How do I get the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard on any Phone Today?

The Android 12 Privacy Dashboard lets you control and monitors how apps use your phone. This is how you can install it for your device now. Android 12 is currently in the beta stage, and Google is planning to launch the stable version of Android on September 21, 2021. However, if you're using an affordable Android device, the odds of receiving the upgrade this year are not that high. There is an option to access one of the essential Android 12 features without installing the update. A brand new app will bring the brand new Android 12 Security Dashboard to any current Android device without the need for an update.

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What's New in the Privacy Dashboard for Android 12?

Privacy Dashboard is among the most popular new features in Android 12. It is located in the Android setting; the Privacy Dashboard will track the application's access to sensitive permissions.

Android 12 Privacy Dashboard For Every Device!, Source: Youtube, System Hacks

The dashboard is the appearance of a circle that indicates these permissions (mainly the Location camera, Location, and Microphone). If you choose one, you'll be able to see a timeline of the times the apps used the permission during the past 24 hours.

How to get access to Android 12 Privacy Dashboard on Your Phone

To access the latest Privacy Dashboard, download an Android application with the identical title from Google Play Store.

The app attempts to duplicate functions similar to the dashboard for privacy. It features the same user interface and a complete view of the usage of permissions. Like the real Privacy Dashboard, you can view both the permission history and the application's use of different licenses.

The app is free and ads-free. It has an in-app purchase feature that allows you to help the app's creator if you've found it beneficial.

Introduce the Android 12 Security Indicators for Privacy to the old device

The most significant benefit of this application is that it provides not only two but one feature that is available in Android 12. Privacy Dashboard app will also offer privacy indicators to the device you are currently using.

Android's security is BETTER than you think, Source: Youtube, Android Central

For those who haven't heard, Google has added new cameras and microphone access indicators to Android 12. When an application attempts to gain access to these permissions, an arrow will appear on the upper-right side of the display.

Privacy Dashboard Privacy Dashboard application for Android can do a decent job reproducing these indicators. However, you can modify the hands as well, including altering the location of the needles and their size and opacity, adding a margin for the bezel, and so on.

Keep the customization to a minimum to achieve an Android 12 feel.

How do you get the Catch?

The app needs access to accessibility settings and location settings. The developer states that granting access to accessibility settings will prevent the app from accessing the microphone and camera.

Android 12 - Everything you need to know, Source: Youtube, Android Authority 

But, granting accessibility access to the app is a double-edged sword. The authorization gives the Privacy Dashboard application to read the complete information displayed on your screen.

In the same way that accessibility isn't available, the Privacy Dashboard cannot track the Android apps' use of sensitive permissions.

In addition, the app is not always able to recognize an application's use of sensitive permissions. 


However, it is excellent to reproduce what you can get from Android 12 privacy features and is worth trying!

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