Do you need to learn HTML before learning Python? How do you make the difficult choice!

The use of Python has exploded during the past few years. It is a massive platform for various applications and is simple to use. Python is now the third most used developer technology, following HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The ease at the way it handles extensive data has led to its popularity in data science and has meant that the general developer community is embracing it with tremendous enthusiasm. However, should you study HTML before learning Python? It is recommended to learn HTML before Python when you want to develop applications for the web since HTML is the foundational component of websites. For commands line or desktop projects, you will not need HTML, so you'll need to master Python first. 

But, it's difficult to determine how to learn the languages. Many new developers are stuck trying to decide if React is worth the effort when diving into JavaScript before learning HTML.

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HTML or Python 

Before we get into specific examples of learning HTML before learning Python or vice versa, it is essential to know them.

It's a bit daunting when people begin discussing server-side, client-side frontend, backend, etc.

Let's discuss HTML and Python to explore how to best use these two languages.


Python is used to automate analyzing data, making websites and programs, and visualizing data. 

Simple syntax and easy to read make it an ideal client-side (backend) language in projects of all kinds. Python is also the standard language used for machine learning.

Python generates the data it wishes to display in the backend for websites and then uses the frontend technology to show it. It can also be utilized on the command line, desktop, and the internet.

Many non-programmers have used Python to perform and automate routine tasks like arranging financial records.

Python also comes with various extensions libraries, so it can support modules and packages that encourage the reuse of code and the modular programming approach. To understand Python, you'll have to learn the fundamental principles of programming.

Combining HTML with Python, Source: Youtube, Lanz Singbeil



HyperText Markup Language (HTML) isn't an official programming language. Markup is the language used by web browsers, such as Chrome to format webpages.

HTML defines an outline of the web page so that the browser can interpret it. The different elements are employed to arrange and organize the page's content, including inputs, buttons, and divs.

The Beginner's Guide to HTML: HTML Crash Course, Source: Youtube, Programming with Mosh 

HTML is taught alongside CSS and a CSS framework such as Bootstrap to allow developers to customize their websites.

It is only possible to utilize HTML in the client-side frontend. It's not compatible with other browsers. Web browsers. Web browsers can be used to develop desktop applications. However, the launch of Electron JS had changed this little.

In contrast to Python, it isn't necessary to understand any programming concepts to utilize HTML. It does not require any logic or particular setup.

It is possible to start right from the beginning. The instant feedback you get when you add elements can be a powerful incentive for people studying HTML and general development.

Do you need to take a course in Python instead of HTML at first?

Deciding to study Python instead of HTML first may cause a lot of potential developers in a state of analysis paralysis.

There's no ideal first language to master. It's all about the areas of development you'd like to explore. Quickly getting into Javascript is suitable for developing web applications, but it's not the best choice if you intend to build databases.

Desktop Development

Desktop developers create software that can run in Mac as well as Windows. If you're keen on this route, you'll probably not require any knowledge of HTML.

Desktop apps are typically developed using C#, Java, or Python. A library named PySimpleGUI offers all the tools needed to create a complete desktop application. PyQt5 can also be used for GUI development. If you plan to take it this way, you must first master Python.

But, there's an exception.

Choices in Desktop Development, Source: Youtube, Microsoft Visual Studio

Until recently, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS could not be used to build desktop applications. The advent of the Electron framework lets you use web technologies in conjunction with Chromium and Node to create applications for your operating system.

Therefore, deciding on what to learn first isn't so clear-cut anymore. A majority of desktop programs don't employ web technologies.

A few fantastic first projects comprise:

  • Video and Audio Player
  • Calculator
  • Image manipulator software for image manipulation

Web Development

Web developers create software that can run in a browser. This can include but not be limited to web-based apps and websites.

As discussed previously, HTML is the fundamental element of web pages. It provides structure to the pages and lets the browser interpret the content.

Learn web development as an absolute beginner, Source: Youtube, Coder Coder 

If you intend to create websites and build them, you need to master HTML before learning Python. Without knowing, HTML, CSS, and Javascript aren't feasible. There would be no context to understand how the web page functions.

The best part with Python is that it can be used on the server-side to render websites. Therefore, if you're hoping to become a web designer, however interested in Python, take the time to study both.

Some of the most incredible first projects to combine HTML as well as Python include:

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Quiz application
  • Content Collator
  • An excellent Python program called Pygame is ideal for creating various games on the internet.

Python General Usage and the Command Line

Many are using Python to make it easier to manage their everyday tasks. It's easy to integrate into Excel and other applications and can save a lot of time.

You can also create things using Python on the command line, which can help you tackle specific issues. The command line does not have a GUI and cannot operate within the web browser, so it's pretty different from the previous sections. It is the first method of communicating with the software on your computer.

Anyone who has Python abilities can utilize commands to automatize everyday repetitive tasks.

Command Line Arguments in Python - How to Read Command Line Arguments in Python, Source: Youtube, Coding Under Pressure

If you're planning to automate commonplace tasks or utilize the command line, do not try to learn HTML. Learn Python first.

There's no need for HTML within the command-line and Excel spreadsheets; therefore, picking this up would be unproductive.

To look into the possibility of using Python in an overall sense, I'd suggest developing:

File Renaming Tool

URL Shortener

Excel Spreadsheet splitter


If you need to take up HTML before learning Python is contingent upon your goals for the long term. In web development, learning HTML first is vital. However, if you want to pursue the desktop development path, study Python first.

For more general-purpose tasks, such as automating mundane tasks(fantastic book, by the way), use Python.

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In any case, don't be stuck in deciding. Go straight in and get into the coding flow, and you'll never regret it!