets.

ASO guide 4: How to be ranked within the App Store 

In optimizing your app store, be sure to pay focus on the differing demands for those of the Google Play and iOS app stores. You can tailor your approach by following the iOS guidelines for app stores and procedures for the Google Play guidelines. In the end, using your strengths in each store will benefit your search engine optimization for your app and your conversion optimization. For example, iOS offers a keyword bank, while Google Play doesn't. This means that you might require updating the description of your app store for Google Play more regularly.

How to Get Good Rankings in the iOS App Store - On, Source: Youtube, App Masters

Onboarding doesn't start when users launch an app the first time. It begins at your app's store. The right combination of metadata for your app (e.g., your name description, description, as well as creative assets) assists in reducing the friction of discovery, downloading, and the first time they use.

Finding the most effective resources, delivering the most relevant messages, and meeting the needs of your customers are vital. According to information from StoreMaven, Testing elements of your app store can boost the conversion rate and stop the loss of conversion over time.

ASO guide 5: ASO Tips for Innovative Testing Based 

The first look of your application makes Google Play and iOS App Store users completely different. Developers often get confused when they realize that their most successful Google Play creatives perform drastically less in their iOS App Store. You can view live app stores' assets via App Annie's store pages to see the creative capabilities of different stores.

ASO Tips to Test the Creative Content in Google Play:

  • Video: If there's an audio or video, it's poster frames that are vitally important since only 6%- 10 percent of people click to view the Video. All of the viewers will see posters. Make videos as short as possible (about 10% of viewers will disappear within 5 seconds!) and focus on your most important messages first. Video - however, only when done correctly it can boost conversions by 24 percent.
  • Screenshot Gallery: The screenshot gallery is a good example. gallery, the emphasis should be on the screenshots that show in the initial impression. 37% of those who browsed through the gallery downloaded the application. This is almost 40% over the initial Google Play Store design where pictures were not displayed above the fold.

ASO Hack: A/B Testing Google Play Title, Source: Youtube, Incipia

  • Icon: How you design your hero can be essential for an effective conversion rate. It's also the only relevant element even after the user downloads. The testing of icons can boost conversion rates by 11%...
  • Short Description: 100% of your visitors will read your brief descriptions (the 80 characters that precede"read more" and the "read further" button) but only five percent will see your whole report. Changes to this text could boost conversions by 13 percent.

ASO Tips for Testing Creative Assets in the iOS App Store:

  • Feature graphic: for certain apps, this may be the first image that users are presented with -- located in the middle of the store's homepage. For instance, on Google Play, StoreMaven found that feature graphics can lead to an increase of 31% in conversion rate.
  • The First Two Screenshots: On average, 31% of your visitors browse through your gallery. Still, only 8% view the entire gallery. Therefore, the first two images you upload are the ones that have the most significant impact.
  • Video Presence/Poster Frame: If you upload the video to iOS, it will take the place of your initial image, affecting the way that users interact with the website. When using iOS, your poster frame (the picture below the Video) should be a frame of the Video. It is essential to be conscious of this when you design your Video. 
  • On iOS: your icon is given greater prominence than Google Play, increasing your chances of conversion by 18 percent.


You'll be able to see the effect of changes to the keywords and categorization, creative assets, and keywords and discover new pathways for success. Hope These ASO guides are helpful to all App developers

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