How do you stop undesirable calls using Android for absolutely free

Are you tired of receiving spam calls from Android? Here are some ways to block spam calls from your Android phone. Unwanted calls are a sad, inevitable part of life. If you're getting excessive robocalls or an old friend will not let you go, You may wonder what you can do to stop unwanted calls. We'll help you block texts and calls on Android in various ways.

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How to stop numbers from your Android Device

Android offers a built-in function to block phone numbers. This is an excellent option if a certain number is constantly calling you. This tutorial will demonstrate the procedure with stock Android 11 on the Pixel 4; as usual with Android walkthroughs, the process could differ depending on the model of your phone. If your phone doesn't come with the features listed above, you can try downloading Google Phone. Google Phone app.

To block a phone number that has recently contacted you, open your phone app and select the Recents list. Hold and press the number and choose to stop/report Spam on the list.

In the window that appears In the resulting window, look for the box that says, "Report this call for spam box, if it's applicable. It's unnecessary for those who only wish to block the caller for personal reasons. Press Block once more to confirm your decision.

How to Block Calls on an Android Smartphone, Source: Youtube, Digital Trends 

To block a number not included in the Recents list:

  1. Tap the three dots menu on the top right of the Phone application and select settings.
  2. From the menu, select blocked numbers. You can view the number you've stopped.
  3. Remove any number from the list of blocked numbers if it is required.

Click Add an address to input the phone number you wish to block. If you select this option on the unknown slider located at the top of the page, you will be able to intercept phone calls when they are listed as privateUnidentified, or similar. Since the title is a little confusing, be aware that activating this does be unable to block calls made from numbers that are not in your contact list.

Contact ID as well as Spam options available in the Android Phone App

It would be best to look at another menu to block unwanted calls from the Android handset: Caller ID & Spam from the same settings menu mentioned above. Several sliders will help you avoid unwanted calls.

Allow seeing the caller's or the spam number so that your cell phone can reveal details on who's calling, even if it's not an unknown number. Switch on filters for Spam callers to have your cell phone block calls it believes are Spam.

Turn on Caller ID and Spam Protection in Samsung, Source: Youtube, pc shastra

You may also turn on the verification of calls. This is an option that Google utilizes for participating businesses. If you are willing to connect your phone number to Google's Google account and activate this feature, Google will relay the company's reasons for calling your phone.

This allows you to identify when a business calls for a legitimate reason.

Reduce Spam by using the Do Not Call Registry

This is administered through the FTC and lets you say that you do not wish to receive sales calls from unsolicited companies.

Report unwanted spam phone calls Do not call database registration, Source: Youtube, Internet Hustler

It's an excellent way to avoid annoying calls, but it's not the perfect solution. Others types of organizations like charities and political activists are allowed to make calls even if the number you're using is listed on this list. Illegal calls aren't regulated.

You can also click this Report Unwanted calls feature on the page to inform the FTC that you have received unwanted calls. However, if many people report a specific number, the FTC might investigate further.

Block callers using third-party Applications

The built-in options of Android are fantastic to block one-off calls or blocking obvious calls that are Spam. If you're still receiving many unwanted calls, it is possible to switch to apps specifically designed to stop the calls that are spamming you.

5 Useful Apps That Block Annoying Robocalls, Source: Youtube, TechGumbo

The reviews for these apps are varied in that they all require a subscription to use all features. They're worth a look when you cannot get rid of spammers with other strategies. RoboKiller can be a highly-reviewed software that offers a 7-day trial. Trial. Truecaller is a long-standing favorite that offers an affordable plan at no cost.

To find more options, take a look through our analysis of calling-in-ID apps.

Limit Incoming Calls Using Do Not Disturb

There's another way to consider getting rid of unwanted calls. Android's Do Not Disturb mode is designed to assist you in keeping your focus by blocking notifications and other interruptions and permits you to select the kind of calls that are still alarming you. This allows you to set this mode to let only calls from contacts you are familiar with and turn on it when you are most likely to receive unwanted calls.

Do Not Disturb, go into settings > sound and vibration, then Do Not Disturb. Select the people on the left, and then click the Calls. You can select who you can call in Do not disturb mode in the menu that appears. Select Contacts with stars to limit access to your closest friends to contact you and contact numbers to prevent calls from people who aren't in your contacts book.

Two Minute Tip: Mastering Do Not Disturb on the iPhone, Source: Youtube, AppleInsider

If you frequently receive texts from unknown senders, it is possible to use the same method on the messages tab. You can try using Do Not Disturb's scheduling menu within Do Not Disturb's Settings if you would like it to be in at the same hour each day.

What is the best way to block Spam Texts on Android

We've concentrated on blocking calls that aren't needed in this article, but spam text messages aren't the only issue. If you're seeing junk messages within your text messages, We've provided a step-by-step guide on the steps to block spam messages for Android. Most of these are similar to the blocker apps for calls mentioned earlier.

You must also be aware of what to do to complain about unwanted text messages to your service provider and the authorities.


Remember that a call that appears to come from your area isn't always legitimate. This is tactic scammers use to fool users into answering.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.