Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

In the last five years in the past five years; the mobile app development business has grown and exploded exponentially, transforming the way companies operate across the globe. The app development field is not just for people who wish to make money from it but also for people who want to profit from their thoughts. Due to the business's ever-changing needs, they need skilled experts for these programming languages are growing. Programming languages are evolving and growing at the same time. The selection of the most suitable programming language to develop mobile apps depends on the OS you are working on. We will review the top programming languages. 

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React Native (Javascript)

React Native can be described as a simple JavaScript framework that delivers authentic, localized mobile apps to iOS as well as Android. It is based on the response of Facebook's JavaScript library that is used to create the user's boundaries; however, instead of focusing on the browser, it targets smartphones. JavaScript is sometimes referred to as the "cockroach of the information technology industry. It has an identical UI method as native iOS or Android applications. Feedback applications are free as other native apps.

What Is React (React js) & Why Is It So Popular?, Source: Youtube, Programming with Mosh 

It is regarded as the most suitable framework for developing native and non-native OS mobile apps. This means that JavaScript is the JavaScript language is utilized to create an app that can be cross-platform designed to run on multiple platforms instead of developing separate applications for each platform. It allows users to reuse native programming to aid in creating faster and less expensive applications. Cross-platform development can save time and code heads.


The primary programming language used in iOS applications, Objective-C, was selected by Apple to create safe and adaptable applications. A redesigned version of the C language is a general-purpose program that is object-oriented and includes features like small chat-like messaging. A highly-updated and strong programmer language, Object-C can be used mainly in macOS programs and operating systems.

what is objective C? Explained with history of objective-C and its important features, Source: Youtube, Your IT Class

When creating applications that run on OSX and iOS, You use the language of programming that you are using. It's an objective-- C programming language, which can write objects and has an active runtime.


If you're creating something specifically designed that is intended for Apple products, look up Swift language. It is a superior language with minor code and can be maintained easily.

What is Swift Code (BIC Code) - Explained in English, Source: Youtube, BDTechTricks

Swift is a cutting-edge programming language designed to help Apple improve its ecosystem precisely due to its application in written code for Apple's most recent APIs: Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. While it's designed to be used in conjunction with Objective-C, Cupertino is making clear that they will switch to Swift to complete development suitable for iOS developers. It was designed to remove the potential for security risks that Objective-C could pose; it's the right time for mobile app developers to shift to Swift since many businesses utilize this language to develop modern mobile applications. Swift is seeking specialists with experience in manufacturing.


Python is a well-defined object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic words. The language is built around an arrangement of mutually beneficial data that makes active typing and dynamic required, its design to be used for high-level, fast development of applications, and also for being used as a scripting language or glue language to connect existing scripts. This makes it very appealing. As a language, Python is attractive and straightforward. It is clear, simple, easy to learn, but not overly complicated, and easily readable. Since the language is specific to learn, it is essential to include Python in your list of languages to learn.

What is Python? | Python Programming For Beginners | Python Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Edureka

Python Spokesperson and a comprehensive standard library are accessible for every significant platform without source code or binary format and distributed without charge.

Is Python good for mobile app development?

Python is used to develop mobile applications built on Android. The primary reason to use Python is the fact that it makes even the most challenging procedure of development. The scripting process is exceptionally smooth. If you're looking for the answer to the speedy mobile application, then go to Python. It is possible to create an Android application with Python. If we contrast it to other programming languages to develop an Android application, it's not the most suitable option. There are a lot of options you can make using Python, however, building an effective Android game does not fit into the Python bucket.

Which is the most appropriate technology for developing mobile apps?

Mobile application frameworks are frequently used to develop cross-platform and platform-specific apps. If you're creating something specific to Apple products, you can search for Swift language. It offers advanced features with the least amount of code that is easy to maintain. 


Java programming language has become the preferred language for Android games application development. Java is the most popular language used in search engines around the world. This object-oriented programming language developed in Sun Microsystems is now owned by Oracle. It can be used to sprint in two distinct ways - either in the browser window or as an actual virtual machine that does not require the use of a browser.

Java is the ideal language to play Android games. Many developers program with C ++. Still, they have problem issues with compatibility across devices. Since Java operates on virtual machines, that means you don't need to navigate through hoops to transfer Java games across different devices. We can conclude that Java is the best choice for game development.

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