How an Android smartphone can automate almost any task

Automate tasks with your Android smartphone using automation apps such as Tasker or IFTTT. It is impressive how deep the Android operating system can go. There are many features to explore, and there is room for customization and tweaks. Most Android users can only access a small portion of these features. Despite all intelligent features, many Android users have trouble completing repetitive tasks that aren't automated.

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What are Android Automation Apps?

Are you having trouble remembering to turn off your smartphone at work? Would your phone automatically switch from a silent profile when you arrive at work?

Imagine if your smartphone could automatically respond to emails from your boss.

These are where Android automation apps come in handy. You need to tell your phone what actions you want and when.

You can send an SMS to your mobile phone every 3 hours.

An automation app may be able to automate your task if you have access to your phone.

What is the working principle of Android Automation Apps (Android Automation Apps)?

Automation apps are compelling because of the many actions and conditions they can be used for.

  • The device's state (e.g., Display brightness, battery level, etc. Event (pressing volume, power buttons, opening an app, receiving notification, etc.), time, and geographical location.
  • You can use your Android phone to perform many actions manually.

Automation apps let you use various tools to detect conditions and take the appropriate actions.

What are the Best Automation Apps for You?

An automation app can perform a task if there are no other apps. No programming skills are required.

Best Apps & Software to Automate & Grow Your Business, Source: Youtube, Linx Digital

Automator apps can also be used to create temporary solutions for apps that you are unable to use or cannot afford due to geographical restrictions or paid subscriptions.

Top Android Automation Apps

There are a lot of apps that automate Android.

1. Tasker

Tasker was the original automation app, and it is still used today. Third-party plugins can be added to Tasker, giving it an advantage over other apps.

App Factory also allows you to export automation projects. You can combine them and make them available to others.

TASKER: Getting Started, Source: Youtube, NotEnoughTECH


  • Stable that is virtually insect-free
  • With thousands of plugins, it is possible
  • Make standalone and shareable apps
  • Support via a robust online network


  • Steady learning curve
  • Only available as a paid application
  • Sometimes UX/UI design may hinder ease-of-use


IFTTT is a well-known name in the Android automation market. It can communicate with smart thermostats and intelligent bulbs and notify you when the International Space Station passes close to your home.

Even for non-tech-savvy users, this app is easy to use. It's easy to search online for the item and then add it.

Do Apps, from IFTTT "Really Big Buttons that Do Things", Source: Youtube, dottotech


  • There are many options
  • A vast online support community
  • Automation options for cross-platform


  • Subscriptions are available.
  • Steady learning curve

3. MacroDroid

MacroDroid users can import and use automation procedures from other people.

Tasker Too Complicated? Give MacroDroid a Try [How-To], Source: Youtube, Gadget Hacks


  • It is easy to use
  • Free version with all the features
  • Friendly subscription model


  • Migration of macros between Android versions can cause stability issues

4. Automate

Automate is an Android app that automates many tasks. Automate can handle more complicated tasks but not as well as Tasker and IFTTT.

How to Automate Android Using the Automation App, Source: Youtube, TheUnlockr

Automate is not the best option for complex automation, but it has many powerful features. Automate lets you create thousands of automation programs using hundreds of conditions or actions.


  • Automation routines can be represented using flowcharts to make them easier to understand.
  • Free version with all the features


  • Complex automation could prove to be very challenging
  • Different Android models may have other stability issues


Supercharge Your Android Experience. Automation apps can spice up Android to make it more productive. Please read our guide to Tasker, the most powerful automation application.

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