Audiobooks are expensive! 6 Methods to Listen for no cost or a nominal price

Audiobooks can be expensive. Here's how you can get low-cost and free audiobooks that you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Audiobooks make reading much more enjoyable. They let you listen to books when exercising, traveling, and even at work. It's no longer a problem to complain about not having the space to sit down and read. However, why are they so costly? They are, in fact, affordable to produce. They're high-quality productions and narrators who are famous. Also, the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series could take longer than nine days to listen to.

There are ways to obtain your audiobook fix without spending a fortune. Let's explore how you can get low-cost audiobooks.

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1. Make Sure You Check Your Local Library

The local library is an excellent option to rent audiobooks. However, reconsider if you believe that the only audiobook they have is in a large CD case. Many libraries make use of overDrive. OverDrive platform that lets you listen to and borrow audiobooks at no cost.

It's not even necessary to go to your library. 

Even if all your local libraries are using OverDrive and each has a distinct collection within the platform. So, if you've got an account with more than two branches of your library, you'll be able to attach each profile to the application.

How to check out ebooks from your local library, Source: Youtube, IDG TECHtalk

You can book a sought-after audiobook from both libraries. This can reduce the time you spend waiting on the list and enhance the time you finish reading the book. Even if you use the same audiobook in multiple libraries, you should ensure that they are synced to keep your place in the book.

Hoopla is a different platform that can be connected to your library. As opposed to OverDrive, a subscription service, Hoopla allows eight audiobooks per month. Hoopla also has ebooks and rental of videos, and the app comes with a children's mode, which lets kids listen to audiobooks and watch films without having to go to other websites or apps.

2. Make Use of multiple Audible Promos.

Audiobook (owned through Amazon) is among the most popular websites to purchase audiobooks. You've probably noticed the offers of a free audiobook or free Groupon deals (or have you heard any of the podcasts sponsored by the company).

Many people aren't aware that they aren't just one-time deals. When you've had your audiobook account not billed for a minimum of six months, you'll be able to redeem another offer.

How to use audiobook bookmarks! | Tutorial for Libro & Audible, Source: Youtube, What Should I Read Next

If you're unable to find a promo that works for your account, talk to Audible support, they'll usually be able to give you an offer.

Even if you're willing to pay the total amount for Audible, it's worthwhile to cancel your subscription from time to time. They typically offer customers a $20 credit to convince them to keep their subscription.

What's the best method to use your offer when you've got it? There is a list of some Audible books to go through during your trial.

3. Add-On Narrations for Kindle EBooks

When you purchase a Kindle book on Amazon, there is often the option of adding Audible narration at an additional cost. In most cases, when publishers promote an ebook with a discount price, the added Audible narration also indicates discounts.

It's not available for all titles, including many of the most popular bestsellers -- but if it's available, adding narration is usually lesser than $3.99.

How to LISTEN TO YOUR NOVEL with the Kindle App (like an Audiobook!), Source: Youtube, Author Brittany Wang

The most significant feature is that the Audible narration seamlessly integrates into your eBook if you begin reading your Kindle and decide to switch over to the audiobook while in your car, it will take over right where you started.


4. Low-cost alternatives to the Audible

It is possible to purchase cheap Audible books through either iTunes or Google Play.

These are the same recordings. However, they cost at least 30% less. They're also close to the cost that the paperback initially sold for. In addition, there are some great bargains to be found with the regular discounts. Review | Best alternative to Audible??, Source: Youtube, Stories&Sarah

If you are looking to purchase an Audible subscription, the most suitable option compared to Audible would be Scribd. You can rent audiobooks and magazines, ebooks, and sheet music at $8.99/month. Scribd provides you with unlimited rentals; however, the collection isn't as comprehensive as Audible's, but it does offer many of the most recent fiction and non-fiction books.

5. Download Audiobooks for Free

There's also the cheapest alternative of all: free. Audiobooks are available for free from several services such as Librivox, OpenCulture, and Lit2Go. Even Spotify offers them. Just lookup for "audiobooks" to find a variety of carefully curated playlists.

How to Get Audiobooks for FREE | Download Paid Audiobooks for FREE!, Source: Youtube, Ishan Sharma 

The majority of free audiobooks are the domain of the general public. That means that you'll only be limited to classic books as well as the audiobooks will not be as professional as the professional ones produced by Audible and other companies.

However, don't let this keep you from reading because some of the best novels ever written are available here. We've picked the top audiobooks to listen to for a great start. To begin.


Audiobooks can also be excellent presents. Many of the services that offer them let you gift audiobooks to other people. Learn more about the best ways to give audiobooks to others...

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