Google App Advocacy and the Safeguarding of Spend

We've all experienced how difficult it is whenever things go contrary to plan. For instance, when it is your turn to invest money in Google App campaigns, don't get the number of customers you expected at the CPI you anticipated. The inability to increase your budget for app marketing-specific channels can make you hesitant to invest over the long term. This is why companies require efficient and economical app marketing strategies to ensure effective campaigns for app marketing. Quality users are engaged, loyal, and are advocates for your app. How do we get this kind of user without spending a fortune?

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A solid base

To make your app ready ahead of the launch of the Google campaign, it is essential to make sure you have a solid base from which to expand your business.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Optimizing organic traffic - If you're beginning to enter the app industry, you can boost your app's exposure using branding marketing, PR, social, and content strategies.

The setting of your KPIs and the target metrics - be aware of the objectives you must define for your app to reap the benefits of your investment.

How can I expand my business? Source: Youtube, Evan Carmichael

Optimizing your app store's listings can boost conversion rates and lower installation costs. A long-term approach to ASO is crucial to ensure that you're getting an excellent pay-per-install ratio.

Optimizing the user experience - by improving the user experience within your app, you can improve engagement after customers have entered your app and ensure they will keep coming back.

Optimizing for automated advertisements

After you have provided some copy and images (such as screenshots of your app and logos) and your objectives of the campaign, and your budget and budget, Google will design your ad and then optimize it to the ad formats you choose. But, while it's straightforward as plug-and-play, you must improve the efficiency of automatic ads. It might sound complex but let's simplify it:

Automated ads allow users to customize ads to various target groups. They permit you to design six versions of your ads with different copies and tailor advertisements for various consumer groups. Making different copy versions and creative assets can allow you to reach a broad public. This feature will help you draw in more customers and expand your advertising reach.

Automation in Ads Optimization, Source: Youtube, UAN Marketing

Furthermore, Google app campaigns allow you to tailor your ads for different app events or to crucial growth objectives. In other words, if you want your app to get as many registered users as you can, Google campaigns will prioritize the acquisition of this down-the-funnel metric.

This brings us to our next topic...

Keeping iOS costs down

Marketing apps in a highly competitive market is already challenging enough. You want to make sure that you get the most bang worth your money. Maintaining iOS costs at a minimum can be achieved, but it is contingent on your app marketing strategies' effectiveness. Google App campaign tends to be more favorable for Android apps since Android is a resource of Google and offers higher ROI.

Keeping costs down: controlling labor costs, Source: Youtube, Rich Lowenberg

If your app is restricted to iOS and iOS, the process of running Google App campaigns can undoubtedly be more difficult. Since the introduction of iOS 14.5, it's solely based on predictive modeling and often isn't always very exact. We usually suggest exclusive iOS apps that take advantage of the Apple Search engine as it's likely to attract high-intent users. If you're committed to employing Google as a platform to promote your iOS campaign to install apps, ensure that you've got enough money to cover the possibility of a rise in CPI. It is recommended to conduct a test and learn the procedure to achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Navigating Google app campaigns

After you've figured out the way Google App campaigns function, now is the time to add your own personal brand's mark to them. Make sure you have all your text and visual aids in one place so that you can make maximum use of Google's advertising capabilities.

The visuals you choose to use should reflect your campaign's objectives and objectives.

Do you require users to install your app, buy in-app items or continue to come back for more? Ideally, you want all of them. But, you must ensure that the advertisements you show are geared towards the requirements of the client and desires and your own.

Google Ads Universal App Campaigns, Source: Youtube, Paid Media Pros

Some people have downloaded your app, but they're not purchasing anything through the app. It's now costing per install, but not getting much value for each install, which is a bummer, you think? You can change the Google advertisement to display an offer or discount that can entice customers to download the app and purchase. You can even include an expiration date to the promotion to make them convinced to avail of the offer.

Perhaps, you're not able to get them to stay around after they've completed their purchase. Once they've bought what you offered, then they've moved on to another thing. You must show them that you're worthy of their loyalty and keep them interested in the future. That's what we call long-term (but specifical retention of users)! Inquire about them, test their opinions, or entice them with ads that make them interested in the latest updates or app features added, which will encourage them to continue using the app.

Optimize your creatives to take advantage of the various ad types Google offers. It is possible to reach out to users via several of Google's multiple channels. Examples include:

  • If they're using Google, make sure you have your text ready to be used in the search results.
  • While they're browsing apps, ensure your app is listed as an option in the sidebar.
  • Attract their attention within five seconds before when they decide to ignore an ad on YouTube

A thorough and effective creative testing strategy is crucial for the effectiveness of your campaigns, but there is a way to find out more here...


To summarize, Google app marketing campaigns are the most effective after you've laid an excellent foundation for your app. Like all acquisition campaigns, it is essential to make sure you look at the entire process of marketing your app to achieve the best return on investment (and lasting achievement!). Google apps, in particular, are the best option for businesses trying to increase the number of customers who buy Android apps since it is more likely that you will receive reasonable and affordable - prices for top-quality users. In the case of iOS app development, we suggest conducting a thorough testing procedure implemented, so you can test what is most effective and improve your results in line with.

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